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Whale Done Parenting: How to Make Parenting a Positive Experience for You and Your Kids

Whales are mammals. Your children are mammals. The techniques to teach the former can be applied to the later. "Whale Done Parenting: How to Make Parenting a Positive Experience for You and Your Kids" is a different, yet effective approach to parenting. whale trainers take their lessons from their careers and grant it to parents who want to make their children behave and be better parents. A unique set of analogies, "Whale Done Paren...

The Economy Of The Word: Language, History, And Economics (oxford Studies In History Of Economics)

This powerful book offers a learned, penetrating, and beautifully-written account of the creation and development of economics. Sensitive to the issue of the language of political economy, Keith Tribe identifies the key turning points in his reading of the canonical texts of the discipline such as Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, Karl Marx's Das Kapital, and Léon Walras's Éléments d'économie pure and shows how these works shaped moder...

An Introduction To The Three Volumes Of Karl Marx’s Capital

einrich's Introduction to Marx's CAPITAL is a very important work for many a reason. First of all, its language is clear, precise and accurate, so that everybody will be able to understand very difficult terms like surplus value, avarage profit, etc.; secondly, Heinrich's analysis is comprehensive because it is not focused only on the first volume of Marx's CAPITAL but it takes into account all the three volumes. Thus everybody who i...

Acrylic Illuminations: Reflective And Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques

This book is a wonderful reference, and the spiral binding makes it very practical to use in the studio. Ms. Reyner has done an excellent job explaining each technique in a straightforward manner without extraneous gibberish. All the information is useful, particularly when the author recommends specific brands that work well for particular techniques. The way the book is set up allows readers to start anywhere and skip around to wha...

Draw Princesses In 4 Easy Steps: Then Write A Story (drawing In 4 Easy Steps)

f you have ever been interested in learning how to draw fairy tale characters, then this is definitely the book for you Have you always wished that you could draw princesses, a fairy godmother, a witch, a magic wand, or a dragon? Illustrator Tom LaBaff shows you how in four easy steps. Use the step-by-step guide of how to write a story and create your very own tale to go with your drawings.

Dynamic Airbrush

In this visually exciting book, two professional, award-winning airbrush illustrators take readers through a series of challenging projects.

1001 Dekoideen Zum Selbstgestalten: Sammeln, Basteln, Dekorieren

1001 kreative Dekoideen mit, zauberhaft schönen Dingen, die Freude und Harmonie in dein Zuhause bringen! Liebevolle Tischarrangements für die Festlichkeiten des Jahres. Kreative Ideen selbstgemacht, einfach in der Handhabung und liebevoll, in Szene gesetzt. Wohnen mit Blumen, inspirierende Blickfänge mit Sammlerleidenschaft. Bastelideen die für einen dekorativen a ha Effekt sorgen. Hier ist für jeden Geschmack etwas dabei. Farbliche ...

Aphrodite And Venus In Myth And Mimesis

Aphrodite and Venus in Myth and Mimesis is a broad, flexible source book of comparative literature and cultural studies. It promotes the wide-ranging presence and impact of prominent idiosyncratic personalities in fabled goddess mythology and its emphatic notions of endearment and allure. The book brings together seven hundred acknowledged sources drawn from successive historical, global and literary eras, including principal comment...

Culture, Transnational Education And Thinking: Case Studies In Global Schooling

Culture, Transnational Education and Thinking provides an international comparative study of the intersection of three educational concepts: culture, education and thinking. Drawing on case studies from Malaysia, South Africa and Australia/USA for the purposes of comparative analysis, the book employs the context of an international school program in the teaching of thinking skills, Future Problem Solving Program International. The b...

Feeding The Dragon: A Culinary Travelogue Through China With Recipes

"This is a heartwarming and often gripping tale of a brother-sister team who bike back roads, slog muddy fields, trudge across mountains, and navigate ancient alleyways to explore the kitchens and culinary soul of China. The recipes they gather from China's wonderfully hospitable people will tantalize your taste buds as Nate and Mary Kate's decade-long adventure inspires your sense of wanderlust." --James McGregor, author of One Bill...