Simply Blues Fingerstyle Guitar: Play Great Fingerstyle Blues

Fingerstyle guitar is one of the most popular and satisfying ways of playing. Use the thumb and fingers to open up the range of sounds that the guitar can produce, and you're really flying. This is especially so when playing the blues. You can have a neat bass line while still picking away on a melody in the many different blues styles out there. I've been playing this style for many years and it is certainly one of my favourite ways...

Greatest Hits, Level 2: Recordings, Broadway, Movies

Alfred's Greatest Hits series has overwhelmingly been accepted by students and teachers. This series combines just the right combination of hits from Broadway, Hollywood, television and recordings! As you might expect from Alfred, this series offers a rare combination of great music arranged with care and creativity. Adult students can savor the excitement of playing pop music and reap the benefits from making practicing more fun and...

How To Read Music: For Beginners - A Simple and Effective Guide to Understanding and Reading Music with Ease

Music Reading Made Simple - Discover the Simple Step-By-Step Process to Learning How to Read Music ** A Successor and a Sibling to the Best-Selling Book: Music Theory - From Beginner to Expert, by Nicolas Carter ** - Bars, notes, clefs, staves, time signatures, common notation, musical symbols… Have you ever wanted to learn how to read music but it seemed too difficult and not worth the effort - Have you tried searching for informati...

The Life and Works of Franz Liszt

The life of Franz Liszt was as daring and spectacular as his music. Famed throughout Europe as the greatest pianist of the 19th century, he was one of the most original and prophetic composers who ever lived. Beautiful in youth, glowering in age, his high-profile love affairs were the talk of the town wherever he went and his generosity to young musicians was legendary. In this account of his epic life, actors’ readings combine with ...

B.B. King Style Guitar Book with Video & Audio Access

B.B. King Style Guitar Book with Video & Audio Access by Jody Worrell teaches the techniques and style that helped establish B.B. King as a blues legend. You will learn the timing, note selection, bends, vibrato, and famous box position that all combine to create B.B.'s unique phrasing. After learning the lead parts, they will be demonstrated over a full band rhythm track. Each lick or phrase will then be traded back and forth. J...

Popular American Recording Pioneers: 1895-1925 (Haworth Popular Culture)

Encounter the trailblazers whose recordings expanded the boundaries of technology and brought “popular” music into America's living rooms!Popular American Recording Pioneers: 1895--1925 (winner of the 2001 Association for Recorded Sound Collections Award of Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research) covers the lives and careers of over one hundred musical artists who were especially important to the recording industry in its e...

Il canto degli antenati: Le origini della musica, del linguaggio, della mente e del corpo

L'archeologo britannico Steven Mithen parte da un assunto: la propensione a fare musica è uno dei più misteriosi, affascinanti e allo stesso tempo trascurati tratti distintivi del genere umano. La letteratura scientifica ha sottovalutato questo campo di studio, definendo la musica come una tecnologia, un prodotto, creato unicamente a scopo ludico e ricreativo, e non come un adattamento selettivo. Diversamente, Mithen sostiene che lo ...

Music in Other Words: Victorian Conversations

Just as the preoccupations of any given cultural moment make their way into the language of music, the experience of music makes its way into other arenas of life. To unearth these overlapping meanings and vocabularies from the Victorian era, Ruth A. Solie examines sources as disparate as journalism, novels, etiquette manuals, religious tracts, and teenagers' diaries for the muffled, even subterranean, conversations that reveal so mu...

"Appunti di analisi formale"

In questo libro di appena 43 pagine è contenuta in modo chiaro e preciso un' analisi di quelle che sono gli elementi di ritmica e delle principali forme musicali specialmente della fuga e della Sonata. Grazie a questo testo si può capire come vengono sviluppati i discorsi musicali, nei loro elementi formali.

Nine Choices: Johnny Cash and American Culture

For much of his career, Johnny Cash opened his shows with the tagline, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." This introduction seemed unnecessary, since everyone in the audience knew who he was―the famous musical artist whose career spanned almost five decades, whose troubled life on and off the stage received wide publicity, and whose cragged face seemed to express a depth and intensity not found in any other artist, living or dead. For Cash, a...