iPhone with Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

A solution for integrating iPhone and iPad is built into Microsoft's Exchange Server, and this guide will walk you through successfully deploying it to allow Apple's devices to be used securely and effectively in your organization. Learn about Apple's mobile devices and how they work with Exchange Server 2010 Plan and deploy a highly available Exchange organization and Office 365 tenant Create and enforce security policies and set up...

Ornamental Horticulture: Science, Operations &Management, 4th Edition

ORNAMENTAL HORTICULTURE: SCIENCE, OPERATIONS, AND MANAGEMENT, 4E is an ideal introduction, for both hobbyists and professionals to the art and science of ornamental horticulture. This comprehensive book provides a balanced coverage of all the diverse elements integral to this exciting field. ORNAMENTAL HORTICULTURE, 4E offers readers a realistic view of the required business skills and the opportunities to develop creativity. This bo...

All the Presidents' Gardens: Madison's Cabbages to Kennedy's Roses

A New York Times Bestseller The 18-acres surrounding the White House have been an unwitting witness to history—kings and queens have dined there, bills and treaties have been signed, and presidents have landed and retreated. Throughout it all, the grounds have remained not only beautiful, but also a powerful reflection of American trends. In All the Presidents' Gardens bestselling author Marta McDowell tells the untold history of the...

The Operators: Inside the World's Special Forces

Journalist and soldier Mike Ryan's access to restricted information is at the heart of this extraordinary look into the world of special forces and their tactics, training, and protocols. Ryan's web of military contacts in the U.S. and Europe allows him to tell the full stories of famous special forces units (like the SAS, Delta Force, and the French Foreign Legion), to discuss their role today on an ever-changing battlefield, and to...

The Korean War by Max Hastings

It was the first war we could not win. At no other time since World War II have two superpowers met in battle. Now Max Hastings, preeminent military historian takes us back to the bloody bitter struggle to restore South Korean independence after the Communist invasion of June 1950. Using personal accounts from interviews with more than 200 vets—including the Chinese—Hastings follows real officers and soldiers through the battles. He ...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide - Roleplaying Game

A Star WarsTM Roleplaying Game campaign set during the dawn of the Old Republic… Make the jump to lightspeed 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin to a time when Jedi Knights and Sith Lords clashed in galactic conflict. This campaign guide offers both players and Gamemasters a wide array of new options that can be used to craft a unique roleplaying game experience. As the galaxy plunges into one war after another, the forces of the ...

Advances in Fluid-Structure Interaction

This book addresses flow separation within the context of fluid-structure interaction phenomena. Here, new findings from two research communities focusing on fluids and structures are brought together, emphasizing the importance of a unified multidisciplinary approach. The book covers the theory, experimental findings, numerical simulations, and modeling in fluid dynamics and structural mechanics for both incompressible and compressi...

High-Energy Polarized Proton Beams

This book examines the acceleration and storage of polarized proton beams in cyclic accelerators. Basic equations of spin motion are reviewed, the invariant spin field is introduced, and an adiabatic invariant of spin motion is derived. The text presents numerical methods for computing the invariant spin field, and displays the results in numerous illustrations. This book offers a more lucid view of spin dynamics at high energy than ...

Macroeconomics (2nd Edition)

Praised for its lively and engaging writing style, the 2nd edition of this truly European intermediate-level Macroeconomics text has been updated to include recent developments in the world of European Business. The author covers macroeconomic theory and uniquely applies it to issues affecting the European Union, whilst staying true to its rigorous policy-orientated appeal. This makes the text an ideal choice for all students wishing...

The Oxford Handbook of Credit Derivatives

From the late nineties, the spectacular growth of a secondary market for credit through derivatives has been matched by the emergence of mathematical modeling analysing the credit risk embedded in these contracts. This book aims to provide a broad and deep overview of this modeling, covering statistical analysis and techniques, modeling of default of both single and multiple entities, counterparty risk, Gaussian and non-Gaussian mode...