Mixed Media Portraits With Pam Carriker: Techniques For Drawing And Painting Faces

Mixed-Media-Portraits-With-Pam-Carriker-Techniques-For-Drawing-And-Painting-Faces Author Pam Carriker
Isbn 9781440338953
File size 20.5 MB
Year 2015
Pages 160
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Drawing

Book Description:

I love Pam Carriker's new book, Mixed Media Portraits! I have her other two amazing books, but this is even better because it focuses on my favorite art subject: faces. She uses her unique method to help others become more adept at drawing and painting faces, and to not just copy her, but to develop their own style! I was expecting to learn techniques to render faces, but I was not expecting all of the amazing projects included in the book: painting with crayons; using yupo; painting with a color using hue, tint, tone, and shade; encaustic wax over pan pastels; creating a block from mat board and using it to show case facial features; and creating a bust from a styrofoam wig form and paper clay, to name just a few. I have taken both of her face drawing on-line classes and this is almost all new material. Everything is clearly explained and visually documented. I have been inspired to start drawing faces again and will work my way through this densely packed book.


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