Hybrid Approaches to Machine Translation

This volume provides an overview of the field of Hybrid Machine Translation (MT) and presents some of the latest research conducted by linguists and practitioners from different multidisciplinary areas. Nowadays, most important developments in MT are achieved by combining data-driven and rule-based techniques. These combinations typically involve hybridization of different traditional paradigms, such as the introduction of linguistic...

Recueil de Modèles Aléatoires

Ce recueil puise sa source dans les cours de master de mathématiques appliquées et de préparation àl’épreuve de modélisation de l’agrégation de mathématiques. Le parti pris de cet ouvrage est de polariser larédaction par les modèles plutôt que par les outils, et de consacrer chaque chapitre à un modèle. Le premierpublic visé est celui des enseignants-chercheurs en probabilités, débutants ou confirmés. De nombreuxchapitres peuvent éga...

Ordinary Differential Equations: A First Course

Though ordinary differential equations is taught as a core course to students in mathematics and applied mathematics, detailed coverage of the topics with sufficient examples is unique. Written by a mathematics professor and intended as a textbook for third- and fourth-year undergraduates, the five chapters of this publication give a precise account of higher order differential equations, power series solutions, special functions, ex...

Mathematics for Physics and Physicists

What can a physicist gain by studying mathematics? By gathering together everything a physicist needs to know about mathematics in one comprehensive and accessible guide, this is the question Mathematics for Physics and Physicists successfully takes on. The author, Walter Appel, is a renowned mathematics educator hailing from one of the best schools of France's prestigious Grandes écoles, where he has taught some of his country's lea...

Foundations of Location Analysis

Location analysis has matured from an area of theoretical inquiry that was designed to explain observed phenomena to a vibrant field which can be and has been used to locate items as diverse as landfills, fast food outlets, gas stations, as well as politicians and products in issue and feature spaces. Modern location science is dealt with by a diverse group of researchers and practitioners in geography, economics, operations research...

Theory and Applications of Applied Electromagnetics

In this book, experts from academia and industry present the latest advances in scientific theory relating to applied electromagnetics and examine current and emerging applications particularly within the fields of electronics, communications, and computer technology. The book is based on presentations delivered at APPEIC 2015, the 2nd Applied Electromagnetic International Conference, held in Krabi, Thailand in December 2015. The con...

Feynman's Operational Calculus and Beyond: Noncommutativity and Time-Ordering

This book is aimed at providing a coherent, essentially self-contained, rigorous and comprehensive abstract theory of Feynman's operational calculus for noncommuting operators. Although it is inspired by Feynman's original heuristic suggestions and time-ordering rules in his seminal 1951 paper An operator calculus having applications in quantum electrodynamics, as will be made abundantly clear in the introduction (Chapter 1) and else...

Non-commuting Variations in Mathematics and Physics: A Survey

This text presents and studies the method of so –called noncommuting variations in Variational Calculus. This method was pioneered by Vito Volterra who noticed that the conventional Euler-Lagrange (EL-) equations are not applicable in Non-Holonomic Mechanics and suggested to modify the basic rule used in Variational Calculus. This book presents a survey of Variational Calculus with non-commutative variations and shows that most basic...

Neoclassical Analysis: Calculus Closer to the Real World

Neoclassical analysis extends methods of classical calculus to reflect uncertainties that arise in computations and measurements. In it, ordinary structures of analysis, that is, functions, sequences, series, and operators, are studied by means of fuzzy concepts: fuzzy limits, fuzzy continuity, and fuzzy derivatives. For example, continuous functions, which are studied in the classical analysis, become a part of the set of the fuzzy ...

Boolean Functions and Their Applications in Cryptography

This book focuses on the different representations and cryptographic properties of Booleans functions, presents constructions of Boolean functions with some good cryptographic properties. More specifically, Walsh spectrum description of the traditional cryptographic properties of Boolean functions, including linear structure, propagation criterion, nonlinearity, and correlation immunity are presented. Constructions of symmetric Boole...