Metacognitive Therapy: Distinctive Features

(CBT Distinctive Features Book 1)

004486c6_medium Author Adrian Wells and Peter Fisher
Isbn 0415434998
File size 5.5MB
Year 2009
Pages 152
Language English
File format PDF
Category Psychology

Book Description:

"The book is unique in that it expands upon traditional CBT and adds a dimension that may prove to establish metacognitive therapy (MCT) as a distinctive therapeutic technique. The approach offered in this book will make a definite contribution to the field of psychotherapy--for therapists who do not practice traditional CBT as well as for those who do. This book will be of particular value to persons practicing CBT who wish to understand more of the weaknesses (and presumably, therefore, the strengths) of the traditional CBT model.Represents a new paradigm in the treatment of mental disorders. Its foundations are rooted solidly in traditional psychotherapeutic thought (particularly psychoanalysis) yet also within our latest understanding of the developmental and neurological aspects of the brain. It is clearly a book for the seasoned and knowledgeable psychologist."



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