Monty And Rommel: Parallel Lives

56d1451a0f424.jpg Author Peter Caddick-Adams
Isbn 9781848091542
File size 2.5 MB
Year 2011
Pages 480
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Biography

Book Description:

"Peter Caddick-Adams's book brilliantly captures the lives and the personalities of these two extraordinary men. In short, Monty and Rommel is not only a first-class work of military history, but one of those books that makes you stop and think, and connect the dots from the past to the present. The author is masterful at bringing alive these two very different (and very difficult) personalities, and has scads of good stories about them . . . Never mind, this is a terrific book, and well worth reading carefully. Unlike most military history it has a certain novelistic depth, and its two major characters are unfailingly interesting."



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