The Euclidean Matching Problem

This thesis discusses the random Euclidean bipartite matching problem, i.e., the matching problem between two different sets of points randomly generated on the Euclidean domain. The presence of both randomness and Euclidean constraints makes the study of the average properties of the solution highly relevant. The thesis reviews a number of known results about both matching problems and Euclidean matching problems. It then goes on to...

LHC Physics (Scottish Graduate Series)

Exploring the phenomenology of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, LHC Physics focuses on the first years of data collected at the LHC as well as the experimental and theoretical tools involved. It discusses a broad spectrum of experimental and theoretical activity in particle physics, from the searches for the Higgs boson and physics beyond the Standard Model to studies of quantum chromodynamics, the B-physics sector, and the p...

The Big Typescript: TS 213 (German/English Scholars' Edition)

Long awaited by the scholarly community, Wittgenstein's so-called Big Typescript (von Wright Catalog # TS 213) is presented here in an en face English–German scholar’s edition. Presents scholar’s edition of important material from 1933, Wittgenstein’s first efforts to set out his new thoughts after the publication of the Tractatus Logico Philosophicus Includes indications to help the reader identify Wittgenstein’s numerous correction...

"Le principe de responsabilité : Une éthique pour la civilisation technologique"

Les morales traditionnelles sont devenues inopérantes en particulier pour les décideurs politiques. Hans Jonas propose une reformulation de l'éthique autour de l'idée de responsabilité, sous ses différents aspects (naturelle et contractuelle), et voit dans les parents et les hommes d'État deux modèles essentiels ; il discute les idéaux de progrès et les utopies (d'où le titre qui rappelle Le Principe espérance d'Ernst Bloch) et dessi...

The Creative Enterprise of Mathematics Teaching Research: Elements of Methodology and Practice

"The Creative Enterprise of Mathematics Teaching-Research" presents the results and methodology of work of the teaching-research community of practice of the Bronx (TR Team of the Bronx). It has a twofold aim of impacting both teachers of Mathematics and researchers in Mathematics Education. This volume can be used by teachers of mathematics who want to use research to reflect upon and to improve their teaching craft, as well as by r...

Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Viscous Incompressible Flow

Guido Kanschat reviews several discontinuous Galerkin schemes for elliptic and viscous flow problems. Setting out from Nitsche's method for weak boundary conditions, he studies the interior penalty and LDG methods. Combined with a stable advection discretization, they yield stable DG methods for linear flow problems of Stokes and Oseen type which are applies to the Navier-Stokes problem. The author not only presents the analytical te...

Advanced LISP Technology

Developments in Lisp technology have been accelerated by a number of factors, including the increased interest in Artificial Intelligence and the emergence of Common Lisp. Advanced Lisp Technology, the fourth volume in the Advanced Information Processing Technology series, brings together various Japanese researchers working in the field of Lisp technology and reflects the growing interest in parallel and distributed processing. The ...

Jews against Rome: War in Palestine AD 66-73

This is the first book to examine the causes, events and consequences of a major conflict in ancient Palestine, and assess the accounts of its star witness, Josephus. The Jewish war, culminating in the siege of Jerusalem and the destruction of the Temple, can be called the most significant event in Roman military history. The war demanded a massive concentration of forces and was the longest siege in the whole of the Imperial period....

New Frontiers of Slavery

The essays presented in New Frontiers of Slavery represent new analytical and interpretive approaches to the crisis of Atlantic slavery during the nineteenth century. By treating slavery within the framework of the modern world economy, they call attention to new zones of slave production that were formed as part of processes of global economic and political restructuring. Chapters by a group of international historians, economists, ...