Cultural Semantics And Social Cognition

Words do not emerge in a cultural vacuum. They are revealing of speakers' values, cognitive preferences and social practices. With an engaging study of Danish cultural keywords, this book offers a new framework for understanding language-particular universes of meaning and lays the ground for comparative research into the diversity of semantic and cultural systems in contemporary Europe. The book is of compelling interest to anyone i...

Festival Samayal

This is the Kindle version of the new and revolutionary book that won the Gourmand award for 'The Best Local Cookery Book' in 2007, gives a new insight into the rich cultural food heritage of the Tamil Community. The significance of a Hindu marriage, the greatness of the lotus flower, the story of the holy basil, the gesture of a 'namaste,' the methodology of food served in a plantain leaf are all inculcated in the Tamil life that go...

Eintöpfe: 40 Jahre Küchenratgeber: Die Limitierte Jubiläumsausgabe Zum Sammeln Und Verschenken

Soul Food vom Feinsten - von Chili con Carne bis Ratatouille Geht es Ihnen auch so? Lassen Sie sich beim Kochen gern mal von Erinnerungen leiten, zum Beispiel an gemütliche Familienabende, lustige Partyrunden, vertraute Runden mit Freunden am Küchentisch? Solche Erinnerungen sind fast immer mit wunderbaren Düften verbunden – mit der würzigen Wärme einer Gulaschsuppe, dem Kräuteraroma einer Ratatouille oder der feurigen Schärfe eines ...

Bible And Cinema: Fifty Key Films

Movies which have drawn inspiration from the Bible, either directly or indirectly, have been extremely popular since the earliest days of cinema. Bible and Cinema: Fifty Key Films introduces a wide range of those movies, which are among the most important, critically-acclaimed and highest-grossing films of all time, including: The King of Kings Ben-Hur The Passion of the Christ Frankenstein Close Encounters of the Third Kind 2001: A ...

Kazan Revisited (wesleyan Film)

A groundbreaking filmmaker dogged by controversy in both his personal life and career, Elia Kazan was one of the most important directors of postwar American cinema. In landmark motion pictures such as A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, East of Eden, and Splendor in the Grass, Kazan crafted an emotionally raw form of psychological realism. His reputation has rested on his Academy award-winning work with actors, his provocat...

Friedrich Engels: Bürger Und Revolutionär – Die Zeitgerechte Biographie Eines Großen Deutschen

Marx-Engels: Wer war der Mann, dessen Name hinter dem historischen Bindestrich steht? Wie hat er gelebt, gedacht, gehandelt? Hans Peter Bleuel hat eine Biographie über Friedrich Engels geschrieben, die ohne ideologische Zwänge Leben und Wirken, Einfluß und Rang in allen Facetten so darzustellen versucht, wie es einem der wichtigsten Männer des 19. Jahrhunderts gebührt. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)

My Mother’s Rules: A Practical Guide To Becoming An Emotional Genius

In this unique, profoundly inspirational memoir, Divorce Court star Judge Lynn Toler shares her mother's wisdom for learning to conquer anger and become immune to insult. Toler credits her mother's "rules" for life - a life that saw her grow up the daughter of a poor teen mother and endure a husband who suffered mental illness and alcoholism - with providing the grounding for her own success and happiness. Toler shows how the mindset...

Adventures Of Hercules Coloring Book: Colouring Book

Color the story of mythology's greatest hero! Action-packed and teeming with timeless fascination, this coloring book recounts the legendary exploits of the mighty Hercules. Twenty-four black-and-white illustrations accompany tales of the demigod's life and labors. These vivid portraits of monsters, gods, and kings offer an enchanting introduction to classical mythology.

Aesthetics Of Interaction In Digital Art

Since the 1960s, artworks that involve the participation of the spectator have received extensive scholarly attention. Yet interactive artworks using digital media still present a challenge for academic art history. In this book, Katja Kwastek argues that the particular aesthetic experience enabled by these new media works can open up new perspectives for our understanding of art and media alike. Kwastek, herself an art historian, of...

50 Awarded Architecture

With fifty distinctive award-winning projects carefully selected, the book covers seven categories of architecture: commercial, office, culture, religious, sports, science and technology, and industrial. Each featured project is shown with plenty of images, plans, drawings, diagrams, and an explicit description. The book looks into the current situation faced by international architects and inquires into the possibility of architectu...