Analytical Modeling in Applied Electromagnetics

Analytical Modeling in Applied Electromagnets encompasses the most complete treatment on the subject published to date, focusing on the nature of models in radio engineering. This leading-edge resource brings you detailed coverage of the latest topics, including metamaterials, photonic bandgaps and artificial impedance surfaces, and applies these concepts to a wide range of applications. The book provides you with working examples th...

The Cambridge Companion to Heidegger, 2 edition

Martin Heidegger is now widely recognized as one of the greatest philosophers of the twentieth century. He transformed mainstream philosophy by defining its central task as asking the 'question of being'. His thought has contributed to the turn to hermeneutics and to postmodernism and poststructuralism. Moreover, the disclosure of his deep involvement in Nazism has provoked much debate about the relation of philosophy to politics. Th...

Erasmi Opera Omnia : Volume II-1

Ordo II comprises the work that made Erasmus famous, namely the Adagia (Proverbs) some of which were extended into essays. This first volume of the Adages in the Amsterdam edition of the Latin texts of Erasmus gives a general introduction to the Adages in German, as well as a critical edition of the Latin text of the first half of the first thousand Adages. The text is accompanied by notes, also in German, that trace Erasmus' sources...

Clinical Use of Blood in Medicine, Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Surgery & Anaesthesia, Trauma & Burns

Blood transfusion is an essential part of modern health care. Used correctly, it can be a life-saving intervention. Inappropriate use can endanger life because of the potential risk of acute or delayed complications, including the transmission of infectious agents, such as HIV, hepatitis viruses, syphilis, malaria and Chagas disease. The decision to transfuse blood or blood products should therefore always be based on a careful asses...

Oxford Desk Reference: Respiratory Medicine

In the era of evidence-based medicine, clinicians draw upon a vast resource of research-based evidence to guide their practice. However, finding this information is not always easy, particularly when it is most needed. In the case of respiratory medicine which covers more than 40 individual conditions, the research-based evidence may be limited and/or disproportionate to the incidence of the condition. Guidelines are available but di...

Analysis of Variance, Design, and Regression

Analysis of Variance, Design, and Regression: Linear Modeling for Unbalanced Data, Second Edition presents linear structures for modeling data with an emphasis on how to incorporate specific ideas (hypotheses) about the structure of the data into a linear model for the data. The book carefully analyzes small data sets by using tools that are easily scaled to big data. The tools also apply to small relevant data sets that are extracte...

A first course in differential equations: The clasic fifth edition

The CLASSIC EDITION of Zill's respected book was designed for instructors who prefer not to emphasize technology, modeling, and applications, but instead want to focus on fundamental theory and techniques. Zill's CLASSIC EDITION, a reissue of the fifth edition, offers his excellent writing style, a flexible organization, an accessible level of presentation, and a wide variety of examples and exercises, all of which make it easy to te...

Healthcare IT Transformation

This book gives examples from healthcare institutions that are using IT automation and innovation to drive change and provides guidance on the strategic direction of HIT over the next five years. Improving the delivery of healthcare through HIT is vital for both the economic success of healthcare organizations and the care of the patient, but most EMR systems do not have an integrated and architected approach. This book provides a de...

Recent Advances in Systems, Control and Information Technology

This book presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Systems, Control and Information Technologies 2016. It includes research findings from leading experts in the fields connected with INDUSTRY 4.0 and its implementation, especially: intelligent systems, advanced control, information technologies, industrial automation, robotics, intelligent sensors, metrology and new materials. Each chapter offers an analysis of a s...

From Woodblocks to the Internet

The thirteen essays in this volume narrate and analyze the reciprocal influences of technological, intellectual, and sociopolitical changes on the structure of modern China's book (and print) trade; more specifically, they treat the rise of new genres of print, changes in writing practices, the dissemination of ideas and texts (both paper and electronic), the organization of knowledge, and the relationship between the state and print...