Networking And Telecommunications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools And Applications (3 Volumes)

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Isbn 978-1605669861
File size 44.5 MB
Year 2010
Pages 1903
Language English
File format PDF
Category Information Technologies

Book Description:

Due to increased practices and applications of digital networks, widespread use of the Internet, and enhanced transmission of information communication technologies, there is a need a literature for a complete reference offering the latest developments and solutions for building networks and enhancing communication throughout organizations, businesses, economies, and public administration.

Networking and Telecommunications: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications exhibits the most up-to-date collection of research results and recent discoveries in the transfer of knowledge access across the globe. Considering the burgeoning need for global contact and communication, this significant 3-volume publication provides a one-stop reference for researchers, administrators, executives, and practitioners in fields of networking and telecommunications through expert evaluations, innovations, and technology applications.



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