Women And The Arts: Dialogues In Female Creativity

This collection brings together twelve essays that tackle the nexus between gender, literature, and the visual arts. While it provides a philosophical and theoretical background for some of the factors that shape female creativity, it also considers the contributions of particular writers and artists from the late 17th century to the contemporary scene. Mostly focusing on the U.S. context, the articles anthologized here further estab...

Ethnomusicologizing: Essays On Music In The New Paradigms

Ethnomusicologizing contains writings on contemporary music and culture studies, offering glimpses on more than just music history through reflective essays, interviews with contemporary artists, and exercises in the analysis and criticism of popular culture. In this work, Banfield instructs readers in the ways by which we may better appreciate and understand creative artistry and process, and their relation to history and its meanin...

2050: Designing Our Tomorrow

What are we collectively imagining, and how might it shape our future? Each of the world’s most iconic and celebrated structures was once merely the unexpressed idea of a fateful dreamer, a vision to elevate the present environment into something greater. Architects and planners over the centuries have put a stamp upon the planet through the physical manifestations of their belief structures. When we walk through the streets of Paris...

The Empire State Building (Building America: Then and Now)

It was to be a structure like no other - the largest and tallest skyscraper in the world. Initial plans for the Empire State Building called for an Art Deco masterwork to rise 1,000 feet, with 80 stories of rental space. The high-rise was to completely fill the 84,000-square-foot site of the former Waldorf-Astoria, then New York's most opulent hotel. The Empire State Building would, hopefully, accelerate Midtown's stride toward comme...

A Field Guide To The Birds Of Brazil

This latest publication of a field guide to Brazilian birds moves the bar a couple of notches above the several existing recent attempts, all of which have been published in Brazil. It is certainly the single most useful book for field identification of Brazil's enormous and complex birdlife currently available. If you live in or soon plan to go birding in Brazil, buy this book and make the best of it; it will help you immensely! The...

Care For Your Hamster (rspca Pet Guide)

If you already own or are planning to buy a hamster this easy-to-use introductory guide is a must. Clearly illustrated with colour photographs throughout, it covers all aspects of daily care including housing, feeding, handling, hygiene, exercise and first aid. Published in association with the experts at the RSPCA, this book will help you ensure that you are giving your hamster the best possible care.

Views Of Africa

What is the only frozen planet? Today the Foo Fighters is a rock band, but did you know that in World War II American pilots gave the name to mysterious UFOs--floating lights they saw over Germany. In addition to an atmosphere, which three things are needed for life? A) water, heat, and air, b) dirt, heat, and light, or c) water, heat, and light. Find the answers to these questions and more in the Britannica Learning Library-an excit...

The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood And Family Relationships In The Digital Age

Parents face the paradox of the faster, broader communication and access to information that technology brings leading to disconnection in the family as its members communicate less often face-to-face. Clinical psychologist and family therapist Steiner-Adair explores the changes in the dynamics of family life when there are fewer conversations around the dinner table, fewer play dates with children actually physically playing togethe...

Die Susi-krise: Warum Frauen Keine Männer Mehr Brauchen Und Sich Jetzt Langweilen

Stirb Susi! So hieß der Schlachtruf, als Frauen merkten, dass sie sich neben diesen soften Frauenverstehern nicht sexy fühlen und sich den echten Mann zurückwünschten. Doch die Susis haben nicht nur überlebt, sondern sich auch rapide vermehrt und sind schuld an der Susi-Krise: Die Frauen sind attraktiv, klug, selbstbewusst und wissen, was sie wollen. Die Männer haben ihre Haare verloren, lassen sich einen Bauchansatz wachsen und brau...