Music: An Appreciation (7th Brief edition)

41MdjBHpCGL._SX218_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Roger Kamien
Isbn 9780078025099
File size 106MB
Year 2010
Pages 480
Language English
File format PDF
Category Music

Book Description:

Excellent textbook to accompany my music appreciation class last semester. The book is structured in an easy-to-follow format that begins by teaching the elements of music, giving the student a good basis of knowledge to learn about the musical periods.

I've used this text book for the past 5 years in my college entrance to Fine Arts Music class. Personally I've found this text book very easy to use compared to other texts. Subject matter is laid out logically according to music time periods starting with the Medieval era and coming to the present. Plenty of listening and written musical examples to illustrate the evolution of music from a Western World view. Does not include any music of the world such as Oriental, East Indian, South Pacific history. The brief is approximately 200 pages shorter than the full text version, but I prefer this shorter version for beginning college students.


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