Ritual, Finance, Politics

2500 years ago, democracy was born in classical Athens. This collection of essays by twenty-two leading scholars from the UK, Europe, and America, is a twin celebration--it marks this occasion and also the sixty-fifth birthday of David Lewis, Professor of Ancient History at the University of Oxford. The essays discuss the religious, financial, and political aspects of Athenian democracy, and all offer new interpretations of the subje...

Modélisation mathématique en écologie: Cours et exercices corrigés

Cet ouvrage est destiné â des étudiants de niveau licence 3 ou Master souhaitant acquérir les techniques de modélisation mathématique en écologie, devenues incontournables dans ce domaine. Il présente les bases de la modélisation mathématique des systèmes dynamiques déterministes, notamment les équations différentielles ordinaires et les modèles en temps discret. L'ouvrage propose également toute une série de modèles classiques dans ...

Correspondence Analysis in Practice, Third Edition

Drawing on the author’s 45 years of experience in multivariate analysis, Correspondence Analysis in Practice, Third Edition, shows how the versatile method of correspondence analysis (CA) can be used for data visualization in a wide variety of situations. CA and its variants, subset CA, multiple CA and joint CA, translate two-way and multi-way tables into more readable graphical forms ― ideal for applications in the social, environme...

Numerical Methods for Simulation and Optimization of Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes

Mark H.A. Davis introduced the Piecewise-Deterministic Markov Process (PDMP) class of stochastic hybrid models in an article in 1984. Today it is used to model a variety of complex systems in the fields of engineering, economics, management sciences, biology, Internet traffic, networks and many more. Yet, despite this, there is very little in the way of literature devoted to the development of numerical methods for PDMDs to solve pro...

Mathématiques ECS 1re année Le compagnon

Ce nouveau manuel de Mathématiques pour les classes préparatoires ECS 1re année répond aux besoins des élèves qui recherchent un livre outil pour les accompagner toute l'année dans leur acquisition des connaissances et des méthodes, et dans le passage du cours aux exercices. Dans chaque chapitre : Un cours qui présente l'essentiel des notions du programme, apporte des conseils pédagogiques, et met en avant les méthodes incontournable...

Degenerate Complex Monge–Ampère Equations

Complex Monge Ampère equations have been one of the most powerful tools in Kähler geometry since Aubin and Yau's classical works, culminating in Yau's solution to the Calabi conjecture. A notable application is the construction of Kähler Einstein metrics on some compact Kähler manifolds. In recent years degenerate complex Monge Ampère equations have been intensively studied, requiring more advanced tools. The main goal of this book i...

Mathématiques, algèbre-géométrie en 30 fiches

Comment aller à l'essentiel, comprendre les méthodes et les démarches avant de les mettre en application ? Conçue pour faciliter aussi bien l'apprentissage que la révision, la collection " Express " vous propose une présentation simple et concise en 30 fiches pédagogiques des notions d'algèbre et géométrie. Chaque fiche comporte : les idées clés à connaître, les méthodes à mettre en œuvre, des applications sous forme d'exercices corr...

Nonlinear Semigroups, Fixed Points, And Geometry of Domains in Banach Spaces

Nonlinear semigroup theory is not only of intrinsic interest, but is also important in the study of evolution problems. In the last forty years, the generation theory of flows of holomorphic mappings has been of great interest in the theory of Markov stochastic branching processes, the theory of composition operators, control theory, and optimization. It transpires that the asymptotic behavior of solutions to evolution equations is a...

Handbook of Parallel Computing and Statistics

Technological improvements continue to push back the frontier of processor speed in modern computers. Unfortunately, the computational intensity demanded by modern research problems grows even faster. Parallel computing has emerged as the most successful bridge to this computational gap, and many popular solutions have emerged based on its concepts, such as grid computing and massively parallel supercomputers. The Handbook of Paralle...

Analysis of Variance, Design, and Regression

Analysis of Variance, Design, and Regression: Linear Modeling for Unbalanced Data, Second Edition presents linear structures for modeling data with an emphasis on how to incorporate specific ideas (hypotheses) about the structure of the data into a linear model for the data. The book carefully analyzes small data sets by using tools that are easily scaled to big data. The tools also apply to small relevant data sets that are extracte...