Microsoft Excel Your Way to a Better Job: #80 Tips to Improve Your Prospects and Get a Pay Rise

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Book Description:

People don’t stay on the same path nowadays; they have many jobs and often a few careers. Corporate loyalty is disappearing as people feel uncertain about the stability of the company they belong to and actually, what they want to do. Job security is seen as an antiquated concept and people are discovering that they need to be more flexible. Some people even think that the concept of a career is dead, that jobs are more project-based nowadays.

All this said; you can benefit from this uncertainty with the right mind-set. You no longer have to wait the obligatory 5 or 10 years to move along the career path and work your way up to middle management and beyond.

With uncertainty comes opportunity.

For me, there are many skills to master in business but there is one consistent visible ‘hard’ skill that ALWAYS provides results, and it’s Excel.

But why do you really want to know Excel better?

Become an Excel master?

Most likely no!

Do you want to learn some nugget which will help you to get a better job and earn more money?

Mostly likely yes!

This ebook talks through 5 levels of Excel use and how using Excel can provide the tools to really make the world your oyster - but you need to decide how far you actually want to go. It's no good learning how to create complex business models if you want to be in a client-facing role, but in the same breath it's worth knowing how to create easy to understand dashboards if you want to work up the ladder towards senior management or CEO level.

In short - you need to figure out what you need to know, and that's what this ebook is designed to help you discover. On top of that I'll give you some great ways to put Excel to strategic use and make the right moves to prime and ask for that pay rise.

- Level 1 – Be an Above Average User
- Level 2 – Data Manipulation and Analysis
- Level 3 – Management Information and Dashboards
- Level 4 – Automation
- Level 5 – Business and Financial Modelling
- Prime that Pay Rise
- Ask for that Pay Rise



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