Non-Destructive Testing

589f262b9e242.jpg Author Fausto Pedro Garcia Marquez and Mayorkinos Papaelias and Noor Zaman
Isbn 9789535125013
File size 200MB
Year 2016
Pages 377
Language English
File format PDF
Category Engineering and Technology

Book Description:

This book presents the main advances recently made on different Non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, together with the principal approaches employed to process the signals obtained during inspection.

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is based on inspection methodologies that do not require the change or destruction of the component or system under evaluation.
Numerous NDT techniques are increasingly used, thanks to the recent advances in sensing technologies, data acquisition, data storage and signal processing.
Inspection information is widely employed in order to make effective maintenance decisions based on the defects identified, their location and severity.



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