Suzuki Cello School - Volume 5 (Revised): Cello Part

Teach cello with the popular Suzuki Cello School. The Suzuki Method(R) of Talent Education is based on Shinichi Suzuki's view that every child is born with ability, and that people are the product of their environment. According to Shinichi Suzuki, a world-renowned violinist and teacher, the greatest joy an adult can know comes from developing a child's potential so he/she can express all that is harmonious and best in human beings. ...

The Neutronic Motors of Pa Kua Chang

Advent for Everyone: Luke provides readers with an inspirational guide through the Advent season, from the first Sunday in Advent through the Saturday after the Fourth Sunday in Advent. Popular biblical scholar and author N. T. Wright provides his own Scripture translation and brief reflection, exploring the Gospel themes of faith, repentance, justice, and celebration. Wright's engaging reflections take you on a journey of spiritual ...

O arqueiro Zen e a Arte de Viver

A fantástica arte zen do auto-conhecimento, na concepção de um ocidental. Kenneth Kushner transmite a essência do Dharma ilustrada pela prática do arco e flechas, onde cada flecha representa uma vida. Este belíssimo livro contém a essência espiritual da prática do Kyudo complementando o texto consagrado de Henrigel.

Lycopene and Tomatoes in Human Nutrition and Health

Lycopene is a potent antioxidant carotenoid found in fruits and vegetables; particularly high amounts exist in red tomatoes. It is not an essential nutrient for humans, but can be a potential therapeutic agent for preventing several human diseases. Since the publication of the previous book on lycopene, extensive advances have been made with respect to the role of lycopene and tomatoes in human health. Whereas the initial focus of re...

"99 façons de prévenir les effets du vieillissement : Conseils d'un physio"

Le vieillissement est un processus normal, pas une maladie, et plusieurs des effets qu'il entraîne peuvent être prévenus. J'ai écrit ce livre pour vous offrir des conseils et des exercices qui vous aideront à préserver votre qualité de vie, dans toute la noblesse du terme, quels que soient votre âge et votre état de santé, que vous soyez une personne sportive, plutôt sédentaire ou de constitution fragile.

Schaum's Outline of Computer Graphics

Scores of examples and problems allow students to hone their skills. Clear explanations of fundamental tasks facilitate students’ understanding of important concepts. New! Chapters on shading models, shadow, and texture―including the Phong illumination model―explain the latest techniques and tools for achieving photorealism in computer graphics.

Designing the Digital Experience

Written for creative, tech-savvy, and business-minded individuals who want to increase the accessibility of their websites, this sensible guidebook explains the concepts behind designing experiences on the internet. From helping customers quickly find information and make their purchases to clearly communicating needs and interests, this resource will not only develop consumer loyalty but will encourage them to spread the word about ...

1-2-3 Parenting with Heart, 3rd Edition

Based on the bestselling parenting book, 1-2-3 Magic, and adapted for a Christian lifestyle In 1-2-3 Parenting with Heart, Dr. Thomas W. Phelan and pastor Chris Webb teach Christian parents to take charge while refraining from yelling, leading to better behaved children, happier parents, and a more peaceful home environment. Complete with relevant Bible verses, explanations, and exercises, this guide allows you to get back in charge ...

Making Babies, Making Families

Thanks to new reproductive technologies and new ways of forming families, the world of parenting is opening up as never before. What defines a legal family? Should there be any restrictions on buying and selling eggs and sperm, or hiring "surrogate mothers"? How many parents can a child have? While there's no going back to the traditional family, Mary Lyndon Shanley shows us that we don't have to live in moral chaos. She offers a new...

The Global Chancellor

Helmut Schmidt is the neglected chancellor of modern German history, overshadowed by 'the greats' - Bismarck, Adenauer, Brandt and Kohl. This volume retrieves Schmidt's true significance as a pivotal figure who helped reshape the global order during the crisis-ridden 1970s. This major reinterpretation, based on detailed research in Schmidt's private papers and numerous archives in Europe and America, reveals him as a leader equally s...