Painting Still Life In Gouache

565fecd33aa37.jpg Author Kevin Scully
Isbn 978-1847979773
File size 81 MB
Year 2015
Pages 144
Language English
File format EPUB
Category Design

Book Description:

Learn about the Gouache painting style and how to use it as a fine artist with the help of this illustrated guide

Gouache is an exciting, forgiving, and versatile fine art medium. It has a long history going back many centuries, but for some time it has been seen as a medium for illustrators and designers. It has now been rediscovered by the fine artist. In this beautiful book, Kevin Scully champions its cause and explores its attributes. He explains how it can be used to exciting and stunning effect when painting still life, and how to understand and use color effectively. There are sections on paint, color, tone, light, and shadow, and advice on painting flowers, objects, and backgrounds. Finally, Kevin demonstrates both traditional and contemporary approaches with step-by-step examples.



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