Algebraic Design Theory

Combinatorial design theory is a source of simply stated, concrete, yet difficult discrete problems, with the Hadamard conjecture being a prime example. It has become clear that many of these problems are essentially algebraic in nature. This book provides a unified vision of the algebraic themes which have developed so far in design theory. These include the applications in design theory of matrix algebra, the automorphism group and...

Pseudo-Differential Operators With Discontinuous Symbols: Widom's Conjecture

Relying on the known two-term quasiclassical asymptotic formula for the trace of the function f(A) of a Wiener-Hopf type operator A in dimension one, in 1982 H. Widom conjectured a multi-dimensional generalisation of that formula for a pseudo-differential operator A with a symbol a(x,?) having jump discontinuities in both variables. In 1990 he proved the conjecture for the special case when the jump in any of the two variables occurs...

The kernel function and conformal mapping

The Kernel Function and Conformal Mapping by Stefan Bergman is a revised edition of The Kernel Function. The author has made extensive changes in the original volume. The present book will be of interest not only to mathematicians, but also to engineers, physicists, and computer scientists. The applications of orthogonal functions in solving boundary value problems and conformal mappings onto canonical domains are discussed; and publ...

Advances in Mathematics Research (Volume 7)

Mathematics has been behind many of humanity's most significant advances in fields as varied as genome sequencing, medical science, space exploration, and computer technology. Where will mathematicians lead us tomorrow and can we help shape that destiny? This book assembles articles explaining the research and scholarship in mathematics.

The Moduli Space of Cubic Threefolds As a Ball Quotient

The moduli space of cubic threefolds in $\mathbb{C}P^4$, with some minor birational modifications, is the Baily-Borel compactification of the quotient of the complex 10-ball by a discrete group. The authors describe both the birational modifications and the discrete group explicitly.|The moduli space of cubic threefolds in $\mathbb{C}P^4$, with some minor birational modifications, is the Baily-Borel compactification of the quotient o...

Resistance Forms, Quasisymmetric Maps and Heat Kernel Estimates

Assume that there is some analytic structure, a differential equation or a stochastic process for example, on a metric space. To describe asymptotic behaviors of analytic objects, the original metric of the space may not be the best one. Every now and then one can construct a better metric which is somehow "intrinsic" with respect to the analytic structure and under which asymptotic behaviors of the analytic objects have nice express...

3-manifold Groups Are Virtually Residually P

Given a prime $p$, a group is called residually $p$ if the intersection of its $p$-power index normal subgroups is trivial. A group is called virtually residually $p$ if it has a finite index subgroup which is residually $p$. It is well-known that finitely generated linear groups over fields of characteristic zero are virtually residually $p$ for all but finitely many $p$. In particular, fundamental groups of hyperbolic $3$-manifolds...