The Complete Ninja: The Secret World Revealed

Books by Hatsumi Sensei are replete with the abstract imaging and are profusely laced with the photographs which he has successfully used as an important teaching device. Although you may not be familiar with the Japanese language - sometimes a picture does "tell a story". As a practitioner of the Koryu and one of the most important gatherers of this knowledge in our era Hatsumi Sensei brings his immense experience and imagination to...

The Complete Book of Shaolin

In theory, Zen is the easiest. If you are ready, and just do this correctly - sit comfortably in a lotus position, close your eyes and keep your mind blank - you will achieve enlightenment, i.e. the greatest achievement any being can achieve, in an instant! But in actual practice, this approach may be the most difficult. It may sound odd, but sitting comfortably itself may not be easy! Some people cannot even sit comfortably on a cha...

Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death

This book is just great. It's very technical at some points (I don't know very many anatomy terms). But the author explains everything very simply and with diagrams. If I wasn't taking martial arts though, I wouldn't know what he meant by "knife hand" or "hammer fist". He does not explain (from what I could tell) how to preform these strikes. This is not a book on how to take someone out with a flick of the finger. It's for the marti...

Authentic Shaolin Heritage

This particular book gives much information not taught to the general public in martial arts classes. It explains how to train in pressure point striking and focuses on the famed Dim Mak skills. it also has explanations on how to cure much of it however this requires Herbal skills and a lot of knowledge in Chinese Medicine. If you are interested in studying more advanced skills for any martial arts this is a good book but there is a ...

The Mystic Arts of the Ninja

The Mystic Arts of the Ninja begins with a discussion of the history of ninjutsu and some of its historical figures such as: Hattori Hanzo, Fujibayashi Nagato, and Kato Danjo. This historical view of ninjutsu is then compared with the limited conventional view of the day revolving around moonlit nights with black masked assassins murdering their enemies. Following this discussion of history, Stephen Hayes then explains the Fu No Kata...

The Art of Life and Death

Really good book on Ninpo. Not a technical book, it's so much more. More books like this are needed! At some point, a martial artist should reach a point in their training when they stop collecting techniques. Looking for info that transends techniques, styles and schools is a must and books like this are great! It is a Bunjinkan TaiJutsu based book but it is great for any martial artist.

Lu Style Xinyi Liuhe Quan for Beginners

Lu Style Xinyi Liuhe Quan Rumen. Xinyi Quan Creator - Fei Yue The Earliest Ancestor of Lu Style Xinyi Quan in ShangHai-Master Songgao Lu The Chairman of the Association of the Lu style Xinyi Quan- Master ShuwenWang Basic Technology The Summary on Lu style Xinyi Quan Terminology Techniques and Postures Ba and Quan Six Body Postures By-talk on the Beginning Movements Lying Cannon Stand and Swing Chicken Slip Swing Cannon Chicken Seekin...

Bruce Lee's Fighting Method, Vol. 1

This is a great book. It's bigger than I expected and contains a lot of helpful information. I trained JKD for two years, but then the gym closed down. I couldn't keep training but I didn't want to forget what I learned. A few years later and I remember a lot of it, but now that I have it in book form it helps to refresh that memory and even improve my form. Thank you so much for making this book and preserving JKD in a way that will...

Comprehensive Applications of Shaolin Chin Na

"This is a unique and unusual reference which will prove invaluable to any involved in martial arts: a survey of Chinese seizing styles which covers both new techniques and traditional combat scenarios. In addition to written descriptions of the techniques, there are numerous step-by-step black and white photos which prove invaluable for illustration. Highly recommended. "

The Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

"I have known Master Ron Wheeler for nearly twenty years: First as an outstanding competitor and later as an excellent teacher who is well regarded and respected by his peers. His book Jow Ga is the first in English on one of the major Southern Chinese martial art systems. A work that is long overdue and I am sure will be well received in the CMA community." "Ron Wheeler is an extraordinary kung fu practitioner. As a result of his ha...