Instruments tell stories through their appearance as much as through their sound. Pat Graham's photographs capture the intimate relationship between musician and instrument told by the signs of wear of fingers on frets or keys, chips, scratches, and modifications by the artists who have played, beaten on, bled over, and made them their own. For more than ten years, Graham has been documenting these amazing instruments and collecting ...

Undertaking Sensitive Research In The Health And Social Sciences: Managing Boundaries, Emotions And Risks

Undertaking qualitative research on sensitive topics often raises a variety of ethical problems. Based on empirical research, this book documents experiences throughout the entire research process: from conceptualization, ethics approval, fieldwork, to analysis and publication. It presents readers with stories from the researcher's perspective and synthesizes these experiences into a conceptual framework that will assist researchers ...

Drawn To Speed: The Automotive Art Of John Lander

For automotive artist John Lander, cars are more than just transportation: "Some are beautiful examples of rolling sculpture. I try to do more than just draw pretty pictures of cars; I include interesting people, backgrounds, and try to set a mood or tell a story." The work of years, this collection of Lander's vintage car art includes more than 100 color illustrations with a short description, including comments by the artist, for e...

Vegan Durchs Jahr

Mir hat das Buch direkt auf den ersten Blick gefallen. Der Look ist cool und modern. Auf jeder Seite gibt es ein total ansprechendes Bild das Lust zum Nachkochen macht. Das ist mir wichtig, um zu sehen wie es später tatsächlich aussehen soll. Das ist hier echt gelungen. Die Rezepte sind teils etwas ganz neues und teils klassische Gerichte in vegan. Was ich bisher ausprobiert habe hat mich begeistert. Überraschend das man kaum einen U...

Sushi Secrets: Easy Recipes For The Home Cook

Let me just start by saying this is a gorgeous book!! Beautiful, full-color photos, a nice hard cover with matching dust jacket and a great sewn binding that lets the book stay open to whatever page you have it at without having to find something to hold it down just shows the quality of this book. […] There's literally something for everyone in this book. It's laid out wonderfully with all the information you need to get started in ...

Buñuel And Mexico: The Crisis Of National Cinema

Though Luis Buñuel, one of the most important filmmakers of the twentieth century, spent his most productive years as a director in Mexico, film histories and criticism invariably pay little attention to his work during this period. The only book-length English-language study of Buñuel's Mexican films, this book is the first to explore a significant but neglected area of this filmmaker's distinguished career and thus to fill a gap in...

The Art And Making Of The Dark Knight Trilogy

As a big fan of what Mr. Nolan has done with the Batman character in his "Dark Knight Trilogy", this book is 300+ pages of pure joy! Every aspect of the filmmaking process is detailed in the book, accompanied by hundreds of photos (many of which I have never seen published before). Here are the Chapters contained in the book: 1. Screenplay - how the concept of the films was born with Nolan & David Goyer, writing the scripts, and ...

Das Ist Ja Irre!: Mein Deutsches Tagebuch

Henryk M. Broder, geboren 1946 in Kattowitz, gehört zu den bekanntesten Publizisten Deutschlands, ist Mitbegründer des politischen Blogs „achgut.de“ und schreibt für die „Welt“. Bei Knaus erschien zuletzt "Die letzten Tage Europas" sowie das E-Book "Rettet Europa!". Er lebt in Berlin. Henryk M. Broders politisches Tagebuch: "Der Wahnsinn, wenn er epidemisch wird, heißt Vernunft!" Es ist zum Verrücktwerden! Je mehr Nachrichten über un...

Stefan Zweigs Brennendes Geheimnis

Ein intimes Charakterporträt des "Psychologen aus Leidenschaft" – Leben und Werk Stefan Zweigs in neuem Licht. Wer war, wer ist Stefan Zweig? Ulrich Weinzierl, ein Kenner der Literaturgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts, zeigt den melancholischen Zeitzeugen der „Welt von Gestern“ ganz privat: Wie schaffte es Friderike Maria von Winternitz, aus dem passionierten Junggesellen einen Ehemann zu machen? War der Verfasser der Novelle „Verwirru...