Networking Seifert Surgeries on Knots

The authors propose a new approach in studying Dehn surgeries on knots in the $3$-sphere $S^3$ yielding Seifert fiber spaces. The basic idea is finding relationships among such surgeries. To describe relationships and get a global picture of Seifert surgeries, they introduce "seiferters" and the Seifert Surgery Network, a $1$-dimensional complex whose vertices correspond to Seifert surgeries. A seiferter for a Seifert surgery on a kn...

Descriptive Set Theory

Descriptive Set Theory is the study of sets in separable, complete metric spaces that can be defined (or constructed), and so can be expected to have special properties not enjoyed by arbitrary pointsets. This subject was started by the French analysts at the turn of the 20th century, most prominently Lebesgue, and, initially, was concerned primarily with establishing regularity properties of Borel and Lebesgue measurable functions, ...

Real Solutions to Equations from Geometry

Understanding, finding, or even deciding on the existence of real solutions to a system of equations is a difficult problem with many applications outside of mathematics. While it is hopeless to expect much in general, we know a surprising amount about these questions for systems which possess additional structure often coming from geometry. This book focuses on equations from toric varieties and Grassmannians. Not only is much known...

Layer Potential Techniques in Spectral Analysis

Since the early part of the twentieth century, the use of integral equations has developed into a range of tools for the study of partial differential equations. This includes the use of single- and double-layer potentials to treat classical boundary value problems. The aim of this book is to give a self-contained presentation of an asymptotic theory for eigenvalue problems using layer potential techniques with applications in the fi...

Conformal Dimension: Theory and Application

Conformal dimension measures the extent to which the Hausdorff dimension of a metric space can be lowered by quasisymmetric deformations. Introduced by Pansu in 1989, this concept has proved extremely fruitful in a diverse range of areas, including geometric function theory, conformal dynamics, and geometric group theory. This survey leads the reader from the definitions and basic theory through to active research applications in geo...

Quadrature Theory

Every book on numerical analysis covers methods for the approximate calculation of definite integrals. The authors of this book provide a complementary treatment of the topic by presenting a coherent theory of quadrature methods that encompasses many deep and elegant results as well as a large number of interesting (solved and open) problems. The inclusion of the word "theory" in the title highlights the authors' emphasis on analytic...

Hopf Algebras and Congruence Subgroups

The authors prove that the kernel of the action of the modular group on the centre of a semisimple factorisable Hopf algebra is a congruence subgroup whenever this action is linear. If the action is only projective, they show that the projective kernel is a congruence subgroup. To do this, they introduce a class of generalised Frobenius-Schur indicators and endow it with an action of the modular group that is compatible with the orig...

Measure and Integration

A uniquely accessible book for general measure and integration, emphasizing the real line, Euclidean space, and the underlying role of translation in real analysis Measure and Integration: A Concise Introduction to Real Analysis presents the basic concepts and methods that are important for successfully reading and understanding proofs. Blending coverage of both fundamental and specialized topics, this book serves as a practical and ...