Manual Of Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care

This manual is a practical guide to the care of children after cardiac surgery. Beginning with discussion on preparing for and receiving a paediatric patient from the operating theatre, the next chapter describes monitoring techniques. Each of the following sections discusses the management of different conditions that may arise after surgery, including mediastinal bleeding, arrhythmias, capillary leak syndrome, pulmonary, gastrointe...

Drug & Device Selection In Heart Failure

This book provides a review of the most recent advances in drugs and devices used for the treatment of heart failure, helping clinicians select the best evidence-based therapy for patients. Beginning with an introduction to the most up to date understanding of the pathophysiology of heart failure, the following chapters provide detailed discussion on different therapeutic techniques. Written by experienced cardiologists from San Fran...

Tout sur Pharmacologie et Thérapeutiques de l'UE 2.11 en fiches mémos

Il contient l'essentiel de la pharmacologie: indications, propriétés, effets indésirables, le princeps et la DCI de chaque médicament, classés par famille. Très synthétique. 99 fiches mémos structurées pour retenir et réviser toutes les connaissances de l’UE 2.11 Pharmacologie et thérapeutiques. Semestres 1, 3 et 5 : - La conception et la fabrication du médicament - Les différentes familles de médicaments - Les effets iatrogènes, int...

Diagnostic Radiology: Recent Advances And Applied Physics In Imaging, 2 Edition

This second edition has been fully updated to provide radiologists with all the recent technological advances in diagnostic radiology. Divided into six sections, it covers all the key aspects of the imaging - ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, radiography and interventional radiography, and contrast media. The final section discusses miscellaneous topics including evidence based radiology, radiation protecti...

Berichte Zur Lebensmittelsicherheit 2013: Zoonosen-monitoring

Zoonosen sind Krankheiten bzw. Infektionen, die auf natürlichem Weg direkt oder indirekt zwischen Menschen und Tieren übertragen werden können. Als Zoonoseerreger kommen Viren, Bakterien, Pilze, Parasiten oder Prionen in Betracht. Zoonoseerreger sind in Tierpopulationen weit verbreitet und können von Nutztieren, die in der Regel selbst keine Anzeichen einer Infektion oder Erkrankung aufweisen, z. B. während der Schlachtung und Weiter...

The Encyclopedia Of Skin And Skin Disorders (facts On File Library Of Health And Living)

This is the book to turn to to find out why one shouldn't wear makeup during air travel until a few minutes before landing; why a southwestern critter with a name as innocuous as the Kissing Bug should be avoided if at all possible; whether you really do want to wash your face, and if so, how; or which slug's shells are crushed and used to provide the reddish pigment in many cosmetics. Readers will use this work as an initial source ...

Atlas Of Interstitial Lung Disease Pathology: Pathology With High Resolution Ct Correlations

I highly recommend this book as a quick reference on interstitial lung disease for any practicing surgical pathologist who does not specialize in lung pathology yet occasionally encounters ILD in their practice Providing pathologists with the extensive array of illustrations necessary to understand the morphologic spectrum of interstitial lung disease (ILD), Atlas of Interstitial Lung Disease Pathology: Pathology with High Resolution...

Complex Cases In Peripheral Vascular Interventions

This new title provides a systematic review of complex cases in peripheral vascular interventions (PVI), a minimal invasive endovascular approach to treating peripheral arteries. This increasingly evolving area in interventional therapies offers reduced risk for complications compared to conventional surgery and takes advantage of advanced techniques to treat more complex lesions in severely diseased patients. This book edited by two...

First Aid For The Usmle Step 1 2015, 25th Edition

THE 25th EDITION OF THE WORLD'S MOST POPULAR MEDICAL REVIEW BOOK! Trust 25 years of experience for the most effective USMLE Step 1 preparation possible 1,250+ must-know topics provide a complete framework for your USMLE preparation Test-taking advice with focus on high-efficiency studying Major revisions in all subject areas based on feedback from thousands of students Free real-time updates and corrections at www.firstaidteam.com Ex...