Growth Curve Modeling: Theory and Applications

Title of the book is well chosen, in that it lays out (in about 400 pages) a very wide range of growth models of 10 chapters. I liked this book a lot, in that is written at the upper undergraduate/graduate level and really is aimed at showing a range of models (with derivations, some of which are in appendices) and their use. The book uses mostly standard algebra (at the level of a good regression) with limited use of matrix notation...

André-Louis Cholesky: Mathematician, Topographer and Army Officer

The book should appreciably widen the exposure of Cholesky’s ‘remarkable personal achievements in topography and mathematics to a much larger international audience.’ The authors succeed very well to reach this aim. … The book is very readable and can be recommended especially to readers with interest in the history of numerical and applied mathematics. The book begins with Cholesky's biography, followed by his family’s history and a...

Distilling Ideas: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking

Designed for undergraduate students and lecturers, this text guides its users to develop the skills, and habits of a mathematician. Using exercises and theorems on the subject of graphs, groups, and calculus, its users will discover mathematical ideas, and understand the process of mathematical creativity and development.

Dynamical Systems: Stability, Symbolic Dynamics, and Chaos

This new text/reference treats dynamical systems from a mathematical perspective, centering on multidimensional systems of real variables. Background material is carefully reviewed as it is used throughout the book, and ideas are introduced through examples. Numerous exercises help the reader understand presented theorems and master the techniques of the proofs and topic under consideration. The book treats the dynamics of both itera...

Metric Spaces of Fuzzy Sets: Theory and Applications

Modern fuzzy mathematics seems to become a standard tool of modeling systems with nonprobabilistic uncertainties. Despite an abundance of valuable journal papers on this subject, sometimes it is not so easy to find certain facts; even definitions of some concepts may vary. The authors of "Metric Spaces of Fuzzy Sets : Theory and Applications", leading experts in this field, have done excellent work, gathering and systematizing basic ...

Selected Papers of C C Hsiung

This invaluable book contains selected papers of Prof Chuan-Chih Hsiung, renowned mathematician in differential geometry and founder and editor-in-chief of a unique international journal in this field, the Journal of Differential Geometry.During the period of 1935-1943, Prof Hsiung was in China working on projective differential geometry under Prof Buchin Su. In 1946, he went to the United States, where he gradually shifted to global...

Linear Functional Analysis (Graduate Studies in Mathematics)

Nice book, it develops the fundamental tools of functional analysis in order to study the main linear PDEs. This book is very similar to that of Brezis, but it is shorter and it has a faster development of the theory. In addition, there are many exercises at the end of each chapter. My only negative observation is that it is a little bit expensive, probably because it is hardcover. Maybe a softcover edition would get a perfect price ...

An Introduction to Grobner Bases

"The book is self-contained and does not assume an extensive knowledge of algebra. The style of the book is as elementary as the subject allows. All chapters are enriched by a large number of examples and exercises, the total number is over 120 worked-out examples and over 200 exercises. All these features make it an excellent textbook for a first course in the theory of Grbner bases for advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate s...