Fretboard Roadmaps - Bass: The Essential Patterns That All the Pros Know and Use

Im giving this book a ten star review even though a five star review is max. If you've learned the very basic of a bass guitar, you won't go wrong in buying this book. This book will advance your style and playing. This book was developed by the hal - leonard corporation which is saying a lot, as any material produced by hal - leonard corporation is just out fricking standing. I cant read music so much, but I can now play a bass guit...

So You Want to Sing A Cappella : A Guide for Performers

Deke Sharon is known as, without a doubt father of all things a cappella. He started the movement that is modern a cappella with the House Jack's. He helped spawn a movement that encouraged 1000's of young people to raise their voices in song. He is the quintessential choir geek. Having attended his workshops and experienced his warm engaging personality, there is no doubt he is passionate about sharing his wealth of knowledge of all...

Songs without Words (Eastman Studies in Music)

The subject of musical arrangement is one that has begun to arouse increasing interest among musicologists in recent years, as they have moved away from a long-standing tendency to deride such reworkings. It is thus particularly welcome that musicology's re-evaluation of arrangement as a creative activity has included a strong focus on early music, especially that of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Sandra Mangsen's book is ...

Stomping the Blues

In this classic work of American music writing, renowned critic Albert Murray argues beautifully and authoritatively that “the blues as such are synonymous with low spirits. Not only is its express purpose to make people feel good, which is to say in high spirits, but in the process of doing so it is actually expected to generate a disposition that is both elegantly playful and heroic in its nonchalance.” In Stomping the Blues Murray...

The Teaching of Instrumental Music, Fourth Edition

I bought this book for a class I had in college. And with out a doubt I see myself being able to return to this book for what ever issues I may incounter as I progress to my career. It has problems and solutions for all instruments in band, fingering charts, the historical aspects of each instrument, and so much other things that are valuable to you as a interested learner, teacher, student, and musician. This book introduces music e...

The Unorthodox Guitar : A Guide to Alternative Performance Practice

"The Unorthodox Guitar is like a personal, encyclopedic letter to the guitarist of any skill level, to the composer seeking to articulate the guitar in modern terms, and to any musician desiring a better understanding of how the guitar 'works' in performance and recording environments. Frengel's writing navigates the perfect balance between information and explanation, making this volume a pleasure to both explore and devour."-Janet ...