Beagles For Dummies

It would be mostly helpful for people who have never had puppies but since I've had dogs most of my life, I was hoping to find more information specifically for my beagle. I did, however, find out her stubbornness and game playing is normal for her breed. It was well written and full of humor. I would recommend it for someone who has never had a dog or puppy. We got this book when we took an interest in adopting a beagle/terrier mix ...

Dog Tricks and Agility For Dummies

This book offers a great deal of information for a very reasonable price. Less than half of the book pertains to agility training while the rest deals with any other tricks or sports you might be interested in trying. I originally bought this book because I wanted to try agility, but I found myself using quite a bit of the other tricks in my dog's training. The book tells you how to teach basic commands such as "sit," "come," etc. an...

The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai

In the preface it is said that this is a book to be read, re-read and read again. Just so. The stories, characters and nuance are rich and deep. Enjoyable the first time, I wonder how much more will be seen the second time through. Strangely, I look forward to reading it again. My first reading of "The Sing-song Girls of Shanghai" left me a little confused. I read it again and found that much of it is humorous. An introduction to Sha...

Menschenkind. Roman

Ein großes Epos über die Sklaverei – der bekannteste Roman der Nobelpreisträgerin 1885, zwanzig Jahre nach dem amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg: Sethe hat den Tod ihrer kleinen Tochter nie überwunden. Deren Geist treibt nun, achtzehn Jahre später, in ihrem Haus sein Unwesen. Als Paul D, ein alter Leidensgenosse von der „Sweet Home“-Plantage, Sethe besucht, ruft er dunkle Erinnerungen wach – aber er weckt auch Hoffnung auf einen Neuanfang …...

A Celebration of Animation

I knew I was going to love this book when it had Beast Boy from Teen Titans and the Joker/Harley Quinn team from the original Batman animated series RIGHT ON THE COVER! Of course there are classics in the book such as Tom & Jerry, Astro Boy, Space Ghost and Alvin & the Chipmunks, so it's not just for Generation Yers (Zs? Millennials? What even am I anymore?). What's more is that you get trivia about who voiced the cartoons, c...

An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun

“An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun is an extremely practical and useful resource for those interested in learning the basic concepts and practical applications of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It provides an excellent and comprehensive overview of the Ip Man style. If you want an insightful advantage, buy this book, read it, and practice the many useful skills and techniques it has to offer.” “If you are new to Wing Chun or interested in le...

Filipino Combat Systems

Filipino Combat Systems (FCS) by Mark Edward Cody begins with a preface written by Guro Ray Dionaldo where he describes FCS as a "Tribal Art" as opposed to a martial art or martial science. He explains that "tribal arts" have the mindset that they are training family members, and lack the political hierarchy found in more traditional "martial arts". The core text of Filipino Combat Systems offers a great deal of information for warri...

IronFit's Everyman Triathlons

Informative, sensible and incredibly helpful guidance written in a user-friendly and compelling style. Whether you have done many triathlons or are just dipping your toes into the tri-waters for the first time, this is a fantastic guide, chock full of expert information and inspirational stories to lead and motivate you on the journey to achieving your personal best at the sprint or olympic distances. The week-by-week training progra...

The Dao of Taijiquan: Way to Rejuvenation

This book is a must for any serious Tai Chi player. I have many Tai Chi books in my collection (mostly in Chinese), and this one is probably one of the best. Although words cannot explain the experience of Tai Chi just like one cannot describe what sugar tastes like, the book offers some practical tips and scientific perspective. The drawings of the three classical styles (Chen, Yang and Sun) are taken from other books written in Chi...

3ds Max 2012 Bible

I want to be a lead video game producer. I got this program "3D's max" when I was 13. It looked all alien to me, it was a damn mother ship control board on my laptop. I sat there messing with everything on my own. During the age of 14 I got the hang of it. I made tons of gun designs and objects without any help or any kind of tutorials! I was on a role. That was Until one day I stopped programming, I got into major problems in realit...