Complete Tai-chi: The Definitive Guide to Physical and Emotional Self-development

Today people around the world are discovering the benefits of Tai-chi, an ancient Chinese system of exercise based on calm, graceful movements that condition the body from the inside out. With benefits like reduced stress and anxiety, plus improved flexibility and concentration, Tai-chi has become the ultimate form of exercise for relaxing and strengthening both body and spirit. Master Huang's Complete Tai-chi is the definitive intro...

The Modern Survival Retreat

Modern retreaters have a new enemy to fear - our own government. In this companion to the classic book The Survival Retreat, Ragnar answers such vital questions as how to identify exactly who threatens your freedom, when to occupy your retreat and how to fight the government when it goes hard-core against you.

The Throws and Takedowns of Judo (Take Downs &Throws)

Ground fighting is taking the martial arts world by storm, but how do you get to the ground safely and end in a prone position? What are the dangers of throwing and taking an opponent over? In this book on throwing and take-down techniques of Judo, the author teaches how to control vertical grappling and destroy an assailant with a demolishing throw. Including the original "blow before throw" techniques banned from sport grappling at...

Boxen als Leibesübung, Kampfsport und Selbstverteidigung

Zweck des Buches: Jeder einzelne weiß, welch unerhörten Aufschwung der Sport und ganz besonders der Boxsport in unserm Vaterlande in den letzten zwei Jahren durchmachte. Wer wußte vor dem Kriege etwas vom Boxen, wohl ganz wenige hatten einen dunklen Begriff davon. Heute hat jeder größere Verein seine Faustkampfabteilung, selbst die kleinste Stadt einen Boxklub. Jedes Kind weiß wer Breitensträter und Prenzel ist, und nur von ganz weni...

Black Belt Negotiating: Become a Master Negotiator Using Powerful Lessons from the Martial Arts

The best martial artists know what they want when they enter the arena, they know how to get it, and they're not afraid to go after it. The same could be said of great negotiators. This book uses the principles of martial arts to guide readers step-by-step, from basic techniques through advanced strategies, all the way to achieving their "black belt" in negotiating. Packed with quizzes, scripts, checklists, and even a Negotiating Rat...

Aïkido: Progression technique du 6ème Kyu au 1er Dan

En aïkido, il n'existe pas de programme de progression officiel. Néanmoins, Christian Tissier a voulu avec cet ouvrage proposer à l'étudiant comme au professeur en recherche, la progression la plus logique pour gravir tous les échelons, du débutant jusqu'au pratiquant confirmé. Ouvrage de référence de l'aïkido, ce livre présente, sans être un programme officiel de passage de grades, les connaissances du 6ème kyû au 1er dan.

Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai

In Unarmed Fighting Techniques of the Samurai, world-renowned ninja grandmaster and bestselling author Masaaki Hatsumi explains the fundamentals of various unarmed techniques unique to the Japanese martial arts. Known as budo taijutsu, these specialized moves allow the practitioner to evade and receive an attack even from an opponent wielding a sword. Hatsumi covers such topics as Kihon Happo (Eight Basic Movements), Kosshijutsu (Att...