Muscle Strength

Kumar has complied a vast amount of information on muscle strength into one large volume. The book is of interest to basic scientists … human factors engineers, physical and occupational therapists … and practicing applied ergonomists … . [T]he most valuable information contained in these chapters for the experienced user is the wealth of normative data that cannot be found in a single source elsewhere.

Claude Chossat, "Repenti"

Pendant deux ans, Claude Chossat a servi la Brise, ou du moins l’un de ses fondateurs. D’abord petit truand, il a voyagé dans sa roue et grimpé l’échelle sociale du grand banditisme à la vitesse de l’éclair en servant de chauffeur et de confident à Francis Mariani, le plus violent et le plus fou de tous. Une ascension qui s’est arrêtée net le 23 avril 2008, lorsque «Francis» décide de tuer l’un de ses frères : Casanova, le roi Richar...

The Transmission of Beowulf : (Myth and Poetics II)

"For close engagement with the linguistic idiosyncrasies of Beowulf, one may turn to Leonard Neidorf’s recent study The Transmission of ‘Beowulf’: Language, culture, and scribal behavior. Here formidable scholarship provides rich insights into the attitudes and methods of the scribes who made the only surviving copy of Beowulf... [t]he evidence that he puts forward in this book, based on rigorous scrutiny of several hundred errors in...

The Blue Clerk: Ars Poetica in 59 Versos

On a lonely wharf a clerk in an ink-blue coat inspects bales and bales of paper that hold a poet's accumulated left-hand pages—the unwritten, the withheld, the unexpressed, the withdrawn, the restrained, the word-shard. In The Blue Clerk renowned poet Dionne Brand stages a conversation and an argument between the poet and the Blue Clerk, who is the keeper of the poet's pages. In their dialogues—which take shape as a series of hauntin...

From Memory to Memorial : (Keystone Books)

“Weaving factual details with oral histories, Thompson traces the commemoration of United Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, from the bluntly patriotic temporary memorial erected on the site immediately following the crash of the hijacked plane on 9/11 to the sober minimalism of the Flight 93 National Memorial, dedicated in 2011. Engaging, informative, and heartfelt, From Memory to Memorial especially explores how, and why, cont...

Structural Concrete: Strut-and-Tie Models for Unified Design

"The main strengths of the book are its clarity of presentation of strut and tie models and the methods of their analysis, and its inclusion of many worked examples. These examples cover many practical cases where the design can benefit from the complete realizations of force paths within a structure. Practicing engineers should find this book serves as an essential tutor for applying a logical and consistent approach to design."

Exploring Representation in Evolutionary Level Design

Automatic content generation is the production of content for games, web pages, or other purposes by procedural means. Search-based automatic content generation employs search-based algorithms to accomplish automatic content generation. This book presents a number of different techniques for search-based automatic content generation where the search algorithm is an evolutionary algorithm. The chapters treat puzzle design, the creatio...

Chess Openings for Black, Explained: (Revised and Updated)

This is the BEST format for an opening book I have ever seen. You can read it without a board since there are many diagrams. There are just enough variations to give you the idea of where the important sidelines are. There are 'memory marker' positions at the end of every chapter and the openings chosen are unbalanced and fun to play. This is possibly the only opening book you will need as black.....

Databases Demystified

Anyone needing a quick and easy introduction to the field will find this paperback a valuable resource. Moreover, MySQL and Access (TM, Microsoft) are acceptable and used in examples. The former is a free open source download and the latter is a common component of Microsoft's Office suite of products. However, Microsoft has its own (non-standard and extended) version of SQL. Nevertheless, you'll gain much from Andy Oppel's simple in...

An Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics

An Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics: How to Explore Numbers, Design Reports, and Gain Insight into Your Data is an extremely useful combination of an introduction to SAS Visual Analytics, visualization best practices, tips and tricks, and tutorials on how to put it all together to present your data in the most effective and efficient ways possible within SAS Visual Analytics. It is great for newcomers to SAS Visual Analytics, as ...