Delicious Desserts When You Have Diabetes: Over 150 Recipes

Enjoy a wide variety of healthy, yummy desserts If you have diabetes–or know someone who does–tasty desserts may seem to be a thing of the past. Now, in this remarkable book, professor, chef, and dietitian Sandy Kapoor shows you how to prepare rich and delicious delights that anyone will enjoy! Featuring more than 150 recipes that use readily available ingredients, this easy-to-follow guide teaches you healthy dessert cooking techniq...

Buddhist Philosophy: A Comparative Approach

"Steven Emmanuel has done an excellent job of curating materials that express the richness of Buddhist philosophy and the vast resource it can be for Western philosophers. Bringing together several of the world's leading specialists in this interdisciplinary area, the volume accounts for Western topics of philosophical inquiry within Buddhist thought, and articulates how the two traditions benefit from each other when brought into di...

Beauty and Sublimity: A Cognitive Aesthetics of Literature and the Arts

""It will be clear to readers by the end of this book, that I like beauty quite a bit" says Patrick Hogan; a prediction that does not disappoint. An enthusiastically written, thought provoking book, which applies cognition, neuroscience, and social-cognitive scientific thinking to our understanding of the distinction between beauty, the beautiful and the sublime. I like this book quite a bit."

Introduction to Laser Technology (4th edition)

Seemingly aimed at an undergraduate audience, this book should be approachable to a high school student who has had trigonometry. (Although a course in chemistry, or at least some introduction to atomic spectra, would be helpful.) It starts with the basics of light propagation and moves into the idea of the laser, discussing gain and resonators. Various types of control, such as q-switching and line-narrowing, are covered. Different ...

Hegel's Phenomenology: (McGill-Queen's Studies in the Hist of Id)

Everyone who has acquaintance with Hegel knows that he is perhaps the most difficult philosopher to read and understand. In this new commentary by the veteran head editor of the journal of the Hegel Society of America, Ardis Collins somehow, against all odds, makes the structure and method of the Phenomenology of Spirit clear to the widest possible audience. Containing chapters that target both the newly exposed and the current schol...

The Modern World, 5 Vol. Set

Grade 7 Up—This engaging, well-written set masterfully chronicles world history from 500 C.E. to the present, with a particular emphasis on how changes throughout the years helped shape contemporary society. The short articles cover topics such as daily life, religion, economy, warfare, government, art and literature, historical events and movements, and technology. Cross-references and a further-reading list are appended to each pie...

Pathology for Toxicologists

"The book consists of 8 very easy-to-read chapters and highlights (as mentioned in the Preface), the uncertainties encountered by the pathologist when reading studies and shows why pathologists cannot always make up their minds. The book explains and endorses the fact that explanation of pathology findings in a toxicology study must involve pragmatic (as well as scientific) thinking. Each chapter ends with a good reference section an...

Ricin! The Inside Story of the Terror Plot That Never Was

This is the story of the plot that never was. It is a salutary tale of the way in which 9/11 scared  our police and security establishment into crediting  what at worst were the dangerous fantasies of a handful of muddle-headed refugees. On the basis of some recipes for poison  scribbled on a piece of paper  by one Kamel Bourgass, six other Algerians in addition to Bourgass were charged with conspiracy to murder.   A lengthy trial in...

Puzzles for Pleasure

This is not a book for passing the time on the train! Some of these problems are real tough nuts to crack. This guy must have one hell of an IQ 'cos I got a first in maths and some beat me. It's not that the maths needed is difficult, it isn't (grammar school algebra at most). It's just that the way of looking at them requires a particularly visual mind. I'm thinking mainly about the Advanced Puzzles some of which were beyond me (unt...

Deceptively Delicious

This little book has revolutionized the way we eat in our home. I am so thankful that I found it. First of all, lots of reviewers are very passionate about the whole philsophy of how we feed children. There are many who feel strongly that "hiding" vegetables isn't a good idea and that children should eat vegetables "as they are." I respect that opinion-- but that is NOT a fair review of this book. That is a separate philosophical iss...