Lie Algebras with Triangular Decompositions

Imparts a self-contained development of the algebraic theory of Kac-Moody algebras, their representations and close relatives--the Virasoro and Heisenberg algebras. Focuses on developing the theory of triangular decompositions and part of the Kac-Moody theory not specific to the affine case. Also covers lattices, and finite root systems, infinite-dimensional theory, Weyl groups and conjugacy theorems.

The Stationary Tower: Notes on a Course by W. Hugh Woodin

The stationary tower is an important method in modern set theory, invented by Hugh Woodin in the 1980s. It is a means of constructing generic elementary embeddings and can be applied to produce a variety of useful forcing effects. Hugh Woodin is a leading figure in modern set theory, having made many deep and lasting contributions to the field, in particular to descriptive set theory and large cardinals. This book is the first detail...

Topological Library: Part 1: Cobordisms and Their Applications

This is the first of three volumes collecting the original and now classic works in topology written in the 50s 60s. The original methods and constructions from these works are properly documented for the first time in this book. No existing book covers the beautiful ensemble of methods created in topology starting from approximately 1950, that is, from Serre's celebrated Singular homologies of fibre spaces. This is the translation o...

Mediation Analysis

This book covers mediation analysis—the examination of whether an effect of one variable on another is direct or indirect or both. Author Dawn Iacobucci offers thorough coverage of introductory and advanced material as well as conceptual and statistical information. The book begins by introducing arguments of causality, and proceeds to examine current options for analyzing data patterns purported to exhibit meditational structures. I...

Automated Inequality Proving And Discovering

This is the first book that focuses on practical algorithms for polynomial inequality proving and discovering. It is a summary of the work by the authors and their collaborators on automated inequality proving and discovering in recent years. Besides brief introduction to some classical results and related work in corresponding chapters, the book mainly focuses on the algorithms initiated by the authors and their collaborators, such ...

Noi e la matematica: Un divertimento a ostacoli

Confusi, irritati, ansiosi, talvolta orgogliosi di non averla mai capita: siamo in molti a provare questi stati d'animo di fronte alla matematica. Qual è il motivo di questo rifiuto? Il nostro cervello è naturalmente attrezzato per parlare, per muoversi nell'ambiente nel modo più produttivo, non lo è invece per leggere, scrivere e per pensare la matematica; per farlo gli si devono imporre forzose e complesse manovre neurali. Una scie...

Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional, Second Edition: Strategies and Techniques

  THE TECHNICAL ANALYSIS CLASSIC―REVISED AND UPDATED TO HELP YOU SUCCEED, EVEN DURING TIMES OF EXTREME VOLATILITY “This book contains the most advanced methodology I’ve ever seen.” ―GEORGE C. LANE, from the Foreword Required reading for certification in the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) program Over a decade ago, when this groundbreaking guide was first published, the world of technical analysis had experienced vast change. ...

A First Course in Numerical Methods

A First Course in Numerical Methods is designed for students and researchers who seek practical knowledge of modern techniques in scientific computing. Avoiding encyclopedic and heavily theoretical exposition, the book provides an in-depth treatment of fundamental issues and methods, the reasons behind the success and failure of numerical software, and fresh and easy-to-follow approaches and techniques. The authors focus on current m...

Lévy Matters V: Functionals of Lévy Processes

This three-chapter volume concerns the distributions of certain functionals of Lévy processes. The first chapter, by Makoto Maejima, surveys representations of the main sub-classes of infinitesimal distributions in terms of mappings of certain Lévy processes via stochastic integration. The second chapter, by Lars Nørvang Andersen, Søren Asmussen, Peter W. Glynn and Mats Pihlsgård, concerns Lévy processes reflected at two barriers, wh...

Low Rank Approximation: Algorithms, Implementation, Applications

Data Approximation by Low-complexity Models details the theory, algorithms, and applications of structured low-rank approximation. Efficient local optimization methods and effective suboptimal convex relaxations for Toeplitz, Hankel, and Sylvester structured problems are presented. Much of the text is devoted to describing the applications of the theory including: system and control theory; signal processing; computer algebra for app...