Metals, Energy and Sustainability

The Story of Doctor Copper and King Coal

5a0aeff7f36b8.jpg Author Barry Golding and Suzanne D. Golding
Isbn 9783319511733
File size 8.15MB
Year 2017
Pages 196
Language English
File format PDF
Category Chemistry

Book Description:

This book explains how and where copper and fossil fuels were formed and the likely future for the extraction of copper and coal. The colourful chronology of our efforts to extract metals from minerals and energy from fossil fuels is presented from earliest times until the present day. The difficult concept of human sustainability is examined in the context of continually decreasing real prices of energy and metals. This book integrates the latest findings on our historic use of technology to continually produce cheaper metals even though ore grades have been decreasing. Furthermore, it shows that the rate of technological improvement must increase if metals are to be produced even more cheaply in the future.



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