Polytope Projects

How do you know what works and what doesn't? This book contains case studies highlighting the power of polytope projects for complex problem solving. Any sort of combinational problem characterized by a large variety of possibly complex constructions and deconstructions based on simple building blocks can be studied in a similar way. Although the majority of case studies are related to chemistry, the method is general and equally app...

Impact of Biological Invasions on Ecosystem Services

The book presents an analysis of the ecological, economic and social threats posed by the introduction and spread of non-native species. It provides a comprehensive description of impacts of non-native species from all five kingdoms of life across all ecosystems of the world. New insights into the impacts arising from biological invasions are generated through taking an ecosystem services perspective. This work highlights that manage...

The Psychology of Meditation: Research and Practice

In the past 20 years meditation has grown enormously in popularity across the world, practised both by the general public, as well as by an increasing number of psychologists within their daily clinical practice. Meditation is now used to treat a range of disorders, including, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, chronic pain, and addiction. In the past twenty years we have also learned much more about the underlying neural bases f...

Catechizing Culture: Missionaries, Aymara, and the "New Evangelization"

Nearly five centuries after the first wave of Catholic missionaries arrived in the New World to spread their Christian message, contemporary religious workers in the Bolivian highlands have begun to encourage Aymara Indians to return to traditional ritual practices. All but eradicated after hundreds of years of missionization, the "old ways" are now viewed as local cultural expressions of Christian values. In order to become more Chr...

The Wiley Handbook of Cognitive Control

Covering basic theory, new research, and intersections with adjacent fields, this is the first comprehensive reference work on cognitive control – our ability to use internal goals to guide thought and behavior. Draws together expert perspectives from a range of disciplines, including cognitive psychology, neuropsychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and neurology Covers behavioral phenomena of cognitive control, neuroanatomical...

Technologies of the Gendered Body: Reading Cyborg Women

This book takes the process of "reading the body" into the fields at the forefront of culture—the vast spaces mapped by science and technology—to show that the body in high-tech is as gendered as ever. From female body building to virtual reality, from cosmetic surgery to cyberpunk, from reproductive medicine to public health policies to TV science programs, Anne Balsamo articulates the key issues concerning the status of the body fo...

Atomic And Plasma-Material Interaction Data For Fusion

This publication, arising from a Coordinated Research Project on Atomic and Molecular Data for Plasma Modeling, provides information on new data relevant to the edge region of plasmas in nuclear fusion energy devices. In this region, molecules and molecular ions are formed and react with electrons and with each other and fusion plasma modeling requires cross-sections and rate coefficients for such processes. This volume describes new...

Bayesian Inference: Data Evaluation and Decisions, 2 edition

This new edition offers a comprehensive introduction to the analysis of data using Bayes rule. It generalizes Gaussian error intervals to situations in which the data follow distributions other than Gaussian. This is particularly useful when the observed parameter is barely above the background or the histogram of multiparametric data contains many empty bins, so that the determination of the validity of a theory cannot be based on t...

Handbuch Gerechtigkeit

Was ist gerecht? Ist gerecht, was dem Gesetz entspricht? Wie sind gesellschaftliche Güter gerecht zu verteilen? Wie ist globale Gerechtigkeit zu erreichen? Und wie die Gerechtigkeit gegenüber zukünftigen Generationen? Das Handbuch stellt die Geschichte des Gerechtigkeitsbegriffs dar, erläutert die unterschiedlichen Gerechtigkeitstypen und deren philosophische Grundlagen wie Utilitarismus, Diskursethik sowie Kritische Theorie und betr...