Multimodal Management of Canine Osteoarthritis, Second Edition

Multimodal Management of Canine Osteoarthritis, Second Edition takes an evidence-based approach to the canine patient with osteoarthritis, pursuing the objective of the best available medicine by a variety of means: multiple drugs, agents, adjuncts and delivery methods. Appreciating that surgical intervention may initially be required, particularly for stabilizing a joint, the major focus in this work is the conservative management o...

The Shape of Congruence Lattices

This monograph is concerned with the relationships between Maltsev conditions, commutator theories and the shapes of congruence lattices in varieties of algebras. The authors develop the theories of the strong commutator, the rectangular commutator, the strong rectangular commutator, as well as a solvability theory for the nonmodular TC commutator. They prove that a residually small variety that satisfies a congruence identity is con...

5 Steps to a 5 500 AP U.S. History Questions to Know by Test Day

500 AP style questions with detailed answer explanations to prepare you for what you’ll see on test day  5 Steps to a 5: 500 AP U.S. History Questions to Know by Test Day gives you 500 practice questions that cover the most essential course material and help you work toward a 5 on the test. The questions parallel the format and degree of difficulty that you’ll find on the actual AP exams and are accompanied by answers with comprehens...

The First Prejudice: (Early American Studies)

"The religious diversity of early America has been fully documented in historical scholarship. How religious tolerance was conceived, codified, and practiced has garnered less attention. This anthology by Chris Beneke and Christopher S. Grenda initiates a productive conversation about the contours of religious difference in early America."—Philadelphia Magazine of History and Biography "Creatively and thoughtfully connecting the two ...

Accounting, Auditing and Governance for Takaful Operations

A comprehensive guide to current issues and practices in governance for Takaful and re-Takaful operations As the global demand for Islamic insurance products increases, a thorough understanding of Takaful principles is vital for accountants, auditors, and leaders of companies offering these products. This book covers the basic accounting principles and practices of Takaful operations, including the segregation of assets, liabilities,...

The Making of the Oxford English Dictionary

"Herculean Task" is an overused phrase, but there is really no other way to describe the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary. Conceived in the nineteenth century, labored over by the most diligent and conscientious men and women imaginable over decades, published gradually with the greatest of care, unceasingly updated and corrected, the OED stands at the summit of scholarship. As a member of the OED's editorial staff for the p...

The First Modern Japanese (Asia Perspectives: History, Society, and Culture)

Many books in Japanese have been devoted to the poet and critic Ishikawa Takuboku (1886–1912). Although he died at the age of twenty-six and wrote many of his best-known poems in the space of a few years, his name is familiar to every literate Japanese. Takuboku's early death added to the sad romance of the unhappy poet, but there has been no satisfactory biography of his life or career, even in Japanese, and only a small part of his...

The Complete Home Veterinary Guide

I have had cats all my life and this was truly a very helpful guide. Really gives me accurate answers when I can't get into the Vet. Here is THE book for those enthusiasts who want to take intelligent, loving care of their pets — whether that pet be a dog, cat, bird, fish, or some exotic species. This illustrated, A-Z quick-answer guide from popular veterinarian Chris Pinney covers it all: preventive health care, diet, grooming, trai...

The Cognitive Animal

This book is a large collection of short papers, somewhat comparable in style to what you would get in a peer-reviewed journal. I found many of them dull, but a few were good enough to make the book worth buying. Slobodchikoff's paper on prairie dog speech is what attracted me to the book; it's interesting but doesn't say enough to provide a convincing answer to my questions about how sophisticated their grammar is. Several of the pa...

This Is an Uprising

The new book This Is An Uprising: How Nonviolent Revolt Is Shaping the Twenty-First Century by Mark Engler and Paul Engler is a terrific survey of direct action strategies, bringing out many of the strengths and weaknesses of activist efforts to effect major change in the United States and around the world since well before the twenty-first century. It should be taught in every level of our schools. This book makes the case that disr...