Master Guitar in 7 Days: Complete Fundamentals for the Beginner Guitarist

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Book Description:

I have been a musician for nearly 30 years and am here to inject my musical wisdom into you. There won't be a magic button you can press that will make you good. Practice will be the only way to get where you want to go and play the way you want to play, a lot of practice.

I'm going to walk you through the very basics of your guitar, tuning, posture, how to hold your pick, exercises, notation, tablature, scales, beginning theory, chords, strumming, and some really simple songs you can rock to!


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  • joyce 04/04/2018 at am12:24

    your site has stopped showing the download button. have you been hacked, or sued?

    • admin 07/04/2018 at am1:33

      We reopened the download link
      We're back. Please tell your friends

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