"Joy Division": Form (and Substance)

I love JOY DIVISION, I sympathize with Ian Curtis, I have Epilepsy myself, I just wish he was still here with us, and all the heart felt music we've missed out on. If you are a Joy Division fan I recommend everything that amazon sells about Ian Curtis and Joy Division. I've bought everything I could buy about Joy Division. And everything I bought from AMAZON was awesome, I'm very satisfied with all my purchases from amazon. They are ...

Psychedelic Popular Music : A History Through Musical Topic Theory

Recognized for its distinctive musical features and its connection to periods of social innovation and ferment, the genre of psychedelia has exerted long-term influence in many areas of cultural production, including music, visual art, graphic design, film, and literature. William Echard explores the historical development of psychedelic music and its various stylistic incarnations as a genre unique for its fusion of rock, soul, funk...

The Southern Rock Revival : The Old South in a New World

Jason Eastman’s detailed ethnography is an authoritative analysis of the intricacies, distinctions, and contradictions within Southern rock music. He not only provides a nuanced portrayal of the musicians and the varied meanings of their songs but, moreover, offers new insights about what it means to be southern and to embrace rebel masculinity. Yet, as Eastman shows, these meanings have stretched far beyond the South and reach acros...

Fifty Contemporary Choreographers (Routledge Key Guides) (2nd edition)

A unique and authoritative guide to the lives and work of prominent living contemporary choreographers. Representing a wide range of dance genres, each entry locates the individual in the context of modern dance theatre and explores their impact. Those studied include: Jerome Bel Richard Alston Doug Varone William Forsythe Phillippe Decoufle Jawole Willa Jo Zollar Ohad Naharin Itzik Gallili Twyla Tharp Wim Vandekeybus With a new, upd...

Medieval Liturgical Chant and Patristic Exegesis: (Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Music)

Emma Hornby is a fine musicologist, and this book is some seriously good science! The book's substance is the study of the Tracts, a genre of Gregorian chant and its cousin Old Roman chant, at a deeper level of detail than ever before. The Tracts are a very old form of chant in the Christian Western rite, consisting usually of several psalm verses sung to a melody that is ornate and melismatic but also repetitious and formulaic. Text...

Marc Blitzstein: A Bio-Bibliography

"Leonard Lehrman has compiled an important reference work on the influential American composer, Marc Blitzstein. Lehrman knows the Blitzstein works inside out, and can write in the composer's style, having completed several pieces from existing sketches after Blitzstein's death. But, this work is about scholarship. It is a description of everything Blitzstein ever wrote and everything written about him. This comprehensiveness, along ...

Antithetical Arts: On the Ancient Quarrel Between Literature and Music

"Kivy's book is written in an extraordinarily clear and lucid style. There is a little surprise, an unexpected or witty observation, a new turn of the argument waiting at every other turn of the page. Furthermore, one might even say that Kivy's prose has a distinctive musical flavor to it.... Although it is difficult to imagine a narrativist being much impressed by Kivy's arguments, all of them should read this wonderful book. Like m...

Pierre Boulez and the Piano : A Study in Style and Technique

I bought this book for its analysis of the Third Piano Sonata. It's pretty deep reading, and you may want to refer to other books like Boulez on Music Today, but it's absolutely fascinating, and even includes analyses and excerpts from the unpublished formants (as well as an image of the autograph of the "squelettes" of Trope, which unfortunately is not of very good resolution). In any case, the book is essential reading for someone ...

Amazing Grace: The Story of America's Most Beloved Song

This book is divided into two parts. The first part tells the reader the history behind the song involving the slave trader named John Newton who, even after his conversion, saw no conflict between his Christian beliefs and transporting Africans against their will into a life of involuntary servitude. How was he able to praise God for the gift of freedom while denying it to others? Perhaps it was because people at this time, Newton i...

Music: An Appreciation (7th Brief edition)

Excellent textbook to accompany my music appreciation class last semester. The book is structured in an easy-to-follow format that begins by teaching the elements of music, giving the student a good basis of knowledge to learn about the musical periods. I've used this text book for the past 5 years in my college entrance to Fine Arts Music class. Personally I've found this text book very easy to use compared to other texts. Subject m...