Surveys in Differential Geometry, Vol. 15

This volume honors the 85th birthday of our friend and teacher Isadore Singer. We organized a conference to honor this event in May of 2009. The lectures were given at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at Harvard University. Included herein are papers by many of the speakers, as well as contributions from friends of Is. The breadth and depth of these papers reflect the many areas of mathematics and physics that Is has inf...

The Learning and Teaching of Geometry in Secondary Schools: A Modeling Perspective

IMPACT (Interweaving Mathematics Pedagogy and Content for Teaching) is an exciting new series of texts for teacher education which aims to advance the learning and teaching of mathematics by integrating mathematics content with the broader research and theoretical base of mathematics education. The Learning and Teaching of Geometry in Secondary Schools reviews past and present research on the teaching and learning of geometry in seco...

Discovering Statistics Using R

In statistics, R is the way of the future. The big boys and girls have known this for some time: There are now millions of R users in academia and industry. R is free (as in no cost) and free (as in speech). Andy, Jeremy, and Zoe′s book now makes R accessible to the little boys and girls like me and my students. Soon all classes in statistics will be taught in R. I have been teaching R to psychologists for several years and so I have...

The Theory of Dispersion Models

The theory of dispersion models straddles both statistics and probability, and involves an encyclopedic collection of tools, such as exponential families, asymptotic theory, stochastic processes, Tauber theory, infinite divisibility, and stable distributions. The Theory of Dispersion Models introduces the reader to these models, which serve as error distributions for generalized linear models, and looks at their applications within t...

Modeling of Corruption in Hierarchical Organizations

This book focuses on hierarchical organizational structures. Secondly, the authors perform modeling in the context of solving control problems. Next, the conditions of corrupting a major task of control consisting of ensuring sustainable development of modeled hierarchical organizations are reviewed. Here, the authors proceed from the original concept of sustainable management (Ougolnitsky, 2002, 2005, 2010, 2011; Ougolnitsky and Uso...

The Archimedes Codex

At a Christie's auction in October 1998, a battered medieval manuscript sold for two million dollars to an anonymous bidder, who then turned it over to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore for further study. The manuscript was a palimpsest-a book made from an earlier codex whose script had been scraped off and the pages used again. Behind the script of the thirteenth-century monk's prayer book, the palimpsest revealed the faint writin...

Surveys in Differential Geometry, Vol. 18 (2013): Geometry and Topology

This volume includes papers presented by several speakers at the Geometry and Topology conferences at Harvard University in 2011 and at Lehigh University in 2012. Included are works by Simon Brendle, on the Lagrangian minimal surface equation and related problems; by Sergio Cecotti and Cumrun Vafa, concerning classification of complete N=2 supersymmetric theories in four dimensions; by F. Reese Harvey and H. Blaine Lawson Jr., on exi...

Nonlinear Functional Analysis: A First Course

The main aim of these lectures is to give an introduction to the theory of the topological degree and to some variational methods used in the solution of nonlinear equations in Banach spaces. While the treatment and choice of topics have been kept sufficiently general so as to interest all students of higher mathematics, the material presented will be especially useful to students aspiring to work in applications of mathematics.