A Practical Approach To Eighteenth-century Counterpoint

Practical work in writing counterpoint! This volume emphasizes developing analytical and writing skills in the contrapuntal technique of the eighteenth century. The orientation is strongly stylistic, dealing mainly with the polyphony of the late Baroque period. Three aspects are stressed throughout: practical work in writing counterpoint, utilizing various textures, devices, and genre of the period; historical background, to establis...

Off The Record: 25 Years Of Music Street Press

Bringing together the best writings from Australia’s street press, this collection pays homage to the last 25 years of rock ‘n’ roll. Many of the pieces included come from the pages of Time Off, the first free music weekly in Australia, which began in 1979 and is still going strong today. Maintaining a fiercely independent tone, this book is loaded with fresh insights into artists such as Powderfinger, Nick Cave, the Arctic Monkeys, ...

Newhall Shooting - A Tactical Analysis: An inside look at the most tragic and influential police gunfight of the modern era. (Concealed Carry Series)

Mike Wood is an Air Force pilot with over 550 combat hours in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom, and the son of a 30 year California Highway Patrolman. He is a graduate of multiple government and commercial firearms training programs (including Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Lethal Force Institute, and Massad Ayoob Group), and a lifelong student of self defense. As the son of a California Highway Patrolman who w...

Samurai Tales: Courage, Fidelity And Revenge In The Final Years Of The Shogun

This, like Mr. Hillsborough's other works on the samurai of the late Edo period, is a solid work. He presents many aspects of samurai life,one seldom sees in military histories or period movies/tv. My only beef was that this volume was not identified as a new edition of Mr. Hillsborough's "Samurai Sketches", which I already had in my library. It's a good book but if you own one, you wont need the other. The final years of the samurai...

Complementary And Alternative Veterinary Medicine Considered

I highly recommend this book to anyone who might be considering using "alternative" therapies on their animals and to veterinarians in general. Dr. Ramey discusses the historical development of scientific medicine and the development and resurgence of unproven and implausible treatments. Don't let the proponents of "alternative", "integrative" or "complementary" treatments fool you. There is really only medicine for which we have evi...

Step-Up to Medicine (Step-Up Series)

Now thoroughly updated and revised, this best-selling volume in the popular Step-Up series provides a high-yield review of medicine, ideal for preparing for clerkships or clinical rotations, shelf exams, and the USMLE Step 2. Clinical pearls, full-color illustrations, and “Quick Hits” provide essential information in an efficient, easy-to-remember manner, perfect for medical, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner students. Step...

GURPS Martial Arts: Exotic Combat Systems from All Cultures

GURPS Martial Arts is one of the best Martial Arts supplements I've seen for any game. It is a must for any serious gamer. Staying true to GURPS form a lot of research went into writing this book. It includes both historical information about most of the major fighting styles in the world as well as the game stats. It also expands the GURPS combat rules making them more realistic and fun to play GURPS Martial Arts present rules for o...

The Book Of Ninja: The Bansenshukai – Japan’s Premier Ninja Manual

This book is one of the three jewels on the subject of ninjutsu. I have been hoping for years that this work would be translated into english and finally someone has taken on the task to bring this amazing work to the public. Mr. Cummins and his team should be applauded for their fine work. The Bansenshukai is known as th bible of ninjutsu and is a collection of works covering everything from tactics and strategy to philosophy, espio...

Persian Language, Literature And Culture: New Leaves, Fresh Looks

Critical approaches to the study of topics related to Persian literature and Iranian culture have evolved in recent decades. The essays included in this volume collectively demonstrate the most recent creative approaches to the study of the Persian language, literature, and culture, and the way these methodologies have progressed academic debate. Topics covered include; culture, cognition, history, the social context of literary crit...

Languages Of Governance In Conflict: Negotiating Democracy In Tokelau

Through an ethnographically based study of local communicative practices in the Pacific atoll society of Tokelau, the book adds to our understanding of how systems of governance are constituted by minute acts of social interaction, and are informed by our conceptions of the nature of sociality. It combines a social anthropological approach to postcolonial studies in which local and trans-national communicative practices related to go...