Authentic Recipes From Japan

Prize-winning chef Takayuki Kosaki, was born in Ishikawa Prefecture. In 1994 he became Chef de Cuisine at Hyatt Regency Osaka's finest Japanese Restaurant, Irodori. Walter Wagner, Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Osaka since its opening in 1994, gained experience in his native Switzerland and abroad. Since coming to Japan in 1988, he has been drawn to the aesthetics of Japanese cuisine. The essence of Japan is captured right here in t...

Paul On Mazursky (wesleyan Film)

Paul Mazursky’s nearly twenty films as writer/director represent Hollywood’s most sustained comic expression of the 1970s and 1980s. But they have not been given their due, perhaps because Mazursky’s films—both sincere and ridiculous, realistic and romantic—are pure emotion. This makes films like Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, An Unmarried Woman, and Enemies, A Love Story difficult to classify, but that’s what makes a human c...

Film Theory: An Introduction Through The Senses

What is the relationship between cinema and spectator? This is the key question for film theory, and one that Thomas Elsaesser and Malte Hagener put at the center of their insightful and engaging book, now revised from its popular first edition. Every kind of cinema (and every film theory) first imagines an ideal spectator, and then maps certain dynamic interactions between the screen and the spectator’s mind, body and senses. Using ...

Strategic Marketing In Fragile Economic Conditions

In a time of economic downturn, effective marketing becomes increasingly difficult. In order to remain competitive and prosperous, organizations must strategically analyze their position in the market and implement new marketing plans. Strategic Marketing in Fragile Economic Conditions provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings relating to consumer confidence, marketing strategies, and the inf...

Barack Obama: The Making Of The Man (the Story)

In Barack Obama, David Maraniss has written a sweeping narrative which reveals the real story of Obama's beginnings: child of a black man from Luoland and a white woman born in Kansas. He charts the fortunes of the two disparate families, polar opposites in every way, which produced these two extraordinary individuals, who met briefly in Hawaii, never cohabited, and married only to legitimize the child born of that union. At the hear...

The Science Fiction Handbook

As we move through the twenty-first century, the importance of science fiction to the study of English Literature is becoming increasingly apparent. The Science Fiction Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the genre and how to study it for students new to the field. In particular, it provides detailed entries on major writers in the SF field who might be encountered on university-level English Literature courses, ranging from H...

Touching And Imagining: An Introduction To Tactile Art

Jan Svankmajer wrote this remarkable book on tactile art when he stopped directing films and experimented intensively with tactile art after repeated censorship by the communist governmnent of Czechoslovakia. Illustrated with over 100 imges, this book is organised around many reproductions of Svanmajker's wondrous tactile art objects, tactile poems, experiments and games. It includes dialogues with, and artworks by, other collaborati...

Residential Landscape

This book is mainly devoted to featured residential landscape projects of the Hocker Design Group. These projects respond to unique design challenges with a commitment to providing responsible and innovative solutions. The focus of their design is to solidify the landscape as a cohesive link to the architecture and site. As landscape design is getting more and more popular, the book offers a timely green glimpse into residence design.

Fassaden: Prinzipien Der Konstruktion

Dieses Buch zeigt die Prinzipien des Fassadenaufbaus auf: Die wichtigsten Typen wie Pfosten-Riegel-Fassade, Vorhangfassade, Elementfassade, Doppel- und Komponentenfassade werden vorgestellt und ihre Anforderungen an Entwurf und Konstruktion verdeutlicht. Zeichnungen erläutern die Prinzipien der einzelnen Fassadentypen und veranschaulichen diese am gebauten Beispiel.

Games Primates Play: An Undercover Investigation Of The Evolution And Economics Of Human Relationships

Most humans don’t realize that when they exchange emails with someone, anyone, they are actually exhibiting certain unspoken rules about dominance and hierarchy. The same rules regulate the exchange of grooming behavior in rhesus macaques or chimpanzees. Interestingly, some of the major aspects of human nature have profound commonalities with our ape ancestors: the violence of war, the intensity of love, the need to live together. Wh...