Bridging Literacies With Videogames By Hannah R. Gerber

Bridging Literacies with Videogames provides an international perspective of literacy practices, gaming culture, and traditional schooling. Featuring studies from Australia, Colombia, South Korea, Canada, and the United States, this edited volume addresses learning in primary, secondary, and tertiary environments with topics related to: • re-creating worlds and texts • massive multiplayer second language learning • videogames and cla...

Secrets of Winning Baccarat

For the average player, baccarat offers the best odds in the house, giving the house barely a 1% edge. With the winning strategies presented in this book, you can take advantage of this by using Kayser's remarkably clever betting systems to walk away with the casino's money. Seventeen informative and power-packed chapters show beginning and experienced players everything they need to know about the game of baccarat, from the rules of...

Functional Cross Training: The Revolutionary, Routine-busting Approach To Total Body Fitness

UPGRADE YOUR WORKOUT Combining plyometrics, intense circuit training, weight lifting and bodyweight exercises, this book’s revolutionary programs guarantee to help you achieve a fit, toned body and peak overall fitness. The step-by-step workouts produce astounding results: •Dramatically increased power •Incredible endurance •Packed-on lean muscle •Reduced body fat Whether your goal is to drop extra weight, shave minutes off a race ti...

Navigating Differences: Friendships Between Gay and Straight Men

Navigating Differences: Friendships Between Gay and Straight Men is a one-of-a-kind cross-sexual study that shows you how today’s gay and straight men build, maintain, and foster true friendships. In this activist, participatory study, you’ll get a day-in-the-life look at 44 pairs of cross-sexual men’s friendships and see what helps them negotiate the terrain of their emotional, sexual, psychological, and social differences in today’...

I’m a Mom! Now What?

A fully illustrated month-by-month guide to the development and care of your baby from birth to 24 months, this innovative book walks moms through the early years of development when babies develop rapidly and have changing needs that parents need to respond to quickly. AUTHOR BIO: Susan Laurent is a consultant pediatrician at Barnet and Chase Farm Hospital in London and is a mother of three children, aged 5 to 15. Kate Cronan, the U...

North American Railroads: The Illustrated Encyclopedia

  Brian Solomon is one of today's most accomplished railway historians. He has authored more than twenty-five books about railroads and motive power, and his writing and photography have been featured in the world's top railfan publications, including Trains, Railway Age, Passenger Train Journal, and RailNews. He divides his time between Massachusetts and Ireland. I truly wanted to love this book, and it would probably be fine f...

Strokes Of Genius 4 – The Best Of Drawing: Exploring Line

Rachel Rubin Wolf is the longtime editor of North Light's popular Splash book series as well as Strokes of Genius. She has edited dozens of other art books and also writes for Art Connoisseur Magazine. The Strokes of Genius books are among some of the very best books of art I have ever seen. This one, Exploring Line, is no slouch in that department. The contributors are talented, imaginative artists who don't do drawings...they do AM...

Encyclopedia Of Mobile Computing And Commerce By David Tania

The Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce is the leading reference source for innovative research on mobile applications and commerce. This two-volume encyclopedia set presents current trends in mobile computing and their potential use in business and commerce. Hundreds of internationally renowned scholars and practitioners have written comprehensive articles exploring the latest concepts, technologies, and innovations in thi...

Sponge Painting By Ann Rooney

wife loved the book This is a rare craft book, one that requires little experience, uses simple tools, and does not result in cloyingly sweet projects. Rooney teaches one to cut and manipulate sponge pads, sheet foam, and natural sea sponge to achieve remarkable impressionistic textures. These are combined to represent anything from vines, bamboo, and butterflies to the moon and stars. Tins, boxes, shelves, flowerpots, and fabrics ca...

300 Proverbes Et Expressions Hérités Du Latin Ou Du Grec

Le lit de Procuste, les fourches caudines, un talon d'Achille, une pomme de discorde? Ces expressions ont une origine ? vous ignorez laquelle ? Si vous êtes béotiens en la matière, il est temps de prendre des mesures draconiennes ! Il n'y a pas loin du Capitole à la roche Tarpéienne, alors ne vous endormez pas sur vos lauriers. Cette édition très complète explique et raconte l?origine des expressions les plus fréquentes ; elle est au...