Guillaume Morel, Frédéric Bouammache, "Protégor : Guide pratique de sécurité personnelle, self-défense et survie urbaine"

Contrairement aux autres ouvrages actuellement disponibles sur la self-défense, voici le premier manuel francophone qui traite en détail les trois aspects complémentaires que sont la sécurité personnelle, la self-défense et la survie urbaine. Les auteurs détaillent ces thèmes en trois parties distinctes ponctuées d'encarts pratiques, et illustrées de nombreuses photos et de schémas explicatifs : - la sécurité personnelle présente tou...

Shotokan Karate International Kata. Volume 2

purchased circa 1993 tight not read condition..slight wear on outside jacket...no dog ears, no marks...excellent used condition This edited collection contends that if women are to enter into leadership positions at equal levels with their male colleagues, then sexism in all its forms must be acknowledged, attended to, and actively addressed. This interdisciplinary collection―Surviving Sexism in Academia: Strategies for Feminist Lead...

Aikido: O la armonía de la naturaleza

He aquí el libro más claro, profundo e inspirado que se ha escrito sobre aikido y, en último término, sobre cualquier otro arte marcial. El movimiento físico que requiere el aikido es también una energía espiritual. A través de la práctica conseguiremos armonizar nuestra vida con el entorno, con nuestros semejantes y con nosotros mismos. El libro está profusamente ilustrado con dibujos, diagramas y fotografías del autor, uno de los p...

Authentic Shaolin Heritage: Training Methods Of 72 Arts Of Shaolin

Jin Jing Zhong's, "72 Arts of Shaolin," is an amazing compilation of training and conditioning techniques. It preserves much of the ancient Shaolin training knowledge that would otherwise have been lost after the Communist Revolution. I have added many of the techniques to my own training regimen, and I only wish that I had found this book when I was younger! Most of the practices are safe but highly taxing and require a 100% committ...

Combat Techniques Taiji Xingyi

This is one of the few books on neijia I would recommend on arts that are difficult at best to learn live. The detail on basic training is excellent, something that many western "experts" talk about but seldom "eat the bitter". The historical info is probably oral transmission from Wang Pei Sheng who trained with a who's who of Beijing teachers. Would have preferred to see a tape of the form. Getting it from a book without previous e...

The Illustrated Ninja Handbook: Hidden Techniques of Ninjutsu

This book is really good and the illustrations are really helpful. I have gotten a few other books and lost interest after a few pages but this one really has illustrations and pictures and it explains what is being done and why with differing views of the different positions. I HIGHLY recommend this book and I HIGHLY recommend that they write a few more! I'd pre-order in a heartbeat! This is a very informative book on Ninjutsu, not ...

Sumo for Mixed Martial Arts: Winning Clinches, Takedowns, and Tactics

Andrew Zerling has done us all a service by taking what has been commonly regarded as a compartmentalized martial sport, sumo, and allowing us a peek inside its history and principles and giving us the opportunity to see how rich this vein of information can be to inform the modern incarnation of MMA. This book is a must read for anyone interested in Japanese-based martial arts, MMA, and/or Japanese culture. As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ...

Kata Bunkai: The Secret Karate Techniques

This is an extremely well done book detailing how acupuncture points underlay many of the traditional karate moves. Moves that appear to not make sense are shown to be far more sophisticated than when first observed. There are anatomical drawings throughout the book to make it easier to visualize. The book is printed on high quality paper with color photos on almost every page. For anyone training in traditional Japanese or Okinawan ...

Conversations With the Master: Masatoshi Nakayama

Conversation with The Master is a terrific read as it is all about a conversation with Master Masatoshi Nakayama a direct student of Gichin Funakoshi written by world reknown author Randall G. Hassell and forwraded by Teruyuki Okazaki. 108 pages filled with rare photos of the JKA leader and his responses to great questions posed by Hassell. If you want the story on the JKA and Japanese Karate this is the right book as the author Hass...