Options Trading Successfully For Beginners: Making Money With Options In Just A Few Hours!, 3 Edition

Options-Trading-Successfully-For-Beginners-Making-Money-With-Options-In-Just-A-Few-Hours-3-Edition Author F.R. Commerce
Isbn 978-1511508810
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Year 2014
Pages 188
Language English
File format MOBI
Category Economics

Book Description:

Considered to be one of the most complex and misunderstood investment vehicles, Options are often misused by many. But did you know that Options allow a stock investor MASSIVE amounts of leverage? Imagine holding on to five times the stocks you normally can. Imagine making TEN times the gains on a stock price skyrocketing. How is this all possible? with the power of STOCK OPTIONS! And it’s all available to you. THE FUNDAMENTAL APPROACH Understanding options is NO easy matter. But just for you, we explain stock options piece-by-piece, term-by-term. We’ll explain options to you in such a clear, simple way, you’ll be ready to try options out in no time HOW TO USE EVERY OPTIONS TYPE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Some investors would rather invest in options than stocks? Why? Understand their every strategy, every move, in every detail. We’ll show you how to react correctly - no matter what market situation. THE MOST POWERFUL OPTIONS STRATEGIES Would you like to gain TEN times what you would be gaining with a normal stock portfolio? We’ll explain how, step-by-step! Also,
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