Fotografieren in Berlin: 101 tolle Bildideen in der Hauptstadt. Der Ratgeber für Foto-Einsteiger

Für alle Hobbyfotografen, die mit ihrer Kamera in Berlin unterwegs sind: Der Foto-Ratgeber führt zu den schönsten Motiven der Hauptstadt und hilft, einfach bessere Fotos zu machen. Egal, ob Lost Place oder Touristen-Hotspot: Wie setzt man die entsprechenden Motive clever in Szene? Welche geheimen Fotomotive gibt es in Berlin abseits der ausgetretenen Pfade zu entdecken? Umfangreich bebildert und absolut verständlich dank der einfache...

The British New Wave: A Certain Tendency?

This book offers an opportunity to reconsider the films of the British New Wave in the light of forty years of heated debate. By eschewing the usual tendency to view films like A Kind of Loving and The Entertainer collectively and include them in broader debates about class, gender, and ideology, this book presents a new and innovative look at this famous cycle of British films.

Italian Renaissance Frames

The frames created in Italy during the Renaissance are unequaled in their range of design, richness of decoration, and craftsmanship. Often works of art in themselves, they have suffered nonetheless from their subordinate role. The objects framed might be treasured but the frames were expendable, and frequently they were altered or discarded to keep pace with changes in taste over succeeding generations. The result of such neglect is...

Sketchy Stories: The Sketchbook Art of Kerby Rosanes

World-renowned artist Kerby Rosanes specializes in black ink doodles and sketches, and at the age of 23, he quit his desk job as a graphic designer to pursue his art full time. With a legion of over a million followers, Kerby has been a source of inspiration to artists, designers, and art-lovers all over the world with his stunning art and inspirational messages like "Never Quit Drawing" and "Be Awesome Today." Now fans can glimpse t...

Building Materials, 3rd Edition

This book highlights: mechanical and physical properties of various materials with emphasis on strength and durability; influence of various factors on these properties; causes of defects, their prevention and remedies; and, testing procedures of materials. This edition includes: materials changes in chapters dealing with cement, concrete, lime and many others; updated testing procedures; numerous revision of data and substitutions; ...

After Art (POINT: Essays on Architecture)

Art as we know it is dramatically changing, but popular and critical responses lag behind. In this trenchant illustrated essay, David Joselit describes how art and architecture are being transformed in the age of Google. Under the dual pressures of digital technology, which allows images to be reformatted and disseminated effortlessly, and the exponential acceleration of cultural exchange enabled by globalization, artists and archite...

Cow (Animal)

From the milk we drink in the morning, to the leather shoes we slip on for the day, to the steak we savor at dinner, our daily lives are thoroughly bound up with cows. Yet there is a far more complex story behind this seemingly benign creature, which Hannah Velten explores here, plumbing the rich trove of myth, fact, and legend surrounding these familar animals. From the plowing field to the rodeo to the temple, Velten tracks the con...

Manual of Veterinary Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking

Using a practical approach, the Manual of Veterinary Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banking provides veterinary practitioners with evidence–based guidelines to refer to at the clinical practice level. Provides evidence–based information on transfusion medicine and blood banking practices Presents sections on recipient screening, donor selection, blood collection and storage, and how to meet blood product demands Includes useful proto...

The Surface of Mars

Our knowledge of Mars has grown enormously over the last decade as a result of the Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Express, and the two Mars Rover missions. This book is a systematic summary of what we have learnt about the geological evolution of Mars as a result of these missions. It describes the diverse Martian surface features and summarizes current ideas as to how, when, and under what conditions they formed, and explo...

Molecular and Cellular Toxicology: An Introduction

Toxicology is the study of the adverse effects of chemical, physical, or biological agents on people, animals, and the environment. Toxicologists are trained to investigate, interpret, and communicate the nature of those effects. Over the last ten years the subject of toxicology has changed dramatically, moving from a discipline which was once firmly wedded to traditional methods to one which is keen to embrace the innovative techniq...