Optimizing Supply Chain Performance: Information Sharing And Coordinated Management

56357c45c0563.jpg Author Dongping Song, Michael Roe, and Wei Xu
Isbn 9781137501134
File size 6 MB
Year 2015
Pages 232
Language English
File format PDF
Category Business

Book Description:

Supply chain management has attracted much attention in the last decade. There has been a noticeable shift from a traditional individual organization-based management to an integrated management across the supply chain network since the end of the last century. The shift contributes to better decision making in the supply chain context, as it is necessary for a company to cooperate with other supply chain members by utilising relevant information such as inventory, demand and resource capacity. Optimizing Supply Chain Performance takes industrial case studies from SMEs in China to examine the importance of information sharing and coordinated management as essential mechanisms to improve supply chain performance.



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