Oracle Collaboration Suite Handbook

Oracle Collaboration Suite Handbook Author Ronald J. Zapar
Isbn 0072263008
File size 21.1MB
Year 2007
Pages 451
Language English
File format PDF
Category Information Technologies

Book Description:

Maximize the Capabilities of Oracle Collaboration Suite

Facilitate enterprisewide communication, data sharing, and team work using Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g and the in-depth information contained in this Oracle Press guide. Oracle Collaboration Suite Handbook explains how to install, implement, manage, and optimize the suite in an enterprise environment. You'll discover how you can use this powerful tool to securely, reliably, and cost-effectively enable real-time collaboration, streamline business processes, simplify data distribution, and consolidate corporate information.

  • Tailor a system-specific Oracle Collaboration Suite environment
  • Install the Infrastructure Tier, Datastore Tier, and Applications Tier
  • Perform successful migrations to Oracle Collaboration Suite 10g
  • Create, manage, monitor, and delete user accounts with provisioning
  • Control processes, components, and subcomponents from the command line and the Enterprise Manager Browser interface
  • Perform reliable full and partial database backups and restores
  • Monitor, analyze, and act on system log files
  • Administer applications, application components, and program functionality
  • Manipulate unstructured data using intelligent containers and Oracle Content Services


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