The Modern World, 5 Vol. Set

Civilizations of Africa, Civilizations of Europe, Civilizations of the Americas, Civilizations of the Middle East and Southwest Asia, Civilizations of Asia and the Pacific

51OijKCyatL._SX218_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Sarolta Takacs
Isbn 9780765680969
File size 33MB
Year 2008
Pages 859
Language English
File format PDF
Category History

Book Description:

Grade 7 Up—This engaging, well-written set masterfully chronicles world history from 500 C.E. to the present, with a particular emphasis on how changes throughout the years helped shape contemporary society. The short articles cover topics such as daily life, religion, economy, warfare, government, art and literature, historical events and movements, and technology. Cross-references and a further-reading list are appended to each piece, and maps, time lines, and illustrations expand the work's usefulness. Instructive half- to three-quarter-page extras are included—for example, "Turning Points" introduce cultural and political changes that indelibly shaped society, "Great Lives" profile individuals whose accomplishments were revolutionary; and "Into the 21st Century" entries explain how key events paved the way for developments now and in the future. Compared to the relevant books in the "Lucent Library of Historical Eras" series (Lucent), this set has a stronger emphasis on the events that shaped modern times and that will affect the future.—Hillary Jan Donitz-Goldstein, formerly at New York Public Library



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