The Art Of Responsive Drawing

More a “how-to-see-it” than a “how-to-do-it” book, this edition explores the disguises and characteristics of shapes and forms in nature, and it examines the visual elements and the relational, moving, and emotive forces that constitute the language of drawing. Clear and objective, this book offers an intensive examination of vital drawing processes and concepts, an in-depth analysis of exceptional drawings by old and contemporary ar...

49th Publication Design Annual

The Society of Publication Designers is the only organization that specifically addresses the concerns of trade, corporate, institutional, newspaper, and consumer editorial art directors. The SPD encourages artistic excellence by annually judging the work of thousands of design professionals in the United States and abroad. They are based in New York City. The Society of Publication Designers' (SPD) annual competition seeks the very ...

My Mom, Style Icon

A heartfelt fashion history that honors the women who raised us - and the fab photos of them make you hope chic might be genetic. Moms are people, too...fashionable people! Before we came along to yank on their skirts, they showed leg, sported killer bangs, and flaunted bikinis. Some even wore feathers and halter tops and drove around on motorcycles. Was their style shocking? Yes. Covetable? Absolutely. Based on Piper Weiss's hugely ...

Mythology Of The Iliad And The Odyssey

Using comic-strip format and leavening myth with colloquial humor, Williams "gives Homer's epic chronicles of warring gods, mortals and monsters a rollicking new incarnation," said PW. Ages 5-up. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. The Iliad tells the story of the war between Greeks and Trojans; the love between Helena and Paris; Achilles and Hecto...

Adonis: The Myth Of The Dying God In The Italian Renaissance

Like a prism that splits a single ray of light into a whole spectrum, this book sheds new light on a wide range of issues in the arts, sciences and humanist thought in the Italian Renaissance. An outstanding book. In this detailed treatment of the myth of Adonis in post-Classical times, Carlo Caruso provides an overview of the main texts, both literary and scholarly, in Latin and in the vernacular, which secured for the Adonis myth a...

Reading Her Body – Top 10 Sex Signals Every Woman Sends When She Wants Me

How her legs reveal what her body really wants ... learn how to spot these signs and you'll never be left wondering what's really on her mind. Find out how to spot the signal she's sending from across the room that means you should come closer ( Most men don't understand this powerful signal at all ) Why a group of staring, giggling women means you can score easily... What simple sex signal you can easily overlook when she really wan...

Protecting Our Future, Volume 2: Educating A Cybersecurity Workforce

Protecting Our Future, Volume 2, completes the comprehensive examination of the cybersecurity threats to our nation’s sixteen Critical Infrastructure Sectors begun in Protecting Our Future, Volume 1. Subject matter experts offer an in-depth analysis of operational needs and suggest best practices within the remaining sectors: IT, the chemical industry, commercial facilities, manufacturing, water systems and dams, emergency services, ...

Cyber Solutions Guide: Mobile Phone Edition

You love your mobile device or smartphone. It's so efficient, so convenient and so much fun to use. And in so many ways it has become your best friend. No wonder it's virtually always with you, always on and always has just what you’re looking for. With its ever-expanding array of features and functions, your smartphone has never been more important to protect your device and the data it stores, and it has never been easier, either. ...

Technology Play And Brain Development: Infancy To Adolescence And Future Implications

Technology Play and Brain Development brings together current research on play development, learning technology, and brain development. The authors first navigate the play technology and brain development interface, highlighting the interactive qualities that make up each component. Next, they survey the changes in play materials and the variations in time periods for play that have occurred over the past 15-20 years, and then explai...

Sciences Et Technologie. Professeur Des Écoles. Oral Admission. Crpe 2015

Cet ouvrage permet de préparer l’épreuve de mise en situation professionnelle en sciences et technologie. Il constitue également un outil précieux pour aider les professeurs stagiaires ou en poste. L’oral 1 d’admission vise à mettre le candidat en situation professionnelle dans un domaine de son choix : le candidat doit réaliser un dossier écrit, qui pourra être conçu à l'aide de supports multimédias, proposant une séquence détaillée...