Chronic Kidney Diseases – Recent Advances In Clinical And Basic Research

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a growing worldwide public health problem resulting from the increasing number of patients with diabetes and hypertension, but also from the aging of the population. As the pathology associated with CKD appears to become more complex with age, it is essential to improve the prognosis of patients suffering from CKD by developing effective measures to prevent and control complications for the elderly. Th...

What Really Causes Aids

If you have AIDS or Hepatitis C, this book is a MUST READ! Important nutritional guidelines for improving immunity and improving the symptoms of AIDS dramatically. The solutions are simple and inexpensive. I am a nurse who is passionate about doing something about the AIDS epidemic. I greatly admire this man and his work. What Really Causes AIDS is a blueprint for preventing AIDS, based on a new model of how HIV-1 causes this disease...

Advancing The Human Right To Health

This book is unique in its focus on areas that are generally just touched upon in other books, such as women's health and human rights and the link with social transformation and the millennium development goals, which is one chapter, not one paragraph. The use of key exemplars to guide readers' understanding of the policy and the political arguments - for and against viewing health as a human right - are important. The presentation ...

Undertaking Sensitive Research In The Health And Social Sciences: Managing Boundaries, Emotions And Risks

Undertaking qualitative research on sensitive topics often raises a variety of ethical problems. Based on empirical research, this book documents experiences throughout the entire research process: from conceptualization, ethics approval, fieldwork, to analysis and publication. It presents readers with stories from the researcher's perspective and synthesizes these experiences into a conceptual framework that will assist researchers ...

Schuss: Die Geheime Dopinggeschichte Des Fußballs

Es gibt sie, die gedopte Fußballgeschichte. Die Dimension des Problems, dass die Kickerbranche mit dem Pharmathema hat, offenbart sich nicht nur in chronischer Amnesie. Die Leistung zu steigern, ohne ein Dopingproblem zu haben, ist die zentrale Herausforderung im Sport. Der Fußball taucht in schöner Regelmäßigkeit in seine Wagenburg ab, wenn Enthüllungen seine Besten und damit das System bedrohen. Alle tun es. Bodybuilder, oder Schac...

Hiv/aids Treatment Drugs

Part of the excellent Drugs: The Straight Facts series, HIV/AIDS Treatment Drugs teaches young adult readers the most up-to-date information about the drugs used to fight the AIDS epidemic today. Chapters give a basic history of how these drugs were developed during the battle against AIDS and discuss different types of drugs in depth, as well as how they work, and how doctors create specific combinations to improve their effectivene...

Lippincott’s Illustrated Q&a Review Of Pharmacology

Seems like a good review for USMLE style questions, but this book alone will not get you through the minutiae of a pharmacology course examination. Well organized, and easy to read... This book is a life saver. Lippincott's Illustrated Q&A Review of Pharmacology offers up-to-date, clinically relevant board-style questions—perfect for course review and board prep. 1,000 multiple-choice questions with detailed answer explanations c...