Tim and Eric's Zone Theory

Great book!!!! At first I thought it was just some kind of 'gag' book featuring Timmon Erics patented 'double-chin comedy style', but I soon discovered what I had purchased on a lark would lead me deep into the Zone Theory. They're not allowing me enough characters in this review to properly express what it's done for my life. I urge you PLEASE purchase this book as soon as you can and GET TO WORK! Today is the first day of the rest ...

La trampa de la diversidad : cómo el neoliberalismo fragmentó la identidad de la clase trabajadora

Ocurre algo extraño, y realmente preocupante, cuando muchas de la posturas que se plantean en la izquierda, el activismo o el academicismo crítico son imposibles de defender fuera de las fronteras en las que nacen; más aún, incluso llegan a despertar el desinterés, la incomprensión e incluso hostilidad de la gente. Por contra, la derecha, en su versión liberal y extrema, parece representar de forma cada vez más precisa las esperanzas...

The Storyteller's Secret: A Novel by Sejal Badani

I did not really want to read this book it just seemed to be the lesser of evils when it came to this months prime picks. The beginning did not encourage me much as it was a little on the depressing side. When Jaya escapes to India to escape her pain of multiple miscarriages the story starts to get interesting - and I ended up staying up all night reading it. Jaya begins to hear a story about her grandmother, Amisha, and it helps her...

Adaptation and Well-Being: Meeting the Challenges of Life

"This book by Professor Larsen is very enjoyable reading and covers the many challenges humans face across the lifespan. The focus is on positive psychology as supportive solutions are offered for the many challenges of living. This is also a relatively rare book that evaluates adaptation from a socio-cultural perspective since most books today emphasize cognitive aspects of coping and development. I especially appreciated how Profes...

The Language of Creation: Cosmic Symbolism in Genesis: A Commentary

Having read a good degree about symbolism, ranging from the traditional and occult varieties to the more Jungian, I can certainly say this is one of the best books on the subject I've found. Pageau is incredibly clear in his writing, and the use of diagrams and Biblical examples make the concepts really sink in to the point of allowing the reader to really see the world through a symbolic lens. He also goes much deeper into the theme...

I Will Never Leave You by S.M. Thayer

Truly a dysfunctional cast of characters to put it mildly. Trish wants nothing more than to have a baby with her husband James. But even her wealth and privilege can't get her pregnant. James meanwhile has been naughty and got his mistress, Laurel, knocked up. When he tells Trish she should divorce him so he can be with Laurel and his newborn daughter, that doesn't go over well. Trish becomes obsessed with the baby and thinks her dre...

Cultural Genocide by Lawrence Davidson

Most scholars of genocide focus on mass murder. Lawrence Davidson, by contrast, explores the murder of culture. He suggests that when people have limited knowledge of the culture outside of their own group, they are unable to accurately assess the alleged threat of others around them. Throughout history, dominant populations have often dealt with these fears through mass murder. However, the shock of the Holocaust now deters today’s ...

After Eden: A Novel (Literature of the American West Series)

This book tells the story of a lesbian who recovers from the death of her long time partner in their cabin that is part of a larger tract purchased with some other lesbian friends in the hills of northern California. The descriptions of the countryside and the culture are exceptional--I have never been there, and yet I could easily visualize the area and understand the sociology. The story of the group of friends, however, felt less ...

The Design Warrior's Guide to FPGAs by Clive Maxfield

The Design Warrior's Guide to FPGAs describes not only everything you need to know to start designing FPGAs, but also how the art came to be in its current state...Unlike many in the EDA industry, Maxfield doesn't forget that chips go on boards: One chapter looks at PCB considerations of FPGA Design...I must admit that when I first saw the book, I imagined reading it would be something of a slog as so many technical books are. Upon o...

Aristotle's Earlier Logic

The first edition of Aristotle's Earlier Logic attracted some favourable attention. In his review for the journal Argumentation, David Hitchcock writes, "The book is a treasure trove of sophisticated logical explorations of the ideas in Aristotle's early logical writings, ... in touch with a wide range of contemporary formal work .... Students of Aristotle's logic and theory of argumentation should find themselves consulting it frequ...