Theorems, Corollaries, Lemmas, And Methods Of Proof

A hands-on introduction to the tools needed for rigorous and theoretical mathematical reasoning Successfully addressing the frustration many students experience as they make the transition from computational mathematics to advanced calculus and algebraic structures, Theorems, Corollaries, Lemmas, and Methods of Proof equips students with the tools needed to succeed while providing a firm foundation in the axiomatic structure of moder...

Die Geometrische Revolution: Aus Dem Amerikanischen

Epistemologie f. Das Studium des Wesens und des Ursprungs der Erkenntnis. Als ieh ein Teenager war, sptirte ieh, daB mieh die Erwaehsenen groBten Teils anlo gen. Sie gaben dogmatisehe Aussagen von sieh, die sie nieht halt en konnten. "Gott wird dieh bestrafen, wenn du Seinen Namen leiehtfertig verwendest," behaupteten sie. "Ein Satz darf niemals mit einer Praposition beendet werden., 1 Zu der da maligen Zeit leitete sieh mein Selbstv...

A First Course In Integral Equations: Solutions Manual

The second edition of A First Course in Integral Equations integrates the newly developed methods with classical techniques to give modern and robust approaches for solving integral equations. The manual accompanying this edition contains solutions to all exercises with complete step-by-step details. To interested readers trying to master the concepts and powerful techniques, this manual is highly useful, focusing on the readers' nee...

Algebra Readiness Made Easy: Grade 5: An Essential Part Of Every Math Curriculum (best Practices In Action)

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics identifies algebra as one of the five major math content areas to be studied in ALL grades. This Algebra Readiness series makes meeting this mandate easy and fun, even in the younger grades. Each book features dozens of reproducibles that give students practice in different problem-solving strategies and algebraic concepts. Students learn to identify variables, solve for the values of u...

Math Geek: From Klein Bottles To Chaos Theory, A Guide To The Nerdiest Math Facts, Theorems, And Equations

The new "sine" of mathematical geekdom! Do you dream about long division in your sleep? Does the thought of solving abstruse equations bring a smile to your face? Do you love celebrating pi every March? Then, Math Geek was made for you! With this guide, you'll learn even more about the power of numbers as you explore their brilliant nature in ways you've never imagined. From manhole covers to bubbles to subway maps, each page gives y...

Sas Programming And Data Visualization Techniques

SAS programmers wanting to improve their existing programming skills, and programming managers wanting to make better use of the SAS software they already license. SAS Programming and Data Visualization Techniques: A Power User’s Guide brings together a wealth of ideas about strategic and tactical solutions to everyday situations experienced when transferring, extracting, processing, analyzing, and reporting the valuable data you hav...

Handbuch Der Elementaren Zahlentheorie: Mit Über 1000 Übungsaufgaben Und Ihren Lösungen

Dieses Handbuch der elementaren Zahlentheorie behandelt Primzahlen und ihre Verteilung, die Theorie der Kongruenzen, den Satz von Fermat, zahlentheoretische Funktionen, primitive Wurzeln, vollkommene Zahlen, Fibonacci-Zahlen, Kettenbrüche, die Bertransche Vermutung. Das Besondere an diesem Buch sind seine zahlreichen Übungsaufgaben, zu denen sorgfältige Lösungen angeboten werden. Dies macht das Buch zu einer wertvollen Quelle für Vor...

Separation Of Variables For Partial Differential Equations

Separation of Variables for Partial Differential Equations: An Eigenfunction Approach includes many realistic applications beyond the usual model problems. The book concentrates on the method of separation of variables for partial differential equations, which remains an integral part of the training in applied mathematics. Beyond the usual model problems, the presentation includes a number of realistic applications that illustrate t...

A Primer Of Probability Logic

This book is meant to be a primer, that is an introduction, to probability logic, a subject that appears to be in its infancy. Probability logic is a subject envisioned by Hans Reichenbach and largely created by Adams. It treats conditionals as bearers of conditional probabilities and discusses an appropriate sense of validity for arguments such conditionals, as well as ordinary statements as premises. This is a clear well written te...

Problems On Mapping Class Groups And Related Topics

The appearance of mapping class groups in mathematics is ubiquitous. The book presents 23 papers containing problems about mapping class groups, the moduli space of Riemann surfaces, Teichmüller geometry, and related areas. Each paper focusses completely on open problems and directions. The problems range in scope from specific computations, to broad programs. The goal is to have a rich source of problems which have been formulated e...