Antithetical Arts: On the Ancient Quarrel Between Literature and Music

"Kivy's book is written in an extraordinarily clear and lucid style. There is a little surprise, an unexpected or witty observation, a new turn of the argument waiting at every other turn of the page. Furthermore, one might even say that Kivy's prose has a distinctive musical flavor to it.... Although it is difficult to imagine a narrativist being much impressed by Kivy's arguments, all of them should read this wonderful book. Like m...

Pierre Boulez and the Piano : A Study in Style and Technique

I bought this book for its analysis of the Third Piano Sonata. It's pretty deep reading, and you may want to refer to other books like Boulez on Music Today, but it's absolutely fascinating, and even includes analyses and excerpts from the unpublished formants (as well as an image of the autograph of the "squelettes" of Trope, which unfortunately is not of very good resolution). In any case, the book is essential reading for someone ...

Amazing Grace: The Story of America's Most Beloved Song

This book is divided into two parts. The first part tells the reader the history behind the song involving the slave trader named John Newton who, even after his conversion, saw no conflict between his Christian beliefs and transporting Africans against their will into a life of involuntary servitude. How was he able to praise God for the gift of freedom while denying it to others? Perhaps it was because people at this time, Newton i...

Music: An Appreciation (7th Brief edition)

Excellent textbook to accompany my music appreciation class last semester. The book is structured in an easy-to-follow format that begins by teaching the elements of music, giving the student a good basis of knowledge to learn about the musical periods. I've used this text book for the past 5 years in my college entrance to Fine Arts Music class. Personally I've found this text book very easy to use compared to other texts. Subject m...

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Are We Still Rolling?: Studios, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll

Phill Brown is not much of a writer, but as a recordist he is on par with the greats. The last two Talk Talk records, which he helped create and the making of which are detailed in his book, are still game-changers. Recording or classic rock geeks will get a lot of detail in this book that other readers will probably not appreciate. There is a clunky, no frills diary tone in the writing which some may take issue with. I personally ap...

No Future: Punk, Politics and British Youth Culture, 1976-1984

Fascinating new account of punk's emergence as a fashion, musical form, attitude and aesthetic in Britain from 1976 to 1984. Matthew Worley reveals the ways in which punk was constructed, understood and utilised as a cultural medium against the backdrop of a 1970s Britain in deep social and political crisis. Matthew Worley’s ‘No Future’ obviously takes its title from the Sex Pistols’ second single, ‘God Save the Queen’ which so spook...

Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl

A great book of sheet music, and very promptly delivered; it only took around 1 week to arrive! The music has just the right blend of simplicity/complexity to make it easy enough to play while still being challenging for my teenage daughter, and yet sounding GREAT and very satisfying to belt out. We are very pleased, and would recommend this to anyone who likes the Pirates music.

Musicals in Film: A Guide to the Genre

This wide-ranging guide introduces (or reintroduces) readers to movie musicals past and present, enabling them to experience the development of this uniquely American art form―and discover films they'll love. • Shows how the genre developed over time, from the 1920s to the present • Shares fascinating insights about musicals with which the reader is already familiar • Offers information on many lesser-known musicals • Helps readers f...

The World's Greatest Fake Book

Sher Music's first fake book was designed to include all the best original jazz compositions not included in the old, illegal Real Book. Composers include Wayne Shorter, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Russ Ferrante, John Scofield, and many more. Like all Sher Music fake books, it features composer-approved transcriptions, easy-to-read calligraphy, and many extras (sample bass lines, chord voicings, drum appendix, etc.) not found in conv...

The Clinician's Guide to Forensic Music Therapy

Two clinically proven and highly pragmatic new manuals to aid music therapists in treating and understanding patients' needs in forensic and other secure psychiatric settings Students, clinicians, and researchers will find this text progressive and applicable. The thoroughly tested treatment manuals for this traditionally underserved and marginalized clinical population constitute welcome additions to our profession. I offer a sincer...