Network Perimeter Security: Building Defense In-depth

56cc1c8a5f5e1.jpg Author Cliff Riggs
Isbn 9780849316289
File size 3.5 MB
Year 2004
Pages 421
Language English
File format CHM
Category Programming

Book Description:

Network Perimeter Security: Building Defense In-Depth reveals how readers can evaluate the security needs of their networks, develop a security policy for their companies, and create a budget based upon that policy. It assists them in designing the security model and outlines the testing process. Through the concepts and case studies presented in this book, they will learn to build a comprehensive perimeter defense architecture based upon multiple layers of protection, with expert recommendations for configuring firewalls, routers, intrusion detection system, and other security tools and network components. This detailed volume enables readers to secure their networks on time, within budget, and without having to attain a security certification.budget, and without having to attain a security certification.



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