Phytotherapy in the Management of Diabetes and Hypertension, Volume 2

Phytotherapy has the potential to give patients long term benefits with less or no side effects. This is the second volume of the series. This volume brings 11 chapters that cover updates on general phytotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine as well as information on anti-diabetic and antihypertensive herbs (including Senna spp., Curcumin, Carum carvi, Premna serratifolia, Eugenia jambolana and more). The monographs presented within ...

BodyBoss Ultimate Body 12-Week Fitness Guide

BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Workout Guideis astep-by-step fitness guide tailored to fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles of young, modern women.BodyBoss can be done anytime, anywhere! - 12 WEEK STEP-BY-STEP EXERCISE PROGRAM. Includes fun and challenging high intensity workouts. Unlock your dream body with our highly structured approach. - 24 MINUTES (ACTIVE), 3 TIMES A WEEK IS ALL IT TAKES. You don’t need to join a gym to get the b...

Easy to Build Birdhouses

A Nature-Friendly Way to Attract and House Birds Birdhouses are a favorite project among woodworkers. Made of inexpensive materials, they are quick to build and a pleasure for the whole neighborhood. Easy to Build Birdhouses includes 26 fun projects for woodworkers of all skill levels. Part 1 talks about construction basics, wood grain, doors and access, proper drainage and ventilation, interiors, materials and hardware, paint and st...

50 exercices pour découvrir Hokusai et la peinture asiatique

La collection "Les cahiers buissonniers" réunit une série de cahiers d'exercices dédiés à l'art. Chacun explore une thématique particulière afin d'encourager une pratique régulière du dessin et de la peinture hors des sentiers battus. Elle invite le lecteur à observer le réel, à développer son imagination, en référence à l'histoire de l'art. Son objectif : éduquer l'oeil, l'esprit et la main en allant au plus loin dans la liberté d'i...

Everything Grows with Love

Beautiful Words, Inspiring Thoughts A Gift of Love… ...in words that encourage, inspire, affirm, and lift up, in quotes and sayings and private thoughts that put a bloom in the heart of the reader. A Gift of Beauty… ...in hand-lettering and calligraphy, in paper-cuts and colorful collages, in drawings and prints—and in the joy found on every page. Relish life, love, and friendship—and share it with everyone you love. Created by the e...

Families: A Social Class Perspective

This book focuses on the impact of economic systems and social class on the organization of family life. Since the most vital function of the family is the survival of its members, the author give primacy to the economic system in structuring the broad parameters of family life. She explains how the economy shapes the prospects families have for earning a decent living by determining the location, nature, and pay associated with work.

Walter Gordon and the Rise of Canadian Nationalism

Walter Gordon and the Rise of Canadian Nationalism is an examination of the origins of Walter Gordon's nationalist ideology and its impact on Canada. It traces his ideas from his family influences and the intellectual currents present in his early years to his work as a chartered accountant, public servant, and head of a small conglomerate. Drawing on extensive interviews and impressive research, Azzi provides not only a biography of...

Helen Keller-Biographies of the 20th Century

At an early age, Helen Keller lost both her sight and hearing. Frustration made her a difficult child, until she met Anne Sullivan. With Anne's help, Helen learned to communicate. She became a strong-minded woman who shared her thoughts and her inspiration with the world. See how Helen conquered her disabilities. Learn how she came to be light in the lives of so many people. Guided by Time Magazines list of 100 most influential peopl...

Family Therapy, Pearson New International Edition: Concepts and Methods

THE definitive classic text in the field of Family Therapy Family Therapy: Concepts & Methods describes and analyzes the field of family therapy, covering its history, schools, and developments. Numerous case studies throughout the text help students understand the link between history, theory, and practice. Learning Goals Upon completing this book, readers will be able to: Describe clinical approaches Understand old and new deve...