Boats & Harbours In Acrylic (what To Paint)

Charles Evans has painted 24 inspirational images of boats and harbours in his extremely popular style. His instructional, informal and encouraging notes on each one, plus the outlines provided, will allow his many admirers to reproduce them for themselves. Boats and harbours make great subjects for acrylic, and Charles Evans makes painting them simple and striking. From idyllic fishing villages to inspiring city harbours, Charles Ev...

Post-keynesian Economics: New Foundations

'This textbook by Lavoie is an updated version of his earlier work and deserves to be read by anyone who wants to understand alternative perspectives to neoclassical thinking. The references are varied and given readers a solid foundation for continuing their education in economics.' - R.H Scott, Choice Mainstream economic theory has been increasingly questioned following the recent global financial crisis. Marc Lavoie shows how post...

The Encyclopedia Of Canadian Organized Crime: From Captain Kidd To Mom Boucher

You may never again think of Canadians as law-abiding Respected crime reporters Peter Edwards and Michel Auger have pooled their research and expertise to create The Encyclopedia of Canadian Organized Crime. Sometimes grim, sometimes amusing, and always entertaining, this book is filled with 300 entries and more than 150 illustrations, covering centuries of organized crime. From pirates such as “Black Bart,” who sheltered in isolated...

Target Bodybuilding

High-level strength training programs have advanced almost as fast as technology itself over the past decade. In Target Bodybuilding, Per Tesch combines the two to present weightlifting techniques that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has revealed to be most beneficial for muscle building and sculpting. The book begins with an explanation of the MRI technology and how the information acquired from it takes the guesswork out of traini...

FastExercise: The Simple Secret of High-Intensity Training

This book is revolutionary. I've been a lifelong exerciser--weightlifting the past 37 years; a runner for 9 years; judo, jiu Jitsu, karate...but when I bought this book almost a year ago it changed my whole concept of exercising, or at least how to get the most bang for your buck. You won't be disappointed with it--it's well-written, is backed up with science, and will motivate you. Long and slow is so old-school. Short bursts of int...

Dangerous Weapons: The French: Dazzle Your Opponents

In Dangerous Weapons: The French, John Watson takes a revolutionary look at one of the most famous and widely-played chess openings: the French Defence. Instead of travelling down well-trodden and analyzed paths, Watson concentrates on fresh or little-exp

Foundations of Chess Strategy

Chess is a game where profound strategic thinking must be allied with clever short-term tactics. Most previous works on strategy focus on specific aspects of chess strategy, but Lars Bo Hansen's aims here are different. He creates a framework in which the various elements can be systematically included and organized - a framework that will help chess-players to think about chess strategy during practical play. The theory of business ...

Medicine Ball Workouts

SUPER-CHARGE YOUR WORKOUT WITH A MEDICINE BALL Tap the power of the weighted medicine ball to tone your whole body and build lean muscles and a shredded core. Medicine Ball Workouts shows how to use one of the most useful and versatile fitness tools out there to curl, press, toss and catch your way to getting in the best shape of your life. Perfect for beginners and advanced athletes alike, this book details medicine-ball exercises l...

New Insights Into Anxiety Disorders Ed.

This book collects the contributions of a number of clinical psychiatrists all over the world, interested in developing basic research about anxiety and in applying it in clinical contexts. The book is divided into four sections, covering general issues about anxiety (ethological and developmental ones), basic research issues on specific aspects of anxiety (bioanatomical ones, correlation with personality structure and so on), and ne...

Special Forces: The U.s. Army’s Experts In Unconventional Warfare

In United States doctrine, unconventional warfare (abbreviated UW) is the term for guerrilla warfare that is conducted or supported by units in the United States Special Operations Command. Guerrilla warfare is one aspect of the broader term insurgency. The American definition of UW is: Unconventional Warfare consists of activities conducted to enable a resistance movement or insurgency to coerce, disrupt or overthrow an occupying po...