Horror Stories: 51 Sleepless Nights

What are YOU afraid of? What would you do if you played a virtual reality game that didn't stop when you took the headset off? How about if you watched your son die, but an exact replica appeared and asked to come home with you? Or you accidentally went on a tinder date with the Devil? This diverse collection of51 short horror storiesincludes demons, monsters, psychopaths, undead, mad experiments, and terrifying paranormal encounters...

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets

First published in 1893, when Stephen Crane was only twenty-one years old, Maggie is the harrowing tale of a young woman’s fall into prostitution and destitution in New York City’s notorious Bowery slum. In dazzlingly vivid prose and with a sexual candour remarkable for his day, Crane depicts an urban sub-culture awash with alcohol and patrolled by the swaggering gangland “tough.” Presented here with its companion piece George’s Moth...

Daniel Silva - La Casa delle Spie (2018)

La mente dell'Isis, l'inafferrabile Saladino, è ancora libero. Non solo, ha capito che Natalie è in realtà un agente infiltrato e lo ha tradito… ma come? Gabriel Allon sta cercando di risolvere questo rompicapo quando i terroristi, quattro mesi dopo aver portato a termine il più sanguinoso attacco su suolo americano dall'11 settembre, seminano morte anche nel cuore di Londra. È un attentato audace, pianificato con cura e nella massim...

Fred Vargas - Il Morso della Reclusa (2018)

Nebbioso, beccheggiante, indolente. Sempre perso nelle sue vaghezze. È il commissario Adamsberg, capo dell'Anticrimine al tredicesimo arrondissement parigino. - Non ci posso credere, - disse Danglard, - non ci voglio credere. Torni fra noi, commissario. Ma in quali nebbie ha perso la vista, porca miseria? - Nella nebbia ci vedo benissimo, - replicò Adamsberg in tono un po' secco, appoggiando i palmi sul tavolo. - Anzi, meglio che alt...

Still Reigning: Thoughts of a Queen

But despite it all, she's still here. Still in charge, still iconic, and still keeping the gin industry in business. Still reigning. In this uproarious collections of musings from a matriarch, the Queen [of Twitter] shares some unvarnished opinions about her subjects and the rest of the civilized world. Of her adoring public across the pond in America, she notes, "One thinks of them as a mother thinks of a teenage boy; with a mixture...

The ÜberReader : selected works of Avital Ronell

For twenty years, Avital Ronell has stood at the forefront of the confrontation between literary study and European philosophy. She has tirelessly investigated the impact of technology on thinking and writing, with groundbreaking work on Heidegger, dependency and drug rhetoric, intelligence and artificial intelligence, and the obsession with testing. Admired for her insights and breadth of field, she has attracted a wide readership b...

Papa porte un pantalon et maman porte une robe

Guillaume a un papa et une maman. Ibrahim aussi. Tous deux sont les meilleurs élèves de la classe. C'est jour de fête. Le directeur de l'école apporte les costumes de carnaval. Coquin le sort ! Le costume de Guillaume est une robe de princesse ! Les deux garçons se regardent ahuris… Qui viendra en aide à Guillaume pour lui éviter de porter un déguisement de fille ? Les éditions REID vous présentent le premier livre pour enfants rédig...

Lilou Macé, "Le défi des 100 jours !

Conseils pratiques et techniques pour transformer sa vie et la vivre pleinement grâce à des défis à relever durant 100 jours : trouver un nouveau travail, gagner en assurance ou en bonne humeur… Dans ce cahier pratique vous trouverez les pratiques et techniques pour transformer votre vie et la vivre pleinement. On dit que la répétition permet de créer de nouvelles habitudes : alors foncez, lancez vous dès maintenant dans le défi des ...

The Dracula Dossier: A Novel of Suspense

Author of the New York Times bestseller The Book of Shadows, James Reese returns with a remarkable feat of literary invention. In The Dracula Dossier, Reese combines real historical figures and events—Bram Stoker, Walt Whitman, Jack the Ripper—with glorious speculation in a tour de force of suspense fiction that races non-stop through Victorian London. Bestselling author Michael Connelly raves about The Dracula Dossier, calling it, “...