Kidding Around: The Child In Film And Media

Kidding Around: The Child in Film and Media is a collection of essays generated by a conference of the same title held at the University of the District of Columbia. The works gathered examine a variety of children's media, including texts produced for children (e.g., children's books, cartoons, animated films) as well as texts about children(e.g., feature-length films, literature, playground architecture, parenting guides). The prim...

China On Film: A Century Of Exploration, Confrontation, And Controversy

Leading scholar Paul G. Pickowicz traces the dynamic history of Chinese filmmaking and discusses its course of development from the early days to the present. Moving decade by decade, he explores such key themes as the ever-shifting definitions of modern marriage in 1920s silent features, East-West cultural conflict in the movies of the 1930s, the strong appeal of the powerful melodramatic mode of the 1930s and 1940s, the polarizing ...

Howe Gordie, On M’appelle Monsieur Hockey, L’histoire De Gordie Howe

Le nom de Gordie Howe, avec ceux de Bobby Orr et de Wayne Gretzky, est souvent avancé pour désigner le meilleur joueur de l’histoire du hockey. Howe a si bien et si durablement marqué son sport qu’il a été surnommé, en toute simplicité, «Monsieur Hockey»! Joueur complet, déroutant mélange de rudesse et de finesse, redoutable marqueur, habile passeur, féroce compétiteur, Howe a inspiré des générations entières de joueurs par sa déterm...

Thinking About Art: A Thematic Guide To Art History

With over 200 colour illustrations and a wealth of formal and contextual analysis, Thinking About Art is a companion guide for art lovers, students and the general reader. It is also the first A-level Art History textbook, written by a skilled and experienced teacher of art history, Penny Huntsman. Thinking about Art explores some of the greatest works of art and architecture in the world through the prism of themes, instead of chron...

Sex And Buildings: Modern Architecture And The Sexual Revolution

Williams observes in Sex and Buildings that, on the whole, sexual experimentation and research burgeoned during the twentieth century. He examines how architecture, modern or otherwise, reflected and/or shaped this new behavior. Architects rarely have discussed how their buildings accommodate or promote sexual activity. To measure architecture’s potential to suggest or trigger erotic impulses, the author considers a diverse range of ...

Welpentraining Mit Martin Rütter

Damit ein Hund die Anforderungen unserer heutigen Gesellschaft erfüllen kann, ist es wichtig, ihn von Anfang an auf alles vorzubereiten, was ihn später einmal im Leben erwartet. Dies beginnt beim Züchter mit der Auswahl der Mutterhündin und des Deckrüden sowie der Aufzucht der Welpen in den ersten acht bis zwölf Lebenswochen. Gerade in der Anfangsphase ist es wichtig, dass Welpen viele Reize kennenlernen und mit den unterschiedlichst...

Cats For Dummies

The most essential information for both potential cat owners and feline fanatics. Find out how to choose, housebreak, groom, and even travel with your feline friend. Hardly for dummies, this well-written book is ideal for the intelligent and discriminating reader who just happens to know nothing about cats. The text is never condescending or self-consciously witty. The authors respect the reader's time and attention, keeping the pres...

Day Hikes Around Los Angeles: 160 Great Hikes, 6 Edition

Discover hidden gems of wilderness in the Los Angeles metropolitan area! Despite the imminent presence of the city, there exists thousands of acres of natural, undeveloped land and hundreds of miles of hiking trails. Highlights include year-round waterfalls, wildlife preserves, lighthouses, boardwalk beach strolls, Griffith Park, the famous “HOLLYWOOD” sign, intriguing metropolitan walks, commanding panoramic overlooks, and shady can...

Das Reboot: How German Football Reinvented Itself And Conquered The World

Raphael Honigstein is the top expert on German soccer. He is a columnist for the Guardian and ESPN, writes for Süddeutsche Zeitung and Sport 1 in Germany and appears as a pundit for BT Sport and ESPN as well as Sky Sports in Germany. He is also a regular fixture on the Guardian's award-winning podcast, Football Weekly. Born in Bavaria, he lives in London. A beautiful story, expertly told.” —Per Mertesacker, Arsenal defender and membe...