Theoretical Foundations of Artificial General Intelligence

This book is a collection of writings by active researchers in the field of Artificial General Intelligence, on topics of central importance in the field. Each chapter focuses on one theoretical problem, proposes a novel solution, and is written in sufficiently non-technical language to be understandable by advanced undergraduates or scientists in allied fields. This book is the very first collection in the field of Artificial Genera...

Workbook of Simplified Statistics and Probability

Prepare yourself for high school and college statistics and probability with this simplified Math Practice Workbook. This book is recommended for teachers, parents and students. Each chapter begins with worked examples followed by practice questions. Below each practice question is a space to solve the question. Answers to the practice questions are provided at the end of each chapter. Hence, students can solve questions directly in ...

Kernel Smoothing in Matlab

Methods of kernel estimates represent one of the most effective nonparametric smoothing techniques. These methods are simple to understand and they possess very good statistical properties. This book provides a concise and comprehensive overview of statistical theory and in addition, emphasis is given to the implementation of presented methods in Matlab. All created programs are included in a special toolbox which is an integral part...

Algebra, Statistics and Probability

This book, Algebra, Statistics and Probability, has been carefully written to teach you some topics in mathematics by explaining them with a mindset to fully equip you in the topics. This eBook is a mathematics 'teacher' which is suitable for students in high schools and colleges. It also serves as a useful tool for students who are preparing for entrance examinations into colleges and universities. The step by step explanations pres...

Iranian Mathematics Competitions 1973-2007

A collection of problems from a competition for college students organised by the Iranian Mathematical Society. It compiles problems from these competitions between 1973 and 2007 and provides solutions to most of them. It is suitable for students of mathematics preparing for competitions and for advanced studies.

Education, Education, Education: The Best Bits of Ted Wragg

When New Labour came into office in 1997, its commitment to 'education, education, education' captured the imagination of the public. This collection of humorous articles by Ted Wragg between 1998 to 2003 exposes the real state of education during this period, when educational policy was never far from the headlines. No one escapes Ted's sharp-shooting wit: from the 'blamers and shamers' who try to turn teacher-bashing into a nationa...

Bayes' Rule With MatLab

Well this is a great book for beginners, also for students who have read a lot, but still think they don't know the concept well. I really like this book, the only concern that I had was there were not enough MATLAB example in this book, I mean there are wuaite few examples but I wish I could see more in different range of topics. But again this book was really a good one. On another note, I would have read all of the other author's ...

Unpacking Fractions

I teach a math content course for pre-service teachers, which includes a strong focus on fractions, ratios, and proportional reasoning. I have found this book to be very helpful both for me as the instructor, and to assign to future teachers. The explanations of the math in the book are clear, research-based, and consistent with the Common Core State Standards. The descriptions of student thinking are also accurate and clear. The ric...

The History of Mathematics: An Introduction

I really love this book! I highly recommend it. I haven't encountered any other that has come close to this book. The minute I got this book I fell in love with it and I was reading it everyday. The problems at the end of the chapters are so cool. When I did a course in the History of Mathematics we used Boyer and that book is so boring! I really don't like history, but Burton makes it much more interesting. I would recommend this bo...