Suzuki Violin School Volume 2 Violin Part (revised Edition)

Titles: Study Points for Volume 2 * Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus (G. F. Handel) * Musette, Gavotte II or the Musette from English Suite III in G Minor for Klavier, BWV 808 (J. S. Bach) * Hunters' Chorus from 3rd Act of the Opera Der Freischutz (C. M. von Weber) * Long, Long Ago (T. H. Bayly) * Waltz, Op. 39, No. 15 for Piano (J. Brahms) * Bourr?e from Sonata in F Major for Oboe, HHA IV/18, No. 8 (G. F. Handel) * The Two Grenadiers, D...

Blood of My Blood

Author Barry Lyga’s I Hunt Killers novels have been some of my favorite reads over the past few years. I’ve absolutely loved the thrilling mysteries that both I Hunt Killers and Game contained and getting to read Blood of my Blood (the last novel in the trilogy!!) was the icing on the cake. The only thing I knew before going into Blood of my Blood was that it was going to surpass the novels that came before it. It had to. With how Ga...

Gesammelte Werke Oscar Wildes

Die Werke von Oscar Wilde sorgsam zusammengetragen in E-Book-Neuausgabe auf über 1710 Seiten. Dieses Gesamtwerk I des berühmten irischen Schriftstellers enthält ein umfangreich-detailliertes dynamisches Inhaltsverzeichnis und Begleitinformationen - übersetzt von Hedwig Lachmann, Gustav Landauer und Max Meyerfeld. In dieser Sammlung finden Sie: Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray Das Gespenst von Canterville De Profundis Vier Briefe aus dem Z...

The Legacies Of Jean-luc Godard

The artistic impact of Jean-Luc Godard, whose career in cinema has spanned over fifty years and yielded a hundred or more discrete works in different media cannot be overestimated, not only on French and other world cinemas, but on fields as diverse as television, video art, gallery installation, philosophy, music, literature, and dance. The Legacies of Jean-Luc Godard marks an initial attempt to map the range and diversity of Godard...

Mediating The Human Body: Technology, Communication, And Fashion

The ever-increasing integration of technology and the human body is attracting attention from religious, business, and political leaders around the world, and the topic promises to be a significant social issue in the 21st century. In Mediating the Human Body: Technology, Communication, and Fashion, editors Leopoldina Fortunati, James E. Katz, and Raimonda Riccini bring together a thoughtful group of leading international scholars an...

Paul Ott: Photography About Architecture / Fotografie Über Architektur

Paul Ott is one of the most prominent modern European architectural photographers. His documentations of contemporary architecture have been published in numerous international books and journals. Yet Otts images always convey more than the pure physiognomy of the buildings he photographs. In free photo series, he explores the structures that influence how we perceive our surroundings at least as much as does the architects skill: an...

La Photo Numérique Sous-marine : Guide Pratique

Cette mise à jour du tout premier ouvrage en français dédié à la photographie sous-marine avec un boîtier numérique (reflex ou compact) est destinée aux photographes-plongeurs débutants comme aux photographes plus avertis qui envisagent de passer au numérique. Macro, grand-angle, photo de nuit, faune en mouvement, sujets fixes, problèmes spécifiques liés au milieu aquatique, composition, exposition... De la prise de vue à la préparat...

Family Law Reimagined

This is the first book to explore the canonical narratives, stories, examples, and ideas that legal decisionmakers invoke to explain family law and its governing principles. Jill Elaine Hasday shows how this canon misdescribes the reality of family law, misdirects attention away from actual problems family law confronts, and misshapes policies. Jill Elaine Hasday (Author)

Android 5: Apps Entwickeln Mit Android Studio, 3. Auflage

Sie möchten Apps für Android Smartphones, Tablets und Smartwatches entwickeln? Mit den verständlichen Erklärungen und vielen Praxisbeispielen in diesem Buch wird Ihnen das schnell gelingen. Ob GUIs, Datenbanken, Kamera, Multimedia, Kontakte oder GPS - hier erfahren Sie, was Sie wissen müssen! Java-Kenntnisse werden vorausgesetzt.