Naughty Nomad: Not Your Typical Backpacker Story

56d3098e90664.jpg Author Mark Zolo
Isbn 9781466381698
File size 1.1 MB
Year 2012
Pages 240
Language English
File format MOBI
Category Travel

Book Description:

This is the story of a young man who set out to discover the meaning of adventure, only to be pulled down the rabbit hole into a dark underworld filled with danger, drama, and wild sex. Reckless, raunchy, and riveting, this book documents the origins of the Naughty Nomad, a man who would later be dubbed "The Indiana Jones of Pussy."

A daring rescue in the Antarctic, a border jump to escape Sudan, incarceration in Siberia, attempted murder, love, friendship, betrayal, and so much more!

Join him on his epic misadventures journeying to...

The Far East
and every country in Southeast Asia!

A journey into the heart of darkness,
this is NOT your typical backpacker story.



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