Ophthalmic Disease Mechanisms and Drug Discovery

This invaluable book presents a concise discussion on the most important topics of ophthalmology — mechanism of ophthalmic diseases, imaging techniques used for diagnosis, novel therapies and drug delivery systems. It also covers current knowledge about anti-VEGF therapies that revolutionized neovascular AMD treatment, anti-inflammatory and dry eye treatment, as well as nanoparticles use of drug delivery. Written by experts in ophtha...

Functional Reconstructive Nasal Surgery

Developed from the authors' vast teaching and clinical experience, here is the first book in nearly two decades to fully cover the functional reconstructive aspects of nasal surgery. You will find step-by-step details on a wide range of surgical procedures, highlighted by more than 800 detail-revealing illustrations.Beginning with an overview of surgical anatomy, histology, physiology, and diagnostics, the book goes on to cover incis...

Paediatric Dentistry, 4 edition

Paediatric Dentistry fourth edition combines in-depth theoretical information and practical clinical skills to produce a highly relevant resource for undergraduate dentistry students and indeed any clinician in the field. With a user-friendly design, this new edition continues the extensive use of key points, advice on further reading and directions to important evidence. As a result this texts acts as both an essential study tool an...

Computers in Gastroenterology

All over the United Kingdom gastroenterologists have been excited in the last few years by the microcomputer revolution. All over the United Kingdom individuals have been beavering away, producing systems for use in their units. Practising gastroenterologists have wanted endoscopy systems, surgeons wanted the ability to audit, academics wanted to teach, and everyone wanted expert diagnostic systems. In a few centres, mathematicians s...

Color Atlas of Pathology: Pathologic Principles, Associated Diseases, Sequela

The pocket atlas is an excellent reference work that presents pathologic findings in all clinically relevant fields, using high-quality photographs and concise, well structured explanatory texts. Images include color photos and micrographs. Electron microscopic images are included where necessary. Clear schematic drawings illustrate procedures such as the course of infections, etc. Text boxes on clinical and morphological aspects, on...

Introduction to Counselling Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma

"Victims of sexual and physical trauma can feel lost and disconnected from themselves and others. Christiane Sanderson's new book explains how counsellors can restore connection to self and others, and facilitate recovery within a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship. To understand fully the harm caused by interpersonal trauma, professionals must first recognize its complex nature, and the psychological and emotional impact o...

Injured Men: Trauma, Healing, and the Masculine Self

Injured Men is a unique casebook of clinical material pertaining to men who have sustained trauma. With the exception of those publications dealing with the military, clinical vignettes of traumatized individuals are overwhelmingly female. By comparison, little has been written about the plight of men. Injured Men begins to fill that void. Richly illustrated with both brief and extensively detailed analytic case reports, Injured Men ...

Atlas of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, Third Edition

Based on one leading center’s experience with over 100,000 cases, the new edition of this extensively illustrated atlas provides a detailed manual for procedures and techniques in preimplantation genetic diagnosis. New topics in this edition include de novo mutations, diseases with genetic predisposition, and HLA typing. The book provides insight from authors who are pioneers in some of the procedures described.

Bacteriophage Applications - Historical Perspective and Future Potential

This book explores key applications of phage biotechnologyand reviews recent advances in phage display technologies. The applications covered were selected on the basis of their significance and representativeness in the field. The small size and enormous diversity of bacteriophages make them ideal candidates for numerous applications across many industries. Since the discovery of phages and the advent of phage display systems, consi...

Antonios Mammis - Spinal Cord Stimulation: Principles and Practice

Spinal cord stimulation is a neuromodulation therapy for the treatment of chronic, intractable, neuropathic pain. It involves the implantation of electrodes over the dorsal columns of the spinal cord, in order to activate the dorsal column-medial lemniscal sensory system, thus closing the gate on pain transmission. This therapy is used in patients with neuropathic pain conditions such as post-laminectomy syndrome, spinal arachnoiditi...