Algebra Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets and other books by “The WeSolveThem.com Team” are designed for the modern college student. We focus on the material that is actually in the courses, give pointers and tips and provide thousands of resources on our website. On WeSolveThem.com students can get top-notch help via video lessons, math print lessons and or handwritten lessons by search previously solved problems or requesting an original problem. WeSolveThem.c...

A Guide to Plane Algebraic Curves

This Guide is a friendly introduction to plane algebraic curves. It emphasizes geometry and intuition, and the presentation is kept concrete. You'll find an abundance of pictures and examples to help develop your intuition about the subject, which is so basic to understanding and asking fruitful questions. Highlights of the elementary theory are covered, which for some could be an end in itself, and for others an invitation to invest...

Mathematik für Physiker 2: Basiswissen für das Grundstudium der Experimentalphysik

Mathematik für Physiker stellt in zwei Bänden eine gelungene Einführung dar. Das bewährte Lehrbuch gibt es ab der 13. Auflage zusammen mit der Software Mathematik für Naturwissenschaftler, ein interaktiver Kurs für den PC (nur mit Band 1). Zusätzlich wurden die ca. 600 Lehr- und Übungsschritte der Studienunterstützung als pdf auf eine CD-ROM integriert. Ein sehr nützliches, gut abgerundetes und in mehr als 25 Jahren bewährtes Lehrwerk.

Introduction to DATA ANALYTICS with MATLAB

This book initiates the reader into the techniques of data analysis with MATLAB. The major contents are as follows: Data Processing Importing and Exporting Data Plotting Data Missing Data Representing Missing Data Values Working with NaNs Interpolating Missing Data Inconsistent Data Filtering Data Detrending Data Differencing Data Interactive Data Exploration Marking Up Graphs with Data Brushing Making Graphs Responsive with Data Lin...

3 Manifolds Which Are End 1 Movable

This paper continues a series by the authors on non-compact 3-manifolds. We describe the structure, up to end homeomorphism, of those orientable, noncompact 3-manifolds in which all loops near oo homotop to oo while staying near oo (the proper homotopy condition "end 1-movability" of the title). This extends previous work by others and by the authors because end 1-movability is weaker than properties studied before (such as 7Ti -stab...

Algebra and Trigonometry Review to Prepare for Calculus in College

This is a straightforward isolation of what needs to be known from Algebra, Trigonometry and any other Precalculus courses in order to be fully prepared for a college calculus course. The text includes detailed examples, practice problems, tips and tricks with quick reference sheets for use throughout the course. Use this this text to prepare yourself for your first semester of calculus in college. Other books available are “The Prep...

Die Mathe-Wichtel Band 1: Humorvolle Aufgaben mit Lösungen für mathematisches Entdecken ab der Grundschule

Die Mathe-Wichtel stammen aus dem Schülerwettbewerb der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV), bekannt als „Mathe im Advent“. Für dieses Buch wurden die schönsten Aufgaben der letzten Jahre ausgewählt und umfassend überarbeitet. Sie geben auf humorvolle Art einen Einblick in die wunderbare Vielfalt der Mathematik, fördern den mathematischen Entdeckungsdrang und das kreative Weiterdenken auf spielerische Weise. So erweitern sie das...

Prep-Course: Calculus I (Business)

What every student should know and master prior to starting his or her first College level Business Calculus course. This book is designed to help a student that is preparing for a Calculus course. The Prep-Course book is an isolation of everything that is crucial from previous courses. If the material within the book is understood and remembered, the course will be significantly easier. This is a short book that is not intimidating ...

Multivariate Statistical Methods: A Primer, Fourth Edition

Multivariate Statistical Methods: A Primer provides an introductory overview of multivariate methods without getting too deep into the mathematical details. This fourth edition is a revised and updated version of this bestselling introductory textbook. It retains the clear and concise style of the previous editions of the book and focuses on examples from biological and environmental sciences. The major update with this edition is th...

Handbook of Deontic Logic and Normative Systems

The Handbook of Deontic Logic and Normative Systems presents a detailed overview of the main lines of research on contemporary deontic logic and related topics. Although building on decades of previous work in the field, it is the first collection to take into account the significant changes in the landscape of deontic logic that have occurred in the past twenty years. These changes have resulted largely, though not entirely, from th...