The Sexual Murderer : Offender Behavior and Implications for Practice

Sexual homicide continues to be one of the most widely reported and sensationalised forms of murder, attracting fascination from the public and scholars alike. Despite this continued interest, few empirical studies have been conducted on this particular form of sexual crime. The Sexual Murderer provides an analytical review of the state of knowledge on the sexual murderer and his offense, and presents new data that confronts some of ...

Social Theory in Contemporary Asia

Philosophical debates around individualization and the implications for intimacy, reflexivity and identity have occupied a central part of social and cultural theorizing in the West in the last decade. In fact, late modernity has become conspicuously engaged with issues of intimacy, reflexivity and identity. The author analyses the relevance of these debates in the context of contemporary Asia and combines an analysis of significant ...

Proof Theory of N4-Paraconsistent Logics

The present book is the first monograph ever with a central focus on the proof theory of paraconsistent logics in the vicinity of the four-valued, constructive paraconsistent logic N4 by David Nelson. The volume brings together a number of papers the authors have written separately or jointly on various systems of inconsistency-tolerant logic. The material covers the structural proof theory of • N4, • its fragments, including first-d...

Budo. Les Enseignements du fondateur de l'Aikido

"Budô", en japonais, veut dire la "Voie du guerrier". À l'époque moderne, ce terme a pris une connotation très morale et spirituelle et n'a peut-être jamais autant été personnifié que par maître Ueshiba, créateur de l'aïkido. Cette discipline martiale, héritée des techniques de saisies à mains nues et des techniques de sabre des anciens samouraïs, est aujourd'hui l'une des écoles martiales les plus appréciées par ceux qui veulent voi...

Structures and Granular Solids

This volume features 29 invited papers presented at the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 1-2 July 2008 by colleagues, collaborators, students and friends of Professor J. Michael Rotter (FREng, FRSE, FICE, FASCE, FIStructE, FIEAust) in honour of his 60th birthday. The articles published in this volume will be of great value to readers as it contains contributions from theworld’s leading experts in their fields. These fields include failu...

History and Cultural Theory

In recent times there has been recognition of the growing influence of cultural theory on historical writing. Foucault, Bourdieu, Butler and Spivak are just some of the thinkers whose ideas have been taken up and deployed by historians. What are these ideas and where do they come from? How have cultural theorists thought about 'history'? And how have historians applied theoretical insights to enhance their own understanding of events...

Key to Advanced Latin

"Key to Advanced Latin" provides answers to the exercises that form a substantial part of our new Latin language textbook, "Advanced Latin: Materials for A2 and Pre-U", which is being published simultaneously (Isbn 9781853997297). These exercises consist of: 24 translation/comprehension exercises, based on passages taken predominantly from Livy, Caesar and Ovid. These match exactly the requirements of A2, but the passages work equall...

Der Anti-Stress-Trainer für Versicherungsmakler: Versichern Sie sich gegen Stress!

  Dieses Buch aus der Anti-Stress-Trainer-Reihe bietet eine Burnoutprophylaxe für alle, die selbstständig in der Versicherungsbranche tätig sind. Die Welt der Finanzdienstleister/ Versicherungsmakler ist heute geprägt von Administration und Dokumentation. Zeit für Vertrieb und Verkauf und ein ausgeglichenes Privatleben bleibt da sehr wenig, Stress und Burnout sind oft vorprogrammiert. Mit einer großen Portion Humor und Empathie ...