The Art And Making Of Peanuts Animation: Celebrating Fifty Years Of Television Specials

If you are an animation fan, student, or simply a Peanuts fan, this book is a great buy. As an animation student and Peanuts fan myself, I was not disappointed when I opened this book. It contains stories of how the specials and movies were made, the history of how Peanuts became a success, and includes examples of animation cels, rough pencil sketches, storyboards and concept art. For the first time, this deluxe visual history treat...

Nikon D750. Das Kamerahandbuch: Ihre Kamera Im Praxiseinsatz

Sie wollen wissen, was in der Nikon D750 steckt? Dann lassen Sie sich Ihre neue Kamera von Stephan Haase vorstellen und lernen Sie die Vollformatkamera von A bis Z kennen! Er zeigt Ihnen alle wichtigen Funktionen und Einstellungen: von der Konfiguration des Autofokus über die Steuerung des Belichtungssystems bis hin zu den Einstellungen für das Filmen. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie mit der Nikon D750 und Blitzen Ihr kreatives Potenzial erwei...

Die Prinzessin meines Kollegen

Arme Chrissy. Sie will doch nur fur Gerechtigkeit kampfen und dabei ihre Sexualitat erforschen. Doch jedes Mal wenn sie versucht, alles richtig zu machen, wird sie gefickt.

Bis Die Ohren Und Augen Aufgehen: Frühe Texte Und Bilder

Georg Paulmichl ist mit seiner poetischen und stets unkonventionellen sowie erfrischend anderen Kurzprosa zu großer Bekanntheit gelangt. Mit wachem Blick für die Details schildert er Begegnungen und Situationen, die ihn geprägt haben, beschreibt seinen Lebensalltag und die Menschen, die ihn umgeben. Seine spielerische bis humoristisch-groteske Prosa zeichnet sich durch skurrile Wortschöpfungen und feinen Sprachwitz aus. Erstmals lieg...

Predator: The Secret Origins of the Drone Revolution

The creation of the first weapon in history that can stalk and kill an enemy on the other side of the globe was far more than clever engineering. As Richard Whittle shows in Predator, it was one of the most profound developments in the history of military and aerospace technology. A remarkable cast of characters developed the Predator, including a former Israeli inventor who turned his Los Angeles garage into a drone laboratory, two ...

Glock: The Rise of America's Gun

You've seen it in TV shows, movies, the holsters of local law enforcement, and maybe even in a shady back alley somewhere — but how and when did the Glock become so prevalent? Glock: The Rise of America's Gun ($16) tells that story from its early 1980's origins in Austria through its rise as the preferred handgun of a huge number of rappers and Americans.

Therapeutic Strategies In Dementia

Widely acknowledged as one of the most challenging aspects of dealing with an ageing population, the increasing prevalence of cognitive decline in the elderly presents the clinician with a variety of complex therapeutic problems. Alzheimer's disease and other dementias vary in their onset and progression, as do patients in their responsiveness to treatment. Social management is as important as the choice of therapeutic agent, and imp...

The Black Belt Blueprint: An Intelligent Approach To Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

"Nic is my first black belt and for a good reason. His book shows his deep involvement and dedication to my family's art." Roger Gracie - 10-Times Jiu Jitsu World Champion, Greatest Jiu Jitsu Competitor of all-time "Nic covers a lot of topics in The Black Belt Blueprint that I've never seen touched on by other BJJ books, and I've read more than a few: how to train smart, the physical aspects of the art, training for the long term jou...

Badass: Ultimate Deathmatch

This book (as well as the others by Ben Thompson) are that amazing combination of history, excitement, swearing, and general awesomeness that makes my 6th grader UNABLE to put the book down. Talk about getting a kid to LOVE reading... holy smokes. Our copies of Ben's earlier books are all ratty (and one has lost its cover) because my son has read them so many times. This book arrived TODAY and he's already nearly finished it. This is...

Internet Privacy Rights: Rights To Protect Autonomy

Internet Privacy Rights analyses the current threats to our online autonomy and privacy and proposes a new model for the gathering, retention and use of personal data. Key to the model is the development of specific privacy rights: a right to roam the internet with privacy, a right to monitor the monitors, a right to delete personal data and a right to create, assert and protect an online identity. These rights could help in the form...