The Evil Dead (cultographies)

Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead (1981) has been celebrated as a rollercoaster ride of terror and a classic horror hit, a defining exemple of the tongue-in-cheek, excessively gory horror films of the 1980s. It is also the film that introduced the now-iconic character of Ash (played by Bruce Campbell). This study considers the factors that have contributed to the film's evolving cult reputation. It recounts its grueling production, its journ...

Elisabeth Von England (das Werden Einer Königin) – Vollständige Biografie

Dieses eBook: "Elisabeth von England (Das Werden einer Königin) - Vollständige Biografie" ist mit einem detaillierten und dynamischen Inhaltsverzeichnis versehen und wurde sorgfältig korrekturgelesen. Elisabeth I., eigentlich Elizabeth Tudor, auch bekannt unter dem Namen The Virgin Queen oder The Maiden Queen ("Die jungfräuliche Königin"), (1533-1603), war von 1558 bis an ihr Lebensende Königin von England. Elisabeth war als Tochter ...

Es Kommt Der Tag, Da Bist Du Frei: Unveröffentlichte Texte Und Reden

Bisher unveröffentlichte Texte des Psychotherapeuten und Begründers der Logotherapie, Viktor E. Frankl, spiegeln eindrucksvoll die ungebrochene Bereitschaft, jeder Krisensituation im Leben mit der Frage nach dem „Wie?“ zu begegnen. Vor dem Hintergrund neuer Berichte Frankls über das Erlebte im Konzentrationslager bekommt diese Bereitschaft eine existenziell radikale Dimension. Frankl antwortet in den Texten auf Fragen nach Menschenwü...

Reading Food In Modern Japanese Literature

Literature, like food, is, in Terry Eagleton's words, "endlessly interpretable," and food, like literature, "looks like an object but is actually a relationship." So how much do we, and should we, read into the way food is represented in literature? "Reading Food" explores this and other questions in an unusual and fascinating tour of twentieth-century Japanese literature. Tomoko Aoyama analyzes a wide range of diverse writings that ...

The Complete Guide To Building With Rocks & Stone: Stonework Projects And Techniques Explained Simply

This book is designed to walk homeowners through the process of developing, planning, and implementing a stone building project. Starting with the basics, you will learn about the common types of stone and where natural stone is found throughout the United States, as well as how to gather your own fieldstone. You will learn how to use stone as a building material, including where to acquire it, as well as how it is cut, sold, and use...

Bleak Houses: Disappointment And Failure In Architecture

The usual history of architecture is a grand narrative of soaring monuments and heroic makers. But it is also a false narrative in many ways, rarely acknowledging the personal failures and disappointments of architects. In Bleak Houses, Timothy Brittain-Catlin investigates the underside of architecture, the stories of losers and unfulfillment often ignored by an architectural criticism that values novelty, fame, and virility over fal...

Zen Mind, Zen Horse

Mindful work with horses, says neurosurgeon Allan J. Hamilton, can enlighten the human handler as much as it benefits the horse. Evolving over 30 million years to become the quintessential prey animal, equines have developed acute right-brain survival skills, such as leadership, awareness, empathy, and cooperation. In particular the horse has finely honed abilities to lead, communicate, and connect not with words, but with the vital ...

What Your Horse Wants You To Know: What Horses Bad Behaviour Means And How To Correct It

Listen to and communicate with your horse-successfully ""This is a book for everyone who has ever looked at the constantly increasing list of methods and systems marketed as 'horsemanship' and wondered which of the many possible approaches would be most suitable for a particular behavior problem. Gincy Bucklin has distilled her many years of experience with horses and riders into a very useful, step-by-step, hands-on book. Bucklin's ...

Mother And Baby Zoo Animals (zoo Animals (carolrhoda))

Describes how mother zoo animals feed, clean, protect, and play with their babies. Caroline Arnold is the author of more than 100 books for children. She writes both fiction and nonfiction and recently has illustrated some of her books with striking cut paper art. To see prints and cards of her illustrations, go to www.etsy.com/shop/CarolineArnoldArt. Recent nonfiction titles include A Polar Bear's World, A Bald Eagle's World, Global...

React: Up & Running: Building Web Applications

React is a new, open-source technology from Facebook that has stirred quite a storm in the web development community, and some would say it’s the next best thing to a silver bullet for building web applications. With React: Up and Running you'll learn how to get off the ground with React, with no prior knowledge. This book teaches you how to build components, the building blocks of your apps, as well as how to organize the components...