The Winemaker's Hand (Arts and Traditions of the Table: Perspectives on Culinary History)

For those who are serious about understanding the essence of fine wine, The Winemaker's Hand is a must. Through this book wine lovers can travel, at least vicariously, to important wine regions and experience the dedication and passion of vintners. Special wines come from special places. And special wines are made by special people. This book is special, too -- worthy of its subject and deserving of your attention. Savor it as you wo...

500 400-Calorie Recipes

I am what you could call a professional dieter. Over the last 15 years, my weight has fluctated 30-40 pounds and I have tried everything. I never even considered that losing weight could be as simple as eating 3 400 calorie meals each day. I was able to lose 20 pounds using the Diet to Go meal deliver plan over the course of 7 weeks. I absolutely loved it, and was never hungry, but I couldn't afford to keep paying $160 per week for m...

Handbook of Flavoproteins

The dynamic field of flavin and flavoprotein biochemistry has seen rapid advancement in recent years. This first book of the two volume set provides an overview of all aspects focussing on oxidases, dehydrogenases and related systems. Discussed are recent developments in this field including those of large membrane-integral electron transfer complexes. It is an essential reference for all researchers in biochemistry, chemistry, photo...

Indestructible Truth

Outstanding book on Tibetan Buddhism. A bit long, especially with the history of it, but one can always skim through it. The part about the actual philosophy/religion was truly enlightening for me. I came away with knowing about the subject then I ever imagined. The author clearly has a passion for Tibetan Buddhism and some of the personal anecdotes really moved me. High quality book, written with an effective prose, tremendous content.

Vivid Awareness: The Mind Instructions of Khenpo Gangshar

"These instructions are exceptionally concise and easy to follow. Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche received this distillation of the essential points of Mahamudra from the renowned master Khenpo Gangshar, and he credits them with saving his life. They could save your life too—giving you the tools to stabilize the mind even in the most terrifying and challenging of circumstances."—Pema Chödrön, author of Taking the Leap

Nurturing Yourself And Others

It worked. Lee Schnebly's insights & experiences would be useful to anyone who cares about better relationships -- and she writes fast, meaning she wastes no time repeating herself. Its on to the next thing. Funny. Poignant. What else has she written?

How to Get the Most Out of CBT: A client's guide

"World renowned psychologist, Windy Dryden, has provided clients with an outstanding guide: How to Get the Most Out of CBT: A Client’s Guide. This practical, concise and very helpful roadmap to your experience in CBT will be an invaluable tool for the many people who can benefit from this powerful approach. This is the kind of book that will help you ask the right questions and help you understand how you can best participate in this...

Inconsistency, Asymmetry, and Non-Locality:(Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Science)

Mathias Frisch is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park. Mathias Frisch provides the first sustained philosophical discussion of conceptual problems in classical particle-field theories. Part of the book focuses on the problem of a satisfactory equation of motion for charged particles interacting with electromagnetic fields. As Frisch shows, the standard equation of motion results in a mathemat...

Spatial and Syndromic Surveillance for Public Health

In the current world climate of acute concern surrounding potential bioterrorism attacks, there is a call for increasingly sophisticated surveillance systems that will alert us to possible outbreaks of disease or contamination. Spatial and Syndromic Surveillance for Public Health is the first text to provide a survey of the state of the art in public health syndromic surveillance. The early detection of adverse disease outcomes is no...