Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan (Unique Literary Books of the World)

The Wu Style of Tai Chi Chuan is a relatively old book from 1982 by master Tinn Chan Lee, student of master Wu Kam Chin. This book is about the Southern variation of the Wu style, and as such deserves it's own place. However, this doesn't justify it's shortcomings, namely that the photographs show the transition from technique to technique only poorly. The photo shoot is also poorly lit. In short, you can't learn much Tai Chi from it...

"Making Medicines Affordable: A National Imperative"

Thanks to remarkable advances in modern health care attributable to science, engineering, and medicine, it is now possible to cure or manage illnesses that were long deemed untreatable. At the same time, however, the United States is facing the vexing challenge of a seemingly uncontrolled rise in the cost of health care. Total medical expenditures are rapidly approaching 20 percent of the gross domestic product and are crowding out o...

Chalk It Up To Grace: A Chalkboard Coloring Book of Removable Wall Art Prints, Perfect With Colored Pencils and Markers

I really love this coloring book! I have really gotten into coloring for relaxation, so I have bought a variety of books. These black background pages just look so rich and beautiful when I get done with the picture using gel pens. They really are pretty enough to put on display, and they have perforations so you can get the pages out easily. The black background is a little more forgiving of the slip of hand and color outside the li...

Kitchen Ideas You Can Use, Updated Edition

As I m in the process of refurbishing my kitchen in the house we have just moved into, this book was extremely helpful. It was up to date and beautifully illustrated. Many of the layout did have a island bench, so it is a little limiting if you do not have that layout in mind. I do so it suited me, and at the end of the book there was a chapter with some pretty wild colours and finishes and well as a section on appliances. I found th...

Creative Ways to Help Children Manage BIG Feelings

I love the book! I am a medical doctor and a mother of 3 small children, i am using it at home as a guide to work with my kids' big emotions. As a non-professional in psychology, this book is really helpful, full with creative ideas to help children to manage their emotions. This is a great resource for therapists working with children with anxiety, emotional or social problems. Whilst it is aimed at psychologists, a variety of healt...

The Whole Child: Restoring Wonder to the Art of Parenting

Carey brings the full weight of his philosophical training to bear on this project, yet writes with the pen of a poet. His stories have universal resonance and his message is one of hope and healing. I recommend this intelligent and elegant book to all those adults―parents, teachers, and therapists―who have the opportunity to love children and to profoundly shape their humanity.

Huxley: From Devil's Disciple To Evolution's High Priest

This very thorough biography not only describes the often astonishing twists and turns to our developing understandings of evolution in the years after the publication of Origin of Species (even Huxley, an ingenius and dogged scientist himself--and "Darwin's bulldog"-- didn't seem to really quite "get" some fundamental implications of natural selection. Also fascinating is the history this book gives us of the invention of "scientist...

Aunt Branwell and the Brontë Legacy

As much of a fan as I am of the Brontës, I haven’t read as many books about their lives as I would like. I have not even read the famous Gaskell biography (although I do own it and I should pick it up soon!) However, I feel like I am familiar with a good deal of the Brontë story through cultural osmosis and the many prefaces supplied in books by the three sisters. But Aunt Branwell and the Brontë’ Legacy seemed likely to give me adde...