25 Essential Rock Bass Classics

(Bass Recorded Versions). 25 songs every bassist should know, including: Another One Bites the Dust * Badge * Come Together * Crossroads * Detroit Rock City * Free Ride * Funk #49 * Hey Joe * Iron Man * Low Rider * Money * My Generation * Owner of a Lonely Heart * Peg * Start Me Up * Sweet Emotion * more.

The Beatles Solo: The Illustrated Chronicles of John, Paul, George, and Ringo after the Beatles

Together they were a phenomenon, but separated they became a fascination. The Beatles as a group released 12 studio albums in 8 years. As solo artists, however, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr have released a collective 70 LPs and 900 songs since 1968. Never before have the Fab 4 been covered like this: masterpieces and missteps, triumphs and tragedies, moments of clarity and serious lapses in judgment -...

Professional Orchestration, Volume 2a: Orchestrating the Melody Within the String Section

In Volume 2 of this nine-volume series, Professional OrchestrationT: Orchestrating the Melody Within the String Section is an historic breakthrough in orchestration instruction detailing for the first time 63 techniques previously known by only a few top professional film orchestrators, composers and arrangers applicable to both live performance and MIDI mock-ups. Loaded with references from 35 works with over 175 excerpts in large f...

Mixing and Mastering in the Box

Mixing and mastering are the final challenges in creating great recordings. Great mixes require both creativity and a practical understanding of process, while final masters require both a clear sense for purpose and specialized ears for achieving artistic goals. Mixing and Mastering in the Box gives readers the practical tools for accomplishing both of these tasks while highlighting the artistry of the creative process. While much o...

Piano for Beginners 6th Edition

Picking up any instrument for the first time can be daunting, but the new edition of Piano for Beginners will guide you through the learning process. From the correct way to sit at the piano to reading notation, we start with the basics before expanding your musical horizons with easy home recording and genre-specific tutorials. With a glossary of essential terminology, a list of chords and even access to free online resources, Piano...

A Power Stronger Than Itself

Founded in 1965 and still active today, the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) is an American institution with an international reputation. George E. Lewis, who joined the collective as a teenager in 1971, establishes the full importance and vitality of the AACM with this communal history, written with a symphonic sweep that draws on a cross-generational chorus of voices and a rich collection of rare images....

Brahms and His World

Unlike some recent volumes on Brahms, which have served mainly to bring together miscellaneous papers read at conferences, this collection seeks to locate the composer more directly in the context of his personal, professional, and musical environment.   The volume consists of three parts. In Part I essays by six prominent scholars explore different aspects of Brahms's relationship to his world. The topics include time, memory, ...

Counterpoint: Fundamentals of Music Making

Counterpoint manuals have long been central to the music education of composers, historians, and theorists. In this book a conductor uses counterpoint exercises to aid musicians in becoming sensitive to the fundamental ingredients of good music making. The author takes the reader step by step through the composition and performance of the counterpoint species, from unaccompanied lines to complex three part exercises. Each genre of co...

Workin'Man Blues: Country Music in California

California has been fertile ground for country music since the 1920s, nurturing a multitude of talents from Gene Autry to Glen Campbell, Rose Maddox to Barbara Mandrell, Buck Owens to Merle Haggard. In this affectionate homage to California's place in country music's history, Gerald Haslam surveys the Golden State's contributions to what is today the most popular music in America. At the same time he illuminates the lives of the whit...