Parenting Beliefs, Behaviors, and Parent-Child Relations

A Cross-Cultural Perspective

51qNdHEucjL._SY291_BO1,204,203,200_QL40_ Author Kenneth H. Rubin and Ock Boon Chung
Isbn 9781841694382
File size 6.7MB
Year 2006
Pages 240
Language English
File format PDF
Category Family and Friendship

Book Description:

The purpose of this book, is to present a rather simple argument. Parents' thoughts about childrearing and the ways in which they interact with children to achieve particular parenting or developmental goals, are culturally determined. Within any culture, children are shaped by the physical and social settings within which they live, culturally regulated customs and childrearing practices, and culturally based belief systems. The psychological "meaning" attributed to any given social behavior is, in large part, a function of the ecological niche within which it is produced. Clearly, it is the case that there are some cultural universals. All parents want their children to be healthy and to feel secure. However, "healthy" and "unhealthy," at least in the psychological sense of the term, can have different meanings from culture to culture.



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