Nutritional Sciences: From Fundamentals To Food, 3rd Edition

with Table of Food Composition Booklet

57536d824bb1d.jpg Author Kathy A. Beerman and Michelle McGuire
Isbn 978-0840058201
File size 48.7 MB
Year 2012
Pages 736
Language English
File format PDF
Category Cookbooks

Book Description:

Crystal Clear Science + Compelling Applications = A Balanced Program for Teaching and Learning In a concise format, NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES: FROM FUNDAMENTALS TO FOOD, 3/e clearly explains the scientific principles underlying nutrition while incorporating applications to promote a complete understanding of core concepts. This integrated approach provides a strong science foundation in a context relevant to students' daily lives and their careers. Supported by an impressive visual design, engaging case studies and interactive digital resources, NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES offers a unique, balanced program for teaching and learning.



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