Applied Bayesian Hierarchical Methods

Many of the hierarchical modeling techniques in this book are recently proposed and new in the literature. The author provides very comprehensive references … . Even though many examples are related to health and social science, they also would be helpful to users in engineering and other fields. … In summary, the book presents many excellent Bayesian hierarchical modeling techniques to tackle difficult and realistic modeling issues ...

Mathematical Modelling Of Zombies

You’re outnumbered, in fear for your life, surrounded by flesheating zombies. What can save you now? Mathematics, of course. Mathematical Modelling of Zombies engages the imagination to illustrate the power of mathematical modelling. Using zombies as a “hook,” you’ll learn how mathematics can predict the unpredictable. In order to be prepared for the apocalypse, you’ll need mathematical models, differential equations, statistical est...

Computational Statistics Handbook With Matlab, 2nd Edition

This book is perfectly appropriate as a textbook for an introductory course on computational statistics. It covers many useful topics, which in combination with the well-documented code, make the underlying concepts easy to grasp by the students. … Overall, this is a very nice book to be used in an undergraduate- or Masters-level computational statistics course. It would also prove useful to researchers in other fields that want to l...

Polynomial Invariants Of Finite Groups

Written by an algebraic topologist motivated by his own desire to learn, this well-written book represents the compilation of the most essential and interesting results and methods in the theory of polynomial invariants of finite groups. From the table of contents: - Invariants and Relative Invariants - Finite Generation of Invariants - Construction of Invariants - Poincaré Series - Dimension Theoretic Properties of Rings of Invarian...

Pseudolinear Functions And Optimization

There is a real need for this book in the market. … There are numerous books on generalized convexity with applications, but there are only a few books concerned with pseudolinear functions. There are many books on nonconvex optimization with applications, but they do not contain pseudolinear functions. There are also several books on vector optimization, but they do not contain pseudolinear functions. Pseudolinear Functions and Opti...

Einführung In Die Angewandte Geometrie

This booklet offers an elementary insight into two special domains of geometry, namely analytic and computational geometry. … This beautiful and well-arranged booklet … is conceived as university textbook for students of mathematics, informatics, mechanical and constructional engineering at an undergraduate level. The text is divided into 5 chapters, each begins with a short overview and ends with exercises. Der Band ist an der Schni...

Pi: A Source Book, 3rd Edition

Few mathematics books serve a wider potential readership than does a source book and this particular one is admirably designed to cater for a broad spectrum of tastes: professional mathematicians with research interest in related subjects, historians of mathematics, teachers at all levels searching out material for individual talks and student projects, and amateurs who will find much to amuse and inform them in this leafy tome. The ...

Spline Functions On Triangulations

Spline functions are universally recognized as highly effective tools in approximation theory, computer-aided geometric design, image analysis, and numerical analysis. A detailed mathematical treatment of polynomial splines on triangulations is outlined in this text, providing a basis for developing practical methods for using splines in numerous application areas. Spline functions are universally recognized as highly effective tools...

Theorems, Corollaries, Lemmas, And Methods Of Proof

A hands-on introduction to the tools needed for rigorous and theoretical mathematical reasoning Successfully addressing the frustration many students experience as they make the transition from computational mathematics to advanced calculus and algebraic structures, Theorems, Corollaries, Lemmas, and Methods of Proof equips students with the tools needed to succeed while providing a firm foundation in the axiomatic structure of moder...

Die Geometrische Revolution: Aus Dem Amerikanischen

Epistemologie f. Das Studium des Wesens und des Ursprungs der Erkenntnis. Als ieh ein Teenager war, sptirte ieh, daB mieh die Erwaehsenen groBten Teils anlo gen. Sie gaben dogmatisehe Aussagen von sieh, die sie nieht halt en konnten. "Gott wird dieh bestrafen, wenn du Seinen Namen leiehtfertig verwendest," behaupteten sie. "Ein Satz darf niemals mit einer Praposition beendet werden., 1 Zu der da maligen Zeit leitete sieh mein Selbstv...