Current Developments in Differential Geometry and Its Related Fields

This volume contains contributions by the main participants of the 4th International Colloquium on Differential Geometry and its Related Fields (ICDG2014). These articles cover recent developments and are devoted mainly to the study of some geometric structures on manifolds and graphs. Readers will find a broad overview of differential geometry and its relationship to other fields in mathematics and physics.

Spaces of PL Manifolds and Categories of Simple Maps (AM-186

Since its introduction by Friedhelm Waldhausen in the 1970s, the algebraic K-theory of spaces has been recognized as the main tool for studying parametrized phenomena in the theory of manifolds. However, a full proof of the equivalence relating the two areas has not appeared until now. This book presents such a proof, essentially completing Waldhausen's program from more than thirty years ago. The main result is a stable parametrized...

Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler

In den beiden ersten Bänden wurden die mathematischen Grundlagen der Analysis und der linearen Wirtschaftsalgebra behandelt, die zum Lösen ökonomischer Fragestellungen unentbehrlich sind. Dieses Wissen reicht aber nicht aus, um dynamische Finanz- und Wirtschaftsmodelle zu verstehen. Um Konjunktur- und Wachstumsmodelle zu begreifen, bedarf es in erster Linie der Kenntnis über das Lösen von Differenzen- und Differentialgleichungen und ...

Practical Methods for Design and Analysis of Complex Surveys

Large surveys are becoming increasingly available for public use, and researchers are often faced with the need to analyse complex survey data to address key scientific issues. For proper analysis it is also important to be aware of the different aspects of the design of complex surveys. Practical Methods for Design and Analysis of Complex Surveys features intermediate and advanced statistical techniques for use in designing and anal...

The Riemann Hypothesis for Function Fields

This book provides a lucid exposition of the connections between non-commutative geometry and the famous Riemann Hypothesis, focusing on the theory of one-dimensional varieties over a finite field. The reader will encounter many important aspects of the theory, such as Bombieri's proof of the Riemann Hypothesis for function fields, along with an explanation of the connections with Nevanlinna theory and non-commutative geometry. The c...

Cycles, Crises and Innovation: Path to Sustainable Development - a Kaleckian-Schumpeterian Synthesis

Cycles, crises and innovation are the major economic forces that shape capitalist economies. Using a critical realist political economy approach, the analysis in this fine work is based on the works of Michal Kalecki and Joseph Schumpeter - both of whom identify these three dynamic forces as plotting the path of economic development. Jerry Courvisanos' thought-provoking book examines how the rise of capital through investment enshrin...

Fluid and Thermodynamics: Volume 1: Basic Fluid Mechanics

This first volume discusses fluid mechanical concepts and their applications to ideal and viscous processes. It describes the fundamental hydrostatics and hydrodynamics, and includes an almanac of flow problems for ideal fluids. The book presents numerous exact solutions of flows in simple configurations, each of which is constructed and graphically supported. It addresses ideal, potential, Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. Simple,...

Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula: Cures Many Mathematical Ills

I used to think math was no fun 'Cause I couldn't see how it was done Now Euler's my hero For I now see why zero Equals e[pi] i+1 --Paul Nahin, electrical engineer In the mid-eighteenth century, Swiss-born mathematician Leonhard Euler developed a formula so innovative and complex that it continues to inspire research, discussion, and even the occasional limerick. Dr. Euler's Fabulous Formula shares the fascinating story of this groun...

Théorie des probabilités en vue des applications statistiques

Cette introduction aux principales notions des probabilités dont le praticien sera amené à se servir est rédigée pour des lecteurs déjà familiarisés avec un certain bagage mathématique en analyse et en algèbre. En effet, l’usage de plus en plus répandu des méthodes probabilistes montre qu’une mauvaise connaissance des propriétés fondamentales des techniques est à l’origine d’interprétations parfois aberrantes des résultats. Il est do...

Algebraic Theories: A Categorical Introduction to General Algebra

Algebraic theories, introduced as a concept in the 1960s, have been a fundamental step towards a categorical view of general algebra. Moreover, they have proved very useful in various areas of mathematics and computer science. This carefully developed book gives a systematic introduction to algebra based on algebraic theories that is accessible to both graduate students and researchers. It will facilitate interactions of general alge...